Mary Kay Midnight Jewels Collection Eye Palettes in Sapphire Noir & Emerald Noir

Nothing says fall makeup like some jewel tones for the eyes, right? Right! And that’s exactly what you get with Mary Kay Midnight Jewels Collection Eye Palettes in Sapphire Noir & Emerald Noir($26)! Take a look at these beauties:

Mary Kay Midnight Jewels Collection .jpg

Mary Kay Midnight Jewels Collection Eye Palettes, in Sapphire Noir & Emerald Noir

Each palette contains five complimentary, buildable shades that can take you from day to night, depending on the colour intensity. And there’s one matte shade in each palette too which is fantastic! Right away that makes these palettes so much more wearable. I wish every eyeshadow palette had just one matte in the bunch. I’d like them a whole lot better! Now when you buy Mary Kay eyeshadows, they come in a plastic container which you can just use to house them and it’s just fine, but you can also buy their mini compact for $20 to keep both of your limited edition eye palettes nice and together. Because eyeshadows like to be together. Trust me.

Mary Kay Midnight Jewels Collection Eye Palettes, in Sapphire Noir & Emerald Noir.jpg

Mary Kay Midnight Jewels Collection Eye Palettes, in Sapphire Noir & Emerald Noir

The formula of the Mary Kay Midnight Jewels Collection Eye Palettes in Sapphire Noir & Emerald Noir is baked, so you can use them dry which works just fine. Or you can use them wet for some added intensity and sparkle.

Swatchy Time! I only swatched them dry this time, because I thought they were pretty great dry. Plus I know most of you don’t care for using eyeshadows wet. Me-I LOVE using eyeshadows wet. It’s something different, ya’ know? I like different. And it’s a challenge too, so I say BRING IT ON.

Where was I? Oh, yeah-Swatchy Time! Sapphire Noir is my favourite one! With shades of dark plum, muted charcoal, light matte gray, sparkly violet and iridescent pink it’s such a pretty palette that is right up my colour loving makeup alley.

 photo IMG_8443.jpg

Mary Kay Midnight Jewels Collection Eye Palettes, Sapphire Noir

Emerald Noir is a really pretty warm palette of emerald green, chocolate brown, soft matte brown, bright teal, and shimmery copper. I think this palette is so versatile and perfect for fall.

 photo IMG_8447.jpg

Mary Kay Midnight Jewels Collection Eye Palettes, Emerlad Noir

On the eyes, these eyeshadows are beautiful to work with. Smooth, pigmented, easy to blend- the Mary Kay Midnight Jewels Collection Eye Palettes are some of the best shadows from Mary Kay I’ve tried. Truth. Proof is in the pics!

 photo MaryKayEYEsPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

Over a primer you get great colour intensity and they don’t crease, and last all day. If you love adding some jewel tones to your eye makeup for fall, then you gotta take a look at the Mary Kay Midnight Jewels Collection Eye Palettes! Call your local Mary Kay Rep, or order online at

Jewel tones for fall! So much colour fun! Do you like to wear jewel tones in the fall? And do you like using eyeshadows wet? Or not?

*products sent by the lovely PR, thoughts are mine as always! Love for jewel tones in the fall has always been true for me, how about you?

  • Diane Hammond

    Tracy these colours look so gorgeous on you! I think its the way you apply them: must practice more with brushes. I am a bit lazy about this, keep using the small ones with most kits which are useless. Has anyone any ideas about what suits Hazel eyes like mine please? Which colour palette should I go for? Grateful for any help!! Thanks.

    • Thanks Diane! You need to get some brushes girl! And Sapphire Noir would look AMAZING on your hazel eyes!

  • OOO I have a hard time picking my favorite! I like both color themes a lot, but I think Sapphire Noir is more you, so I can see why you like it more 🙂

  • convenientbeauty

    They looked dry and powder in the arm swatches yet so vibrant on your lids. I could never pull off these many colors at the same tine like you!

  • Now these are some autumnal eyeshadow palettes!
    Of course I love the cool palette but the warm one is so pretty, too! They look just awesome on you! I like the neat case that can house both.

    • They are! Both are pretty awesome, but I like the cool one more. On you though-man it would SHINE!

  • Liz

    I’m wanting some vibrant greens, but they always seem to be packaged with more browns and coppers than I need. Going to wait for the Shu Brave collection, I think!

  • oh my GAWSH– the purple and pink look you made is BEAUTIFUL! I used to love wearing shadows wet, but haven’t done so in almost a decade! And I’m not sure why I stopped.

    • It’s a bit of a bother I guess? But if you have the right brush it’s so easy. I think easier than dry, but that’s me!

  • Lily

    You create the most beautiful eye looks, Tracy. And I know I’ve said it before – I’m so jealous of your eye lashes!!!!!! I WANT!!!!!!!!!

    • Awwwww, thanks babe! I think YOU create the most beautiful looks LOL! If I could share lashes, I would!

  • Wow, both of these palettes are absolutely stunning! Emerald Noir is particularly up my alley. Love the warmth and shimmer 🙂

  • Sara Hawkins

    Can’t wait to play with these 🙂 I think the Sapphire Noir would bring out my blue eyes better.

  • These are both gorgeous and I adore the package design. The green/gold one is prob my fave.

  • Beautiful 😀 I like that dark green in the second one.

  • I second Larie. I love the dark green in the Emerald Noir. These look so pretty!

  • Sapphire Noir is so gorgeous! I can see me wearing some of those shades alright! :))

  • Eugenia

    Pretty! From outward appearances, I didn’t think they would swatch as pigmented as they did! Definitely loving the green palette, but that deep burgundy/plum is also to die for!

  • Emerald Green Lust! That colour really suits you!

  • Jayne

    Sapphire Noir was my favourite of the two as well! Both are so perfect for Fall. I think MK really hit the nail on the head with the colour palettes they chose!

  • Thanks! I hope you try them!

  • Hahaha, do it!