ArtDeco Miami Collection for Summer 2014

Apparently for some people-those who like summer and hot weather that is-Miami is the place to be. There’s no way I’d survive in Miami. I’d melt. But thanks to the ARTDECO Miami Collection for Summer 2014, I can wear the bright summer colors of the fashion trend location without having to visit. Thank you!

The limited edition ARTDECO Miami Collection is very summery indeed! With iridescent eyeshadow sticks, colorful eye liners, waterproof mascara and sensual lip gloss pencils the products  are long-lasting and/or waterproof as well.

ArtDeco Miami Collection Summer 2014.jpg

ArtDeco Miami Collection Summer 2014

ArtDeco Long-Lasting Eyeshadow Stick No.35 Cruise Ship is a creamy, water-resistant and long-lasting eyeshadow stick. The smokey purple shade is great for a fun evening look! It’s really creamy and blends quite easily before it sets so you have plenty of time to blend.

ArtDeco Liquid Liner No.22 Cool Atlantic is a mineral textured liquid liner containing silica and calcium which makes it waterproof. It has a flexible foam tip that makes it quite easy to apply. You have to shake it first though! And it takes a bit of time to dry, but once it does that eyeliner won’t budge until you take it off.

My favourite part of the ArtDeco Miami Collection Summer are the Glossy Lip Colors. These are a long-lasting, wet-look cream gloss in stick form. Upon application, they feel a bit sticky and thick. The formula kind of hugs your lips, and really reminds me of those MAC Huggable Lipstick Crayons that were released some time ago. If you like those, then you’ll like these as well. The sticky feeling settles down after a bit, and for me becomes quite comfortable actually. Your lips feel really protected and I like that a lot! They stay put with no bleeding or feathering, which happens to me a lot when I wear a glossy lip crayon. Not with these! I really like them!

ArtDeco Miami Collection Summer 2014.jpg

ArtDeco Miami Collection Summer 2014: Liquid Eyeliner No.22 Cool Atlantic, Eyeshadow Stick Cruise, Glossy Lip Colors in No.32 Glossy Havana, No.16 Glossy Pink Grapefruit

Swatchy Time!

ArtDeco Miami Collection Summer 2014.jpg

ArtDeco Miami Collection Summer 2014 ArtDeco Long-Lasting Eyeshadow Stick No.35 Cruise Ship, Liquid Eyeliner Cool Atlantic, Glossy Lip Colors Glossy Havana and Glossy Pink Grapefruit

Here are what my favourites, the Artdeco Miami Collection Glossy Lip Colors in Glossy Pink Grapefruit and Glossy Havana look like on my lips:

ArtDeco Miami Collection Summer 2014jpg

ArtDeco Miami Collection Summer 2014: Glossy Lip Colors in No.16 Glossy Pink Grapefruit and No.32 Glossy Havana

You can find the ARTDECO Miami Collection at select Shoppers Drug Mart Stores across Canada right now! Get it while you can!

Friday! Finally! It’s been a long, LONG week for me. How about you? Any plans this weekend?

*products sent by the lovely PR for review, thoughts are mine as always!

  • I love Artdeco and am so glad they have finally landed in Canada!

  • Hello-llo-llo Pink Grapefruit! I used to have pretty good heat resistance, but I have swapped some of that out for cold resistance since I moved here. It’s 30+ degrees here today, and the only things I can have for dinner are cherries, watermelon, and ice cream!

    I had SO MUCH WORK for the first half of the week that I’ll need a day of two to bounce back. We’ll probably just take a little walk in the city center tomorrow or something like that!

    • LOL thought of you for sure with that shade!
      Oh, I hope you got to recharge the both of you! Newlyweds and all, wink wink!

  • I WOULD MELT, TOO. Argggggh haha. Except I can’t deal with cold weather, either, which is why Seattle was perfect 😛

    I never tried those MAC pencils – these look pretty, though!

  • Liz

    I love Miami! It is hard to wear makeup there though.

  • Awesome colours and love pink grapefruit on you! The colour of the liner looks amazing!

  • I love all of these colors!! I wish I could find ArtDeco more around here though!

  • I have no desire to go to Miami as all my friends have returned from there completely broke, but I do love the Pink Grapefruit lipstick and blue liner! Such summery colors. Oh god this really has been the longest week ever. Hope you have a fun weekend planned!

    • LOL!!!
      Right? It’s been SO LONG. We have plans for FUN, but they didn’t seem to work LOL!

  • Ooh, all of these look gorgeous! Loving the look of Glossy Grapefruit especially. Artdeco send me some goodies from the new collection this week and I’m giving them a go today 🙂

  • Gaelle

    Pink Graprefruit is the standout there!

  • Those lippies are preeeetty! Enjoy the weekend, Tracy!

  • Oooh, that eyeshadow stick is so nice! What a beautiful color! Love the Glossy Havana, too. <3

  • A glossy lip crayon that doesn’t bleed? Hallelujah to that!!! Such juicy colours too!!

  • oooh I like that the colors are still bright but not neon bright! That purple one <3

  • I am in love with Glossy Pink Grapefruit! I’ve been almost everywhere in Florida from the Keys to the Panhandle to the West Coast, but I’ve never been to Miami. It looks very appealing on CSI: Miami, lol. That orange filter they use reinforces the whole “warm” theme. I could survive there. The temperatures and humidity are just like Atlanta, only they have an ocean to dip into that’s right there! I would tradesies, lol!

    • Hahahaha, I guess it all boils down to what you are used to! I like the cold. And the snow lol!

      • Totes! The older I get, the less tolerant I have been of the heat. This past winter when it snowed / iced twice (I know how that must sound…but it would be like it reaching 110 degrees F in Edmonton!), I LOVED IT! I was a little too thrilled to wear a down coat, lol! Before that, it’s snowed 5 times (in 34 yrs) that I can recall, so twice in one year was HUGE. I didn’t even own a coat until I was in high school! It was never remotely cold here in the 80’s and early 90’s!

  • Hope it’s soon!

  • Lily

    Well, it’s Monday now, and the weekend just zoomed past. Been baking with the kids, and our first batch of buttermilk biscuits was a success!! Had them with butter, cream cheese, jam, Nutella, everything. LOL!

  • I hope we get those Glossy Lip Colors here soon.

  • Efrain

    I’m sure I’d love living in Miami, just like my hometown. But yes my friend you’ll melt there.

    In fact it’s interesting to see the people that lives there how they can make it with using pants and long-sleeved shirts or wearing full makeup.