Summer Things You Should Pick Up At The Drugstore Before They Disappear

There’s a couple of things that I’ve accumulated over the last little while from the drugstore that I think you should try and pick up before they disappear. I’ve been really liking them a lot, so I think you might too! Kind of a Mish-Mosh post of beauty stuffs. Mish-Mosh. Is that even a word? My tired brain doesn’t even really care truth be told hahaha. 😀 And I’ve had my first glass of wine in over a WEEK. Almost 2 weeks to be honest. So this? Should be a fun post for you AND me.  😀

Maybelline Color Tattoos Shimmering Sea and Sunwashed Sky.jpg

Maybelline Color Tattoos Shimmering Sea and Sunwashed Sky

Maybelline Color Tattoos Shimmering Sea and Sunwashed Sky are still popping up when I visit Shoppers, so if you see these two shades I think they’re definitely worth a pick-up! Hello. Just look at these shades and tell me you don’t think OCEAN. SUMMER. WAVES. MERMAID?

Maybelline Color Tattoos Shimmering Sea and Sunwashed Sky.jpg

Maybelline Color Tattoos Shimmering Sea and Sunwashed Sky

I love them both, but if I was pressed to choose JUST one, I’d say Shimmering Sea is my fave. And they’re on sale this week at Shoppers too, so grab it. You’ll love it. I slap on one of these, add some mascara and it’s a done deal makeup-wise for me.

Ok I’m not really sure if these Clarins Lip Balm Crayons are LE or not because I haven’t paid attention to my paperwork lately. I hate reading PR papers about products unless they make me laugh. And I say drugstore, because you can find Clarins stuffs at the drugstore, and that’s where I buy mine. I never buy it at The Bay for some reason…and I love The Bay. I do. But when I can walk instead of drive to buy my Clarins, that’s what Imma’ gonna do. I love walking to the drugstore actually. Have been doing it my entire makeup loving life to be honest. When Shoppers started being open on Sundays in the 80s, it was so AWESOME to be be able to walk on over and spend an hour in the makeup aisles….good times. 😀

 photo IMG_6861.jpg

Clarins Lip Balm Crayon Creamy Pink

This is a great lip balm, crayon-thingy. Really thin texture and great pigmentation. Plus no silly, fruity smell which is SO much better Clarins. Ditch the fruit scent in ALL of your lip products. You’ll sell way more, trust me. Clarins Lip Balm Crayons have mango, apricot and shea butters to moisturize your summer lips. It’s smooth, moisturizing, feels good and lasts well. Love it and this has made it’s way into my purse, which is something!

Clarins Lip Balm Crayon Creamy PinkPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

Clarins Lip Balm Crayon Creamy Pink

I’m not a HIGE Bourjois fan to be honest, but there are a few products I really like from the French drugstore brand. I do adore their cream blushes. If you want to try the Chanel Cream blushes but the $$$$ scares you, get yourself one of these. Bourjois OWNS Chanel, so YEAH. These? Are the EXACT same thing for a whole lot less $$$$.

Bourjois Blush Exclusif.jpg

Bourjois Blush Exclusif

This one intrigued me as it’s one of those Shade-Transfroming-SKYNET-Makeup-Products. Apparently this one can detect the perfect shade of blush for my skin shade. Props to you SKYNET, because I’m digging this pale pink cream-to-powder-blush shade a lot. It’s the perfect pale pink blush. But you already KNEW that Skynet, didn’t you? You BASTARD. 😀 😀  Which brings me to an issue I have with machines that end the world as we know it. WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS FEMALE, or have a FEMALE VOICE like in iROBOT? HMMMMMMMM?? This bothers me to no avail, because we all know it’s not going to be us females that end the world at some point…. RIGHT? It’s going to be a your-dick-is bigger-than-mine fight. We women do not CARE about comparing boob size. So, Screw you Hollywoood and your misogynistic views about the Apocalypse. I can hardly wait to say I TOLD YOU SO. :D:D That is, if I’m still here after all is over and done with. And I’m pretty damn sure I WILL be.

Bourjois Blush Exclusif.jpg

Bourjois Blush Exclusif

Yves Rocher is so overlooked here in English speaking Canada. They have really great stuff for really great prices. And the Yves Rocher Summer Collection Eau de toilette($29) and Shower Gel($3.95-SERIOUSLY? What a price!) are freakin’ awesome.

Yves Rocher Summer Collection Eau de toilette.jpg

Yves Rocher Summer Collection Eau de toilette and Shower Gel

The Yves Rocher Summer Collection scent has all the charm of a summer by the Mediterranean Sea. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t handle the heat of a summer by the Mediterranean Sea, but I’m enjoying smelling like I’m there. And if this is what it truly does smell like, then I’ll endure the heat and the sweat someday. But, after I’ve finished paying for Marky’s college.(AY-YA-YAHHH America. How do you get away with charging that much money for education is beyond me.)  It’s a magnificent blend of citrus floral enhanced with sweet, sensual woody notes. With mandarin from Sicily, bergamot from Calabria and sun-kissed fruit, it’s a perfect summer fragrance that should not be missed! Like I said before, I’m a bergamot whore, so if it’s in a scent I’m all over it. And this one is really lovely!

Lise Watier Blush Creme Satin($24) in Coral Paradise I picked up after I fell in love with Rose Eden.

Lise Watier Blush Creme Satin($24) in Coral Paradise.jpg

Lise Watier Blush Creme Satin($24) in Coral Paradise

Lise Watier Blush Creme Satin in Coral Paradise is a perfect coral blush. Just perfect. Lasts all day, blends like a dream-it’s amazing. I think this is a more affordable version of the YSL Creme de Blush which is one of my fave formulas out there in makeup blush land. But this Lise Watier version is like $30 cheaper??? It’s a no-brainer for me. You have to get one if you still can.

Lise Watier Blush Creme Satin($24) in Coral Paradise.jpg

Lise Watier Blush Creme Satin($24) in Coral Paradise

Ok, these hair ties ain’t from the drugstore because they’re from Sephora, but they’re pretty drugstore affordable imo. And I really like these Sephora Collection Tropicolor Ribbon Hair Ties($11):

Sephora Collection Tropicolor Ribbon Hair Ties.jpg

Sephora Collection Tropicolor Ribbon Hair Ties

And these hair ties won’t damage your hair. No breakage. Plus they’re bright neon, summer shades, so what’s not to love? You get 8 of them to wear all summer long, whilst singing along to CRUEL, CRUEL SUMMER. Speaking of Bananarama, don’t you think they had the ultimate, messy summer hair-dos EVER? I think so. And these hair ties will help you achieve that ultimate Cruel Summer hair-do. Hot summer streets and the pavements are burning I sit around, trying to smile but the air is so heavy and dry…  😀

There you go, my list of drugstore beauty summer must-haves. What’s yours?

Some of these products I bought, and some of them were sent to me. Doesn’t really matter which is which, because if you read this blog, then you know I tells ya’ the truth no matter what. It’s who I am and always will be.

  • One of my colleagues claims that Googly = Skynet. I’m such a Google devotee that they will for sure come for me first LOL

  • I cannot find those Maybelline Color Tattoos (and the nude ones)! Waahhhh! Shimmering Sea is so beautiful *grabby hands*. I love the look of those Sephora hair ties. I need the patterned one. Super cute!

  • That Clarins lip pencil is very pretty! So the Color Tattoo shades are new and LE? I don’t think they are part of the Leather thingy collection? I wonder why we NEVER get those here *sigh*

    • rachlovespenguins

      They’re part of a summer collection called “bleached neons”
      Don’t feel bad. We rarely get the LE collections where I live and I’m in the States! I often wonder what goes on with Maybelline’s distribution…. Finding their LE stuff is becoming harder than getting my hands on the LE collections from MAC!

      • I think the Leather ones are supposed to be permanent from what I’ve heard Sunny, but I did pick you up the Chocolate Suede one!

  • rachlovespenguins

    Tracy stop making me want all the blush! Especially ones that are much harder to get here! lol
    Online ordering is my friend…. 😛

    • :D:D It’s my destiny in life to make everyone want all the blush!

      • rachlovespenguins

        Why am I not surprised?

  • HAHA I think it’s Mish-Mash, no? But Mish-Mosh sounds better. Kind of like a Moomin. Or something. HAHAHAHA.

    Also, American college = the worst. It’s getting worse, too. Even state schools! OMG.

    • LOL THAT’S IT! My brain couldn’t think of the right MOSH HAHAHAHAHA
      Yup. My head hurts from all the money they want.

  • That coral Lise Watier blush looks SO GOOD against your skintone! I went to swatch it too (the formula is gorgeous), but the colour is definitely not for me. I don’t think I have a single coral that I love (yet)!

    • Thanks Rae! Hmmmm, yeah you’re like Marky. Really PALE hahaha. You know what would look good on you I think? Illamasqua Hussy.

      • Man, I had that on my wishlist forEVER. But I still haven’t gotten the chance to try it! With the Tracy seal of approval, though, it’s going back on there 😉

  • This is a fun list! Not many things are easily accessible here, but I will keep these in mind. Those color tattoos are so pretty! I never really liked the formula but those colors! So dreamy and summery. I love them.

    • I’m starting to warm up to them myself just this summer. I never really like them much, but I’ve FINALLY figured out how to get them to last on me!

  • Tasha

    I haven’t tried the Maybelline Color Tattoos yet. Might have to pick some up! Do you remember what the sale price was after that glass of wine? lol

  • Lily

    Would you believe I haven’t tried any of things you mentioned here? Especially when the Maybelline Color Tattoos are widely available and so affordable? LOL! I actually want to try the Sephora hair ties. I’ll look for them the next time I’m there.

  • Online most of the stores are in Quebec.

  • :(( it takes forever for their collections to show up here too.

  • Emma Bovary

    So many pretties, that Shimmering Seas is a stunning colour! Clarins at the Drugstore, nope not here it’s at our department stores and a few of our nicer pharmacies but that is about it. If I can find Yves Rocher when we go to Hawaii for our honeymoon I am totally going to buy something, I have heard so much about the brand so cheap so cute!

  • Liz

    I think Clarins should make those crayon balms permanent. Just when I thought I couldn’t take another crayon…! I picked up Shimmering Sea too but kind of conflicted on it. Looks prettier on your skin.

  • Gaelle

    I want the blush!! And the scent sounds divine, France soon so who knows!

  • LOL hahaha SPEND SPEND hahahahahaha!