New Neutral Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color Shades For Summer

There are some new really lovely neutral Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color($8) shades that were released for summer 2014 that I kind of forgot about. Not sure why, but I guess because they’re neutrals. I’m more of a colour girl when it comes to eyeshadows, in case you haven’t noticed haha. 😀

Neutral Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color.jpg

New neutral Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color shades

But these new neutral Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color shades are pretty darn nice! Mary Kay’s mineral-based formula is famous for its oil-absorbing properties actually. These are probably some of the longest lasting eyeshadows on my dastardly oily lids that I’ve ever tried. Most of the time when I wear eyeshadows I have to double prime, but not with these babies!

Swatchy Time!

Neutral Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color

New Neutral Mary Kay Mineral Color shades

Three mattes and 2 shimmer shades as you can see. The mattes are nice, but need a bit of care to ensure they don’t blend away too much. A stickier primer like a cream eyeshadow base would work best if you want to wear them packed on the lids. But oh, they work so well in the crease! Especially Driftwood-that shade is just gorgeous and a perfect crease/transition shade. Ballerina Pink is really pretty as a brow highlight! Really warms up the neutral browns. And Rosegold is just gorgeous. I have a real soft spot for rose gold ANYTHING, and if you’re like me you’d love the shade as well! And the Stone is a really pretty grey that stays grey and doesn’t turn blue. I do think it’s better as a crease shade, or an outer V shade rather than a lid shade though. But dang, I like a pink and grey eye look I have to say! It’s not a colour combo I wear that often, but I will from now on.

Neutral Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color

New Neutral Mary Kay Mineral Color eye looks

These new Neutral Mary Kay Mineral Color shades come in individual cases just like all the other Mary Kay mineral eyeshadows do when you order them, and you can buy a compact that holds 6 shadows if you wish. I just put them in a little Z pallete since they already have a magnet on the back of them and that works just as well.

You can order these New Neutral Mary Kay Mineral Color shades from your local Mary Kay Rep or online at

Neutrals are great to have around! Especially in the summer when it’s so much fun to wear a bright lipstick. Who makes your favourite neutral eyeshadows? 

*products sent by the lovely PR for review, thoughts are mine as always! 😀 As is my rekindled love for grey eyeshadow. There’s just something about grey that’s really appealing to me. It’s dark, mysterious, rainy, dreary…yet sophisticated and looks good on everybody I think.

  • Hey Tracy, these seem really promising! I can just about never have enough neutral eyeshadows! I don’t really have a favorite brand per se, but I like Bobbi Brown mattes. The quality is pretty good, and I reach for the ones I own all the time.

    • You know, I don’t have any BB eyeshadows at the moment. Every time a new palette comes out, it’s just so horrible looking to me so I stay away from the brand. I do have a foundation from her that I really like though!

  • Rose gold looks AMAZING! I find myself reaching for more neutrals in warm weather. I guess because when they melt off my face, it’s not as messy as bright colors 😉

  • Ooh pretty! Love French Roast and Stone! My kind of neutrals. Ballerina Pink would be great to use with any of these. 🙂

  • Ooh, pretty looks you created with these! Jenn from A Beautiful Zen gifted me a few of these and I really like them! Rosegold is my fave- I wear it all the time 🙂

  • Emma Bovary

    French Roast is so pretty! I probably have a million shades like it but hey ho I know what I like ;P

  • Likey likey! While you do rock bold poppy colours, I think these are some beautiful neutrals on you! I need me that

  • Oooh I really like Stone. I like that it looks a bit warmer, or am I just seeing things?

  • Lily

    And I’m more of a neutral girl in case you didn’t notice. LOL! French Roast is my type of colour, that’s for sure 🙂

  • Liz

    Oooh, Stone! I love grey shadows but they show up sort of weird on my skin, never really true to pan. Driftwood looks super dreamy.

  • Gaelle

    Stone looks great! I had mary kay eyeshadows ages ago and was quite impeessed by the quality.