Avon Riviera Goddess Scent Collection

Someday, SOMEDAY…THIS is how I’m going to spend my summer.

 photo AVON1.jpg

Right? Who doesn’t want to escape to the Riviera? And look fabulous in a muumuu to boot? These Avon photos are killing me lately. The models all look so impossibly GOOD in everything. I could never look that elegant in a muumuu. I’d look like a huge, breezy marshmallow. 😛

But this pic pretty much describes the Avon Riviera Goddess Scent Collection, which I have to tell you about it before summer is over, as it smells pretty fabulous! And it’s on sale right now!

The Avon Riviera Goddess Scent Collection has fragrance notes of sun-kissed orange, dewy jasmine petals and white cedarwood. It’s a lovely fruity floral that’s well balanced-not too fruity, not too floral, and not too jasmine-y either. The cedarwood really grounds the jasmine for me, making it more my style.

The Body Scrub($6.99 on sale now) is a foaming scrub, and I love Avon’s foaming scrubs! They’re great for showers, since you can wash AND exfoliate in one step. I think Avon makes the BEST foaming scrubs!
The Body Mist($12.99 on sale now) is a perfect way to wear scents in the summer. It’s not so heavy, yet it lasts quite well.

I was a bit leery about the Avon Riviera Goddess Moisturizing Shimmer Gel($6.99 on sale as well). I’m not a fan of glitter moisturizers at all, like the ones at Bath & Body Works. Chunks of glitter on my skin I don’t like. But this? I likey!

 photo IMG_4728.jpg

And here it is blended out on my arm.

 photo IMG_4729.jpg

It’s really pretty and subtle of a shimmer and glow, plus it smells divine. Like a goddess. Wearing a white muumuu. Standing on the deck of a ship. In the Riviera. Need I say more?

Get the Avon Riviera Goddess Scent Collection now before it disappears!

So, do you wear muumuus? Because dang, it looks so chic in that picture, right?

*products sent by the lovely PR for review, thoughts are mine as always, as is a new found admiration for those who can look so effortlessly chic in a muumuu.

  • A muumuu? Are you kidding me? I’d look like a shapeless lump! LOL

    That lotion looks nice! I’m not big on specks of glitter, either, but subtle shimmer is welcome!

  • Efrain

    I had to search what a muumuu was, now I think the of only two ways someone would like to use one:

    -Hide things inside your clothes.

    -Look like a closet in a dress.

  • Word of the day – muumuu. No, I don’t wear muumuu, but the teri headband I use when I wash my face looks a bit like her scarf(?) around the head. ;p
    The shimmer is really subtle and pretty. And it is moisturizing? Perfect. 🙂

  • Liz

    I want a muumuu. Hate pants now!

  • A muumuu? Is that the thing on the model’s head? As for this Avon collection, it sounds really nice, love the subtle shimmer.

  • Oooh! Good to know!