Lancome Hypnose Palette Malachite and Amethyste French Idole Make-up Collection Fall 2014

To be honest, lately I really appreciate the carefully edited Lancome Makeup Collections. I love that they don’t release 65 items at once. They truly take the time to select a few key items that represent the whole vibe and aesthetic they are going for that season. And I have to say, I really, REALLY dig the whole vibe I’m getting from their French Idole Make-up Collection for Fall 2014!

The Lancome French Idole Make-up Collection for Fall 2014 pays homage to the Parisienne. You, know what I’m talking about-that independence and resolutely effortlessly chic and recognizable style of the women in Paris. We all WANT what they got: that je ne said quoi attitude of rebellious elegance and ease that’s blended with glamour. The colours of the Lancome Hypnose Palette Malachite and Amethyste($55) draw inspiration from the heart of trends seen on the streets of Paris. If we can’t be in Paris right now, we can at least LOOK like we are, right? 😛

Lancome Hypnose Palette Malachite and Amethyste palette.jpg

Lancome Hypnose Palette Malachite and Amethyste palette

The Lancome Hypnose Palette Malachite and Amethyste palette is inspired by the shimmering shades of malachite and amethyst channelled from men’s fashion. It’s a modern twist of fall khakis mixed with quirky purples to give it that Parisienne edge. I have to say, purples and khaki greens are a match made in fall baby!

Swatchy Time!

 photo IMG_9643.jpg

Lancome Hypnose Palette Malachite and Amethyste French Idole Fall 2014

The shades of the Lancome Hypnose Palette Malachite and Amethyste are AMAZING, hey? Quality-wise, they are your typical Lancome eyeshadows being kind of soft, yet gritty. But when you apply them to the eye, they just blend beautifully. I’m always kind of surprised at how much I love how their eyeshadows end up looking on the eye.

 photo LANCOMEFALL2014PicMonkeyCollage.jpg

Lancome Hypnose Palette Malachite and Amethyste French Idole Fall 2014

Whaddaya’ think? I can tell you what I think! J’adore! The shades are just so perfect for fall and so very Parisenne chic. Pair these smoky eyes with a nude, pinky lip, a simple T-shirt, leather jacket, studded bracelets, boots and Bazinga! Fall in Paris, right? Get the Lancome Hypnose Palette Malachite and Amethyste and channel the French Idole Parisienne look this fall with me!

That’s exactly going to be my fall 2014 makeup theme-Parisienne chic. I never really thought about a makeup theme for a season, but it’s such a good idea, hey?  Do you centre your makeup looks around a theme? 

*products sent by the lovely PR for review, thoughts are mine as always! And I thank her for the Parisienne Chic!

  • Hey Tracy, I love the shades, but I think the Lancome formula needs a lot of work. I’ve tried a couple of these palettes, so if this one has the same formula, I think I’ll pass.

  • The palette is beautiful! I think Lancome makeup is quite underrated as well.
    Love the smoky dusty tones in each color.
    Hope your allergy gets better soon so that you can rock this chic Parisienne look everyday. 🙂

    • You know it actually has! I think it was my eye makeup remover that was causing me problems. Since I tossed it, I haven’t had any trouble!

  • I’ve been excited about this palette since I saw the promo pics…and it looks stunning on you!! I’ve not tried any of Lancome’s latest eyeshadows, so perhaps this will break the dry spell.

  • What a gorgeous, smokey Fall palette! I spotted it in store over the weekend and was definitely tempted. Love the looks you created with it 🙂

  • Liz

    Ooh la la! I admire this palette every time I see it, but Lancome hasn’t really made me want to buy anything in a long time. But it’s the brand I grew up with, so a return is inevitable at some point.

    • You know, I’ve only bought foundations and eyeliners from them in the past. But the more stuff I try, the more I likey!

  • Sara Hawkins

    It’s very pretty. I love the dark shadow shades for the fall.

  • Ha! I am loving you for having a Fall 2014 theme! You are adorable. I love the olive green in this palette!

  • Lily

    That’s a very pretty palette with gorgeous colours! I love all the colours in this palette, and that’s rare. Usually, there’s at least one I don’t care for. Might have to check this out 🙂

  • These colors are soooooo right up my alley! Want, want and another want.

  • Live the second eye look! I have no theme, just daily randomness 🙂

    • I usually do that as well, but I think I’m gonna go all themed from now on! I need some fun!

  • you know, dark greens never appeal to me, but they look so good on!

  • This is just one of the most beautiful palette to create a smokey eye. I want!

  • Fall in Paris, le sigh!! I definitely think this is one of the prettiest palettes I have seen from them in a while

    • You need to go visit while you’re in London for sure! And I agree-it is one of the prettiest one ever!

  • The Khaki green shades are so beautiful. Speaking as the token French person here, been to Paris many times and I would say that 1 in 50 women looks immaculate, ie the epitome of Parisian chic, the other 49 look just like the rest of us!

    • LOL I agree! Being there 3 years ago I do agree. But even the ones like me have a better scarf or boots on than I did hahaha!

  • Oooh, lovely lovely lovely! I really appreciate well-curated collections, too — both as a consumer and as a blogger. It’s always a relief when you don’t have six million products being flung painfully into your eyes at once, you know? (YES I’M LOOKING AT YOU, MAC)

  • Hey, makeup themes! That’s a fabulous idea. And I like well-curated collections, too. Lately I think Lancome has been making an effort to appeal more to a larger audience, as well. And their website is beautiful! Lots of product shots on people of various skintones, ingredients lists…I was so impressed!

  • OH I love this one on you. Have you checked out any from the Jason Wu collection?

  • Toya

    I definitely do makeup themes….every single day! LOL I love a good theme. And I am loving the khakis and purples of this palette for sure! I’m glad you mentioned the texture of Lancome shadows because I always love how they look, then I swatch them and am a lil disappointed in the feel. But maybe I’ll give a palette a shot sometime and let it really shine when worn – it sounds like they’re worth it!

    • Themes! I never even thought of them before this palette! Good for you!
      Yeah, I know-me too. I swatch and think meh-but honestly on the eye they are divine!