Halle Berry Wild Essence

Yo! Look who’s in my backyard today all shmexxied up and showing off their new fragrance! And cripes, look at the colour of her gorgeous skin-is that even real?

Doesn’t that pic look like Halle Berry is in my backyard? Making goo-goo eyes at me? Almost, right? Squint your eyes a bit. 😛 I don’t know, but I swear I was laughing for like 10 minutes at this picture I took. It’s the little things that amuse Tracy, as you know. 😀

Halle Berry Wild Essence($35) is now available at drug & mass retail stores across Canada and as far as drugstore fragrances go, it’s pretty typical. Spritz Halle Berry Wild Essence on, and it’s very floral with freesia, linden blossom and white rose, which pretty quickly turn quite soft and almost jasmine-like when the silk musk, white patchouli and crystal amber kick in. Halle Berry Wild Essence lasts well on the skin for a drugstore fragrance, but if I were you I’d wait for it to go on sale if you have your heart set on it. Maybe you collect her fragrances. People do that I hear. This is like the third one? Or is it fourth now? You tell me haha!

Oh, and I had a talk with backyard Halle and we agreed that she looks better with her short, pixie haircut so she’s gonna get it chopped soon. 😛 There are just some people in this world that look better in short hair, and she’s one of them in my opinion, right? Right.

Have you ever bought a drugstore fragrance? You know, like Aquolina(MAN, that stuff gives me a migraine) or one of the other singer/celebrity fragrances that don’t make it to department stores? Wasn’t there a Céline Dion one too? There’s quite a few of them if you start to pay attention, and they’re going to multiply pretty quickly as we start nearing holiday season. I KNOW. HOLIDAYS. Sorry, but it’s been so freakin’ hot here I’ve been actually wishing for winter to get here already hahaha…:P  I actually miss the cold! [emoji snowflake]

*product sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine, even the crazy talking to Halle Berry ones. 😀 You know it.

  • Haha I didn’t even know Halle Berry has a fragrance! Nope, I’ve never bought a celebrity fragrance, and I don’t think I will. I guess most of them seem a little too generic to me. The photo IS hilarious 😉

    • Oh yeah, like three I think! I think one comes out every summer!
      I was laughing SO HARD Sunny. I’m such a kid. 😛

  • Not a big fan of the bottle or the image she is going at (I think a chic refined face is her signature. Pixie cut, please), but yeah, I agree there are hidden drugstore gems. SJP Lovely and Hillary Duff with Love smell really high-end, for example. Many of them have amazing perfumers behind, so I guess this explains. 🙂

    • Oooh! I need to take a sniff of those then. And right? She need to have shorter hair. It’s just wrong on her.

  • Never bought ‘cheap’ fragrance, then again I’m not big on fragrance. I don’t know how she looks the same as 15 years ago, even better with no siign of work done. I hate her! (not really, I’m just a jealous cow)

  • She totally looks better with pixie hair, I agree. I never explored drugstore scents, but I hear there are a few that are cult faves, like the Hilary Duff one Lena mentioned. I”ve always been curious, but not THAT curious, haha.

  • Lily

    LOL Tracy! But yes, she looks great with pixie hair. I haven’t tried any drugstore scents. It’s not very appealing for some reason 😛

  • She looks sizzling. Backyard background or not 😛 I’m not very drawn to celebrity fragrances though.

  • Liz

    I don’t know what fountain of youth she drinks from, but she needs to give some to her partner Olivier who isn’t aging as well. LOL The only celebrity perfume I liked was SJP’s Covet which actually got really good reviews from the perfume community. I hear J Lo’s Glow is super popular and a guilty pleasure for many. 🙂

  • Thanks Emma hahahaha!