This Beauty Junkie? Is So Tired of Makeup Perfection

Yup.  I am. I freakin’ SURRENDER.

If you were to run into me at the mall, the grocery store, at the park? Any place around town? This is the Tracy you’d see. Dark circles, chubby cheeks, and big-ass  pores in all their glory(oh and you’d get a HUGE Tracy-Bear hug too):

 photo EVERYDAYFACEIMG_8072.jpg

I am wearing Paula’s Choice Resist Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SP30(sunscreen is a MUST for me), MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Light Plus, Dior Rosy Glow Blush(seriously, this is the blush I reach for when I don’t know what blush to wear-if you don’t have it? DUDE. You are missing OUT) and It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Lip Stain Je Ne Sais Quois. Oh, and that Benefit Eyebrow thingy, which MEH. I’m undecided about to be honest. I think I should have got the darker shade, because the lighter one is too warm for me. And one of my brows needs LOADS more help that just brushing on some of that stuff gives. It’s like a hairless wonder and can’t even really be classified as a brow? It’s a sorry, pretend brown and I don’t understand how they can be so different from each other. But otherwise? THAT’S IT. You can still see my large pores on my nose, my wrinkles(I mean HELLO, I am 47 years old-there’s no hiding those babies at this stage!). Nothing on the eyes, not even mascara because it’s summer. And frankly, most mascaras and eyeshadows bother my eyes lately. I think I have allergies. Never been tested, but WOW. My eyes are so itchy lately. And how do you scratch your eyes? YOU CAN’T. So, I just don’t wear much on my eyes most days so that I don’t have to deal with the blurry vision that makes it impossible to see my computer screen for DAYS after the fact. Do I look perfect? Hell no. But that’s ok with me.

Dude. Just because I BLOG about makeup and love it so much, doesn’t mean I wear a butt-ton of it on a daily basis. Seriously, who DOES? And when I watch these so-called YT Makeup gurus that slap on pounds of foundation, TONS of concealer under the eye and then POWDER IT all to highlighting hell, and contour with bronzer???? I CRINGE. I just can’t. Nope.

Which leads me to the wonder of WHY? Why does everyone think they need to look so dang PERFECT these days? I don’t get it. I don’t want to look perfect. I just want to look like ME. Just a bit better version of me. Sure, there are times I want to look perfect. But most days? PFFT. This is the Tracy you get. Chubby cheeks and all. So deal with it I say.

How about you? Do you try to look perfect every day? You know what I say? Perfection takes all the fun out of ANYTHING in life. F$$k it. I just wanna look good. Be good. Not perfect. It’s highly overrated I hear.   😛

And I’m done ranting today LOL. Let me know what YOU think. Because that’s why I do this. Honestly. And why does everyone think that they need to highlight so bloody much under their eyes lately? WHY?? Wrinkles don’t need help like that. UGGH.

  • First of all, Tracy, I didn’t know how old you were until today and holy smokes, you look flippin’ incredible! I think you have lovely looooovely skin, and I don’t see those pores or dark circles you’re talking about. Secondly, I am guilty of being one of those people who tries to look perfect every day. I don’t, of course, and I know that, and I let it bug the hell out of me. Which is so stupid, I realize that. No one is perfect, so why should I be? But I still want to be. Silly huh?

    • Awww, thanks but believe me if I had a better camera you’d see them pores for sure haha! You are so lovely Melissa-one of the prettiest beauty bloggers out there I think-outside AND inside! Always remember that lovely! xo

  • Liz

    I don’t see no pores or wrinkles on that gorgeous face. LOVE the cheeks. 😉

    This is basically how I operate on a regular basis. I feel like adding concealer takes the look to another level and that’s where the cray begins. Once you start examining every imperfection, it’s a swift road down to Kardashian hell. So I just put on my foundation, blush and brows and blot a lot. And agreed that a lot of YouTube tutorials out there give a very warped perception of “natural” or “perfect” beauty, but it’s not anything that the magazines and makeup companies haven’t been selling us for generations. Products can only do so much.

    • Believe me they is there haha! And thanks! xo
      It’s true-Kardashian hell is a perfect word for it. And I agree, it’s been there with the mags for sure, but until YT, I don’t thin everybody tried to look like magazines ads so hard before! Even Lisa Eldridge or Monika Blunder-real life MA that do those covers-when they do their own makeup it’s not like all these YTbers AT ALL.

    • “Once you start examining every imperfection, it’s a swift road down to Kardashian hell.” AMAZING, Liz!! You are hilairs!!

  • Hahaha I want a Tracy bear hug! What wrinkles? I see no wrinkle. Your skin is so frickking smooth and radiant!

    Looking perfect every day? No way. I make an effort when I have to go out or do blog photos. Other than that, it’s pretty much just like you! A bit of BB cream, brow pencil, blush, and lip color. Nothing on my eyes, because with eyes my philosophy is all in or nothing. If I’m just going to the supermarket, that’s TOO MUCH WORK!

    • Some day Sunny! You’ll get a BIG ONE! Thanks, but they are there!
      LOL love your eye philosophy! I think that’s going to be mine from now on haha!

  • I pray to the gods of skincare and to my genes that I can look as good as you at 47!
    I do wear quite a lot of make up to work because it makes me feel ready for whatever the day throws at me, it’s hard to explain. At the week end or if I’m on holiday, unless I’m going out out, I wear nothing at all! I’m finding the whole YT gurus phenomenon more and more ridiculous.
    ps: bear hug please!

    • Bear hug check! When I worked, I wore something on my eyes for sure, but not to the max that these YTbers do! All that contouring and highlighting just CAN’T look good in real life!

  • I don’t want to look perfect, either, just perk myself up a bit and have fun with color 🙂 You look fabulous, Tracy! I think the natural texture of skin looks better than the super matte or super “airbrushed” look from other foundations…so I’m not really a fan of that either. I do have super dark undereye circles and puffiness that can make me look a bit sad/blah, so I try to cover those up, but that’s about it.

    I want a Tracy bear-hug!!!

    • Aww, thanks! I agree!
      And sure-I usually cover up my circles as well. But I’ve seen YTbers use a corrector, then foundation up to the eyes, then concealer, and THEN a brightening powder-like man, that’s a lot of stuff under the eyes!
      Bear hug for sure!

    • Thanks Larie! XO I see none of your dark circles when we do see each other! And I love hugging you! And it might happen more often now that you’re a bit closer! I want to go back to Couer D’Allene believe it or not! There’s a freakin’ Ulta there LOL!

  • Kristi C.

    First things first – I want a Tracy-bear hug!! I’d take more than one if offered!! : D

    Secondly – I don’t see any of the imperfections that you list. I see gorgeous, smooth, beautiful skin and a warm inviting smile! We are pummeled this way & that with ads, product copy, etc that we must be perfect and since we aren’t “perfect” we need the next whiz-bang to accomplish said “perfection”. As women we soak that all in & it is an unrealistic picture of beauty. We, myself, included need to see ourselves through the eyes of our kids, husband, friends – not the “critic” that talks back to us in the mirror as we are getting ready. I read a great article on huffpost this morning about a picture that a child had posted online of his mom in her swimming suit. I need to learn to see myself like my kids & husband see me. Was posted on 7/25/14 if anyone interested.

    And no, I don’t wear makeup everyday either. And watching young YT’ers pile it on – I just can’t. I use makeup to make myself look better (in my eyes) and as a bit of armor to face the world. Wrinkles show that you’ve spent a lot of time smiling & that’s nothing but a good thing! You look gorgeous Tracy!

    • Hahaha two for you for sure! And thank you! xo

      Believe me they are there those wrinkles and pores! Hard to see on camera, but in person they are there! And it’s true, we are our own worst critics. And we all know that those ads are so fake, so we must stop trying to look perfect! These YTbers are unrecognizable at the end of their makeup-they look like they’ve aged 10 years some of them with all the crap they load on.
      I’ll have to read that Huff post. Did you see the one about the plus-sized girl that wore a bikini to the beach? That’s a great one too. Nobody stared at her, nobody cared, everyone was there to have fun at the beach. And so did she. The world didn’t end because a chubby girl wore a bikini.

  • Jules

    What a great post!! I totally agree, I don’t wear make up everyday and if I don’t apply it every single time perfectly… a natural look with less or no make up looks a lot better most times.

    • Thanks Jules! And I agree-and even if I wear colour on my eyes which I do like to do, I don’t go all crazy with pounds of it!

  • I put makeup on probably 4/7 days of the week. I like to look polished at work, most times and really it’s for me, not anyone else. I also do like making my skin breathe though, so no makeup for me during Saturdays while I run errands and no makeup especially in the gym. Who wears makeup to workout?

    • I remember when I went to the gym, there was a girl who wore a FULL FACE. I don’t know how she could do it! I wipe everything off, no matter how little there is on before I workout. I can’t stand it!

  • Tracy-bear hug for the win!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I've been going three days at a time without makeup. I have designated days in my schedule now for "makeup fun play time." I know it sounds crazy, but my kids love taking Monday and Tuesday to play make believe all morning. So I take time in my happy place being creative and typically do three makeup looks across those two days. Maybe I get to do my makeup on Wednesday. Then Thursday-Saturday forget it. Sunday is slap it on as fast as possible to get out the door in time, lol!! The second makeup isn't fun anymore, I'm doing something wrong. Let those circles and cheeks do their thang!

    • Hahahaha! xo
      I love it that you have makeup play time! I do the same too sort of. I’ll test things out for a couple of days, and then go makeup-less for the rest. And you are right-the second it’s not fun, that’s when you goof it up. Which is why I hardly ever wear winged liner. It takes too long on my hooded eyes. I just want to look good in my skin most days, and that’s what I do!

  • Totally agree, Tracy! I wear a full face of makeup maybe once a week, and other days it’s just BB Cream, mascara, and a lipbalm – I want to enhance, not transform! I don’t know how these gurus (I use the term lightly) around my age (turning 19 soon) can wear so much.. I can’t imagine doing foundation, concealer, cream contouring and highlighting along with everything else so often.. I hate the thought of their viewers following suit and feeling the need to pile all of that on regularly!

    • When I was so young like you, I wore powder to control oil on my face. No heavy foundation of concealer at all! Good for you Jade and I’ll tell you this- you’re doing your young, pretty skin a great thing by NOT following suit! xo

  • I agree, on everything you say. I also have to say that as one becomes wise and mature, that becomes great makeup! And, yes I do cringe at the YTubers piling on all that makeup trying to get that flawless complexion when you can’t in real life! It is all photoshop or in film/tv, good lighting and post production tweaking!

    You are beautiful!

    • Awww, thanks Olivia! xo
      It’s true! And that’s what bothers me. Makeup for filming and photos is SO different and can look so wrong in real life!

  • grlnxdor

    I think you look great, Tracy! You’ve simply “enhanced” yourself. I don’t know anyone over 45 who does the whole makeup thingy–probably because it would not turn out as “perfection”, but would be more like “trying to hard”. Enhancement is probably best for all of us no matter our age.

  • Hey Tracey! I totally feel you!
    Maybe it’s because I live in Belgium but I noticed that people are pretty chill with make-up here.
    It might be because they are pretty down to earth people.
    It’s funny how some people think that beauty bloggers wear make-up all the time because I know lots of them that don’t do that.
    I probably wear disappointingly little make-up. I don’t wear it to go to the store,go to an appointment or any of the daily routines. I do like to make an effort for events and the like though, and ofcourse for a look on the blog.
    I think the whole ‘looking perfect’ thing is overrated, you don’t need layers of make-up and most of the time I actually love people without the whole shabam. But it’s fun though, it’s a lot of fun and if some people really love that, why not eh? ^^
    Make-up is fun but shouldn’t be used as some pressure to look perfect ^^.

    • I’d love to live in Belgium!
      Ancd you hit the nail on the head-makeup should be FUN. Not about perfection!

  • Sara Hawkins

    I put enough on to make me not look like casper, but that’s it. CC Cream, shadow, blush and lipstick. That’s it. Now, if I am going out on the town, then I will use more. I love makeup but I want to look natural not plastic. Plus with a 2.5 year old and a baby on the way, I don’t have time to look perfect. I just want to look put together.
    I think that the bloggers who look perfect all the time mustn’t have a life outside of blogging because if they did, they wouldnt have time to devote to spending 30 minutes or more getting ready in the morning.

    • LOL hahaha you should see my daughter. Her complexion is SO white. It’s scary actually!
      And yup. That’s all I ever have for time. I can’t fathom taking longer than that-I’d get bored!

  • Oh yes, angry Trakee giving bear hugs left and right – that’s the stuff of my blogging dreams 🙂 I hear you, my dear – perfection is overrated, and it’s a perfectionist speaking here. And I SO agree about the YouTube tutorials – really, you’re contouring your face Kim K style just to go out for lunch with friends, or a movie date with your boyfriend?! What pisses me off even more are those Insta selfies with fake ‘omg, look at me, I’m such a dork with my duck face and perfectly messy hair’ poses. OMG, people, look, I’m so CUTE! Nope, sorry, can’t get behind that.

    • LOL hahaha you got it! xo
      I think our slavic nature has some leaning to perfection actually-that or our parents beat it into us every chance they had LOL.
      Those insta-selfies with the filters and skin looks so PLASTIC. UGGGGH.

  • Eugenia

    Lil Sis, I think you look absolutely beautiful – I mean seriously beautiful – just like this. I think you look amazing even with makeup; you definitely have skillz in that department, woman! As to wrinkles …. uh, say WHAT? I don’t see ’em. And who on earth has time to look perfect all the time – is what I want to know, certainly not me. Here’s the thing: yes, there are beauty you tubers that go the whole hog in their videos so I’m guessing it should really be up to viewers to choose what they want to get out of that. As for me? I love a nekkid face too – so liberating!

    • Thanks Big Sis! xo
      They are there believe me! And I agree-but most viewers who don’t have our skills, or know much about makeup look at these vids and probably think I’ll NEVER be able to do that! And who really DOES?

  • Efrain

    Truth be told I’d love to look perfect everyday, but without makeup, I know that isn’t possible because dark circles, dark spots and pimples don’t make it possible. However the fact of being slave of using a ton of products just make me feel like I won’t be able to do it.

    I don’t know if the fact of being a man makes me look the topic in other way but for everyday I just want to look polished without looking perfect and for really important occasions to look a lot better. That’s why right now I only use foundation, powder and blush; I don’t have the humor to do a full face everyday.

    Tracy I really want to look as fabulous as you with 47 and doing a “no makeup” look, you just look gorgeous.

    • Awwww, thanks Efráin! xo
      I love your opinion as a man. And I agree on the whole looking polished part. I get that! But to me polished is good. Perfection? Impossible. They need to stop slapping so much makeup on!

  • Whad’ya on about? All I’m seeing is perfection!!
    I’m all about lazy makeup all teh time!! Mainly because stubborn makeup removal is a pain I don’t want to have to deal with every night. I also press snooze on the alarm all too often, so most days it’s a light foundy, some mattifying powder in t zone, blusher, brow and lip balm.

  • I’d just be happy as hell to get a bear hug! Who cares what you look like? Although I think you look BEAUTS in the above pic! I had someone tell me they were “shocked” that I blogged about makeup and beauty b/c they didn’t think I wore enough. Yes. Someone really said that to me. I told them I wore the amount I was happy wearing, but just because I wasn’t rocking 6-step eyes, falsies, and a fully contoured face at the time didn’t diminish my knowledge of makeup in general. I also usually take a day off from wearing makeup every weekend on Sundays unless we have set plans to go and do something special. I’ll go out, grocery shop, do some returns and whatever errands need to get done without anything on and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I also strongly believe in wearing the right amount for the setting. I.E. a simple dinner out doesn’t really need to include glitter. A casual date with my husband means skipping dark lipstick or sticky gloss because I know he prefers me without it and he likes to give me kisses! A night run to CVS? No makeup necessary. Generally, I think people should do whatever makes them feel good when it comes to makeup, but if you’re routine to take the dog outside to poo takes you 47 minutes…ya might want to rethink some things. Beauty truly comes from within. If you’re happy, you’re beautiful!

      I’m so tired of the perception that we need to wear TONS because of what we do! And looking perfect is just SO much work. All the stuff these YT tutorials use on their looks makes me go WHY OH WHY? Sigh. Makes Tracy sad.

  • rachlovespenguins

    If we can’t see all these “imperfections” you keep mentioning in photos then I highly doubt we’d see them in person either. And wouldn’t we all be too busy hugging anyways? 😀

    I guess I rarely go all-out with the makeup, though I do generally wear it just about every time I leave the house. I don’t really care about looking perfect, just like myself. Well at least myself without the huge ridiculously dark circles genetics somehow saw fit to grace me with. If necessary (or lazy….or just not feeling it) I can give up everything except concealer and a little powder to set it with, though I usually stick with some variation on concealer, powder, mascara, blush. If a person comes to the door on an off day (as in a “Rachel isn’t going anywhere and feels no need for makeup” day) and sees me without, then whatever (though they’re in for a shock from the circles, let me tell you!) BUT if I’m willingly going out into the world, yeah then I’m gonna do at least a little bit to cover those things up. They bothered me when I was a little kid, and continued to bother me into my teens. I learned to conceal them better when I was in my twenties, but they’re still there and bugging me another decade later. I don’t think they’re going to disappear anytime soon. Maybe I’ll have finally made peace with them when I’m 85 or something, but for today….No, today I covered them up for the million-trillionth time. <– realises she has issues. also realises that the makers of concealers LOVE issues, as issues = $$$

    Haha don't take that as me feeling the need to be completely made up to go to the grocery, because I don't. But on the other hand I have also gone there wearing ridiculously complicated makeup looks because I was having fun recreating stuff from magazines. I can sport an inappropriate makeup look along with the best and worse of 'em! And how are they at the store to know that I haven't just come from or am headed out to some super jazzy event? Though I'm sure in reality they just think I'm weird. 😛

    • LOL I’ve done the same and gone shopping with purple lips. I guess what we all have in common is WHO THE HECK CARES from what I’ve been reading! It matters to only us. And what we’re happy with. Somedays, I’m happy with nothing. And somedays, I want more. But perfection? Is just way too much work. I just like looking like ME.

  • Lisa Adams

    Follow your bliss! Makeup is something I do for ME. Wether I rock the lovely healthy glow you are sporting today or if I decide to go all drama.

  • AGREED on the sunscreen and the Dior Rosy Glow! If you were to see me, I’d hug you right back with my hyperpigmentation that no concealer ever covers 100% and probably a crazy stray eyebrow or two (or seven) that have chosen to go rogue and stick out vertically from the rest of their brothers and sisters. 🙂

    • :D:D that blush is SO GOOD.
      Brows are the worst, hey? And I’m tired of trying to make them look perfect because WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?

  • Lily

    No pores, Tracy. No pores on your 47-year-old skin, but I see lots of pores on my 36-year-old one 😛 I’ve been going out a lot without makeup at all, and it’s so liberating! Thing is, I doubt anyone really noticed, whether or not I wear makeup. Sure, I like to look polished sometimes, but most of the time, I don’t want to give a f*&K (‘xcuse me).
    No to most of the YT vloggers who call themselves gurus. If they walked around like that here in my hometown, they might get lots of WTF stares. We’re pretty laid back here 🙂

    • Oh they are there TRUST ME!! And that’s the thing-I doubt people notice ANYTHING when we’re out.

  • I’m always astounded by the number of people who want a “flawless” look. I have no interest in looking flawless. It’s too much effort and, more importantly, it’s not true. I’m comfortable with my flaws and would rather look like myself than some unrealistic version of myself. It all gets washed off at the end of the day and I want to be as happy with myself then as I am with my makeup on.

  • I totally love/agree with this post. Ain’t nobody got time to highlight their undereyes till high heaven, well at least I don’t. Having fun with makeup is great, but taking it too seriously takes all the fun away! You look great, and the best part is, you look like Tracy! And always have since I’ve met you blogging, which I love. Rock on. Ps. I totally want a Tracy bear hug!

  • I agree. For myself, I have dark undereye circles from the late nights and caffeine usage. They’re not super noticeable unless people get close and look for them. I sometimes cover them up but I don’t always do.

    You look great, by the way. 🙂

  • I wanna hug you right now!!!
    I’m a less is more person in my everyday life too – goodness knows my husband can spot makeup at 50 paces so I prefer to be as natural as possible. Some strategically placed concealer and bb powder is all I bother with for a base and I like a sheer wash of beige shadow to brighten my eyes. Add some mascara and gloss, a little soft glowy blush and I’m good to go!

    • :D:D You got it! XO

      My hubby doesn’t care one way or the other. I just can’t STAND tons of makeup on my face and wonder why such young girls feel the need to cover up so much these days. When we were young I know for sure we didn’t do that!

  • emlangille

    I want a Tracy hug..also since I’ve stopped working for the summer..the most makeup I’ve worn is some concealer on a couple bad skin days…but basically I’ve worn nothing.

    • You got it!
      Right? I mean it’s just ludicrous all the makeup they push. I can’t even fathom how much WORK it is!

  • Thanks Angela! xo And yes haha-you made sense!
    And it’s true! Embrace what we have and enhance that! But the whole transformation? Too much for me. And you sound like a great mom!

  • Thanks Dee! xo SO sweet of you!
    Heat is the WORST. I once read an article about Brazilian women. They don’t wear a lot of makeup, because of the heat, except for eye makeup. So they tend to spend their money on SKIN CARE so they don’t have to worry so much about covering up! Now, isn’t that a great idea?

  • What pore? What dark circles? You look naturally beautiful and radiant! <3

  • Loved this post! I mean, I think you’re making things up about pores and dark circles (seriously, this is how mine look AFTER I’ve covered them up)—you are glowing and look absolutely gorgeous! I think with YT beauty gurus it partly has to do with the light/camera washing them out: sometimes I get ready to film and think “whoa, that’s a little intense there”, but then I look at the footage and it doesn’t look nearly as vibrant as it does IRL. Also, there are only so many natural looks one could do a tutorial for… But generally, I absolutely agree with your sentiment. Who wants to load up their face with makeup daily?!

    • You ALWAYS look lovely on camera Marianna! You never apply ALL that stuff so much! Or so poorly! You look amazing, always and REAL. Which is why I love your videos!
      And thanks HAHA! Belive me-that sutff is there in real life for sure!