Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector Is My New BFF

I’m SO tired. So much to do around here lately with Marky leaving. AND my hubby SNORES. Not all night long, but the noise usually starts around 6 or 7 AM. And if the snores wake me up-I’m UP. I’m not one of those people that can easily fall back asleep when there’s noise around. Needless to say, my dark circles are having a hey day right now.

And the thing is, as I get older? Heavy concealers are NOT a good idea. All they do is just highlight every line and wrinkle under my eyes, so no thank you!

So what’s an aging, tired, Beauty Blogger to do?

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector.jpg

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector

She tries Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector($19.99), that’s what she does! Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector contains Haloxyl to treat under-eye bags and dark circles. And it has mineral pigments to even out skin tone and brighten that dark, tired under-eye area.

It has one of those roller ball dispensers that gently massages and cools the under-eye area.

 photo IMG_9339.jpg

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this rollerball applicator. It’s a waste of time. It doesn’t really do anything except make it harder to apply the product. I end up just squeezing some out and applying it with my finger.

Swatchy Time! This is the fair/light shade which is a nice, brightening peachy colour.

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector.jpg

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector

And that colour does a great job in helping my under eye area look so much better these days!

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector.jpg

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector is supposed to:

  • reduce under eye bags and circles-check! I’d say it does a decent job of that!
  • erases sings of fatigue-check again!
  • smoothes fine lines-sort of. It’s a nice thin consistency, so it’s easy to spread. But at my age it’s hard to find ANYTHING that doesn’t start to settle a bit into them fine lines. But this ain’t all that bad!
  • brightens the eye contour-yup! Check again! Looks brighter to me!
  • Moisturizes 24 hours-and I’d have to say close on this one. Since I’ve been using this, my under-eye area does feel more hydrated. But whether it moisturizes for 24 hours or not, I can’t really tell.

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector doesn’t completely cover my dark circles, but I actually LIKE that. Like I’ve said before, I’m not into looking perfect. Just a better version of me. And this little drugstore gem is doing a pretty decent job of helping me look less tired! And the one thing that I really like? Is that it doesn’t cake up, or flake up on me as the day goes on. I’m an eye rubber. Been one my whole life. And yeah, I know it’s a bad habit. But I could have worse ones, right? And when I rub my eyes when I’m tired, Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector doesn’t rub off or ball up on me, so for me it’s a WIN. And I find I don’t have to set it with some kind of even more line-ehancing powder for it to last, so win, WIN! 😀

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector can be found at pretty much all major retailers across Canada right now. The only con I have is the price. I sure wish it was around $10-$12 instead. Garnier is really getting expensive yo! Drop the useless rollerball and make it cost less Monsieur Garnier! You’re not curing cancer, right? Hahaha, that’s one of my fave Mitchell & Webb sketches!

What’s your favourite under-eye concealer at the moment?
*product sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always! And the tired, crazy thoughts I’ve been having lately ain’t NOBODY want to have! Trust me. 😀

  • Hey Tracy, this looks goood! I don’t like roller balls, either. Actually, the same goes to any metal applicator. Most of the time, I just squeeze the product out and apply with my finger. I use NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer when I want full coverage, but a lot of the times I can get away with Dior Skinflash!

    • Right? Such a waste. The NARS one is good when you’re young, so use it all you can Sunny! Once 40 comes around, DANG. Different story!

  • I hate the roller balls, too. Very annoying! But this sounds good – I’ll have to look into it. I was just going to do an eye cream post, too, talking about some of my own eye problems, hahaha.

  • Liz

    I hate snorers. Pillows over their faces, man!

    I just got this in the mail and also received fair/light shade. We have the same undereye philosophy. Recently my dark circles got a little more intense, but I’m not too stressed about it.

  • This looks great, but I think the color might be a bit too peachy for me. I seem to be just getting paler by the minute -_-

    • Yeah, even this light shade is pretty peachy, But if you use it first, then apply foundation it seems to work ok!

  • Lily

    Hhmmm, I wonder if we have this. We probably do, but I never look at Garnier. LOL!

    • Yeah, I’m not a huge Garnier fan either for some reason. This thing just might change my mind!

  • Ooh, how handy! This really does brighten your eyes up nicely 🙂

  • This looks amazing!! I hope we get this locally. I don’t like do fully cover my dark circles too, I think a mostly covered look makes it even more naturally perfect, and fully concealed under eyes makes my already small eyes look smaller. I’ve been using eye area highlighters rather than concealers recently to make me look more alive and awake.

    • Agree! I can’t do full coverage anymore. This does just enough for me. I hope you can find it!

  • I do love me some Garnier rollerball action. I’ve been loving the serum-like formula so much, I’ve barely used my NARS concealers at all this summer. I might try this BB variety next when I hit pan (dry ball? ha ha!). Lots o’ love!

    • HAHAHAHA DRYBALL HAHAHA I haven’t recovered from that yet to even be able to TYPE a coherent reply HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    They’re usually a bit dark for me too, but if I use this first, then apply foundation and blend up, it works.

  • The shade looks pretty off to me (for me personally that is) but I do love me a rrrrrrollerball 🙂 I love that it’s so cooling! I always keep my eye roller (whether it’s an eye cream pen or a concealer pen) in the fridge for that reason.

  • I would kill for the lines under your eyes! Mine are worse!! I like the peachy tone of this. At the moment I mix 2 shades of mabelline fit me concealer