Mark Nail This Look Lacquer and Flip Flop Set

Now this is a really cute idea from Mark!

Mark Nail This Look Lacquer and Flip Flop Set($28) is a kit that’s TOE-TALLY Adorable! See what I did there? 😀 Ok, I can’t take credit for that Dad Joke, it’s actually on the info sheet I have. I’m telling ya’, it’s exactly the kind of joke my hubby would make though. Yup, the 24 years we’ve been married have been TOE-TALLY Puntastic. 😀 Ok. I’ll stop now. 😀

Mark Nail This Look Lacquer and Flip Flop Set contains a pair of flip-flops and 2 pedi-perfect nail polishes to match, or coordinate which I prefer to say.

Mark Nail This Look Lacquer and Flip Flop Set.jpg

Mark Nail This Look Lacquer and Flip Flop Set

The flip flops are great quality actually! They’re not cheap $1 Old Navy rubber flip-flops. They’re heavier, and actually have some support to them with a moulded footbed. They’re embellished with coral-colored faceted faux stones and a fun palm leaf motif on the footbed too. There are three sizes in the flip-flops-small/medium fits a shoe size 5/6, medium/large fits a 7/8, and Large/XLarge fits a 9/10.

Now, I’ll spare you a shot of my feet in the sandals modelling the polishes, but I HAVE to show you this Avon model wearing them. I have never seen such pristine feet before in my life!

Mark Nail This Look Lacquer and Flip Flop Set.jpg

Mark Nail This Look Lacquer and Flip Flop Set

AM I right? She has to be an alien or something! I’ve never seen anything like these feet!

The nail polishes are mini-sized that will get you 10 pedicures from each bottle. Azure is the blue, and Nudist is the really pretty beige. Cute with the sandals, hey? Like I said at the beginning, this is a really great idea from Mark!

You can order the Mark Nail This Look Lacquer and Flip Flop Set from your local Avon Rep, or online at

Now you may be wondering why I didn’t take my own pictures of this set. Well, that’s because I was sent the size small/medium set, and my feet are GIANT sized, so I haven’t opened it up(I’m 5’10” people, my feet are sized so that I don’t tip over 😀 at least that’s what my dad always told me 🙂 )

So what am I saying here? I’ll tell ya’ what I’m saying here! IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME PEOPLE!!

Unfortunately, because nail polish is involved in this giveaway, it’s ONLY OPEN TO MY FELLOW CANADIANS. Nail polish mailing is an iffy thing these days, so sorry my International babes. Next time! Just enter using the Rafflecopter option below, and GOOD LUCK! And remember these are a size SMALL. So yeah, if you gots big feet like me? They ain’t gonna fit!

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  • Gah! I love dad jokes 🙂 The lamer the better. Not a flip flop fan though. Owner of giant monster feet here. I don’t do open-toe shoes unless I really have to.

  • Wendy

    I received this awesome prize in the mail today. The flip flops are super cute and the nail polish is lovely. Thank you so much for this terrific contest. 😀