Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner Review

When I use eyeliner, it’s usually to just tightline my upper lash line. When I heard about Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner I was excited! Maybe THIS would be the ONE. The ONE EYELINER TO STAY PUT.

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Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner

Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner comes in a pack of three($45 USD) or you can get a single for $16. Hourglass says that two clicks is all you need to line the eyes and each pencil lasts for approximately 17 to 20 uses.

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Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner

So if 2 clicks is a use, then that means you get about 40 clicks for each pencil. I DID MATH, SEE? 😛 And if you know any bit of math, or just respect the math(My advice to to always respect the math. It’s the key to the universe kids.),then it’s pretty much needless to say that this is not a pencil you click all nilly-willy! Every time you click this eyeliner, you better make dang sure you need that click. Otherwise you are wasting this baby. Oh, and you can’t retract what you click either. What you click is what you get, and what you get you better use! THAT should be the tagline for this thing I think. 😀

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Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner

Hourglass is 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner is an advanced gel formula in a pencil. Is it just me? or is everything advanced lately? Sigh. Unlike traditional gel liners, there’s no pot, no brush, and no clean-up required. This idea I really like though! And this is one tiny, thin eyeliner pencil that’s super SOFT. The smallest and thinnest eyeliner I have in my stash is the Tarte EmphasEYES High Definition Eye Pencil. I like that one, but it’s a little on the hard side if I’m honest. Hourglass’s version is SO much more better just for the softness aspect I tell ya. It’s pretty much perfect for lining between the lashes, and it doesn’t budge. Apparently.

Swatchy time!

Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner.jpg

Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner

Swatchy time after some water added and some rubbing and rubbing!

 photo IMG_9259.jpg

SO yeah, it’s not COMPLETELY budge proof. Although, it did take some effort to get it to break down like that. Not bad Hourglass! Not bad at all. I almost broke a sweat to get that picture!

Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner.jpg

Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner

What I like about Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner, is that it’s pretty dang easy to use. I tightline my upper lash line, then line in-between my lashes and smudge it. It smudges really well too as you can see, and looks so awesome. AND CLEAN, right? One con I have is what you see in that middle pic. It transfers to my lower waterline. Not right away, but in about 5 minutes time. It’s not a huge deal, but if you like your bottom waterline to be clean like I do, then maybe it is. Otherwise, Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner stays put every where else on my eye like nobody’s business! It’s pretty great for that.

I’m torn about Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner. I like it. But the cost per use is what I have a problem with. Although, I have to say kudos to be honest and telling us all about the clicks and usage upfront Hourglass. I respect that. Is this worth the money? You know, maybe. If you have a problem with eyeliners staying put, then yes. If you just want something that will stay put for those special occasions, then yes. Otherwise, I fear that logic dictates that the cost outweighs the needs of the few. Or the one, as Spock so profoundly pointed out. One of the best Star Trek lines ever. 😀

Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner is available on Sephora online right now, and will be in stores in Canada this week. Last word? Try it. If you don’t like it, you can always take it back. But I have a feeling you’ll probably end up keeping it. 😀

What’s YOUR favourite no budge eyeliner? I don’t think I have one that stays put no matter what, do you? Are we makeup junkies maybe just expecting too much? PERFECTION? GAWDDD, I hate that so much, so here it IS: Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner is one of the better no budge eyeliners I’ve tried!

*product sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always. And thanks Hourglass, for letting me back in your circle of trust. Word dudes.

  • I need to finally try it out!:-) my current favorite eyeliner is Nars Larger Than Life, it doesn’t smudge and stays all day

    • You know I need to get one of them for my waterline and try it. I have Barrow Street, but that mint green looks weird on my waterline haha!

  • I will have to try these “pencil gel liners” myself, but cannot help but think we’ve already had that all these years. I find some of the inexpensive ds wp eyeliners so soft and intense yet budge-proof (not on my lower waterlines, though), so I’ve thought they are like gel liners housed in pencils.
    To be honest with you? I was just looking at your gorgeous gorgeous lashes. PERFECTION (I couldn’t help it. Sowwy)

    • We have! They’re not so new. I have one from Shu and it’s pretty close to the same thing. Works exactly the same. Plus it comes in a brown one too.
      LOL haha thanks Lena!

  • The idea of this fitting between my lashes is sooooo tempting. I still like Too Faced Perfect Eyeliners for staying put on my waterlines, but Tarte Amazonian Clay Eyeliner in Black (the potted version) is a close second.

    • Yeah it’s great for that!
      I think I’ve tried the Too Faced and Tarte ones and they didn’t stay on me. 🙁

  • Wah look how beautiful and black your lash line looks in that second pic. Spotless!

    I’m still testing this and so far, so good. BTW, what’s your brush of choice for smudging your eyeliner?

    • Hahaha, good for in-between the lashes hey? Makes it really easy that’s for sure!
      I use a straight edge liner by Smashbox -it’s a nice tiny one so I can get right in there and it helps keep it straight. I can’t remember the # of it or the name though, sorry!

  • Lily

    Love your tagline. LOL! And even if it transfers to your lower lashlines, it still looked pretty darn good. I’m kinda glad Hourglass is not available here, or I might be tempted, more out of curiosity than anything else. I’m lucky I don’t have much of a problem with eye liners 🙂 You’re right about the price, and I agree the brand did the right thing by being honest upfront. Don’t get that much from brands nowadays, eh?

    • 😀
      Yeah, I’m glad they’re honest about it! It’s pretty refreshing these days. I wouldn’t use this every day personally because of the expense. It’d be for special occasions. Or if you have a lot of holiday parties, this would be perfect then.

  • Hey Tracy, ha this is really strange! This one stays put on my upper waterline for at least 11 hours before I see any transfer! I agree how well it fits between the lashes though. I always find it tricky to fill my lash line in nicely. With this it’s a piece of cake!

    • Lucky you! It transfers pretty quick for me. And if I wipe off the transfer, it just happens again LOL. It WANTS to be on my bottom waterline I guess haha!

  • Liz

    I totally get transfers from this within two hours. Not as bad as most of the other pencils/gels out there, but still. Sad panda eyes. 🙁

    • Yeah, me too. I do wish it stayed put a tiny bit better! But if I set it with some black shadow, it does stay put better. Did you try that?

  • The pigmentation and application sound amazing, but I don’t like how finicky the packaging is (and thus, the price!). Does look lovely on you, though- and your lashes look amazing! xo

    • Thanks Jennifer! xo
      A bit finicky yes, as you don’t want to waste it. I like how black it is too!

  • Hahahaha the price and use of this one still cracks me up. I’m sorry Hourglass, but no.

  • Oh what?? that’s not a lot of uses haha. I’m a bit surprised reading this for the cost per use. But wow, I couldn’t stop staring at your lashes… what are you using woman?? and high five to you for star trek :). P.s. have you tried kanebo kate’s gel eyeliner? I have oily + monolids and I lovee it!

  • This post brought me much joy and giggles! I do appreciate the refreshingness of HG disclosing the amount of uses one can expect out of this liner. That’s pretty cool! I tightline my upper lashes approximately once annually, so I don’t think I’ll be rushing off to pick this up. For other liner purposes, I like something with a touch of shimmer/glitter in it to add a bit of panache power to my neutral-loving workday eyeshadow selections.

  • I do think we expect to much, but damn it we have every right to! Especially with the claims companies throw out there nilly willy. I love that this is soft, but the cost. I had to re-read that a few times to make sure it was really that little product. Sigh

  • Your eye looks gorgeously natural tightlined like that! I have yet to find a perfect tightliner with no smudging, this is exciting! Wishlist made…

  • It sure does bring the drama to your eyes! I like how their being up front about the usage. The price is painful, and I think a lot of it has to do with price point marketing 🙁

  • True confession time: I’ve never tightlined my eyes!

  • MUFE Aqua black is what I use for tightlining and it does stay on even though there is some tranfer to lower waterline too. As nice as it sounds, the maths are telling me nooooooooo!