Artdeco Jungle Fever Collection Favourites Review and Swatches

I wanted to show you a few pieces from the ARTDECO  Jungle Fever Collection before they disappear from stores. Just a swatchy post I”m afraid, as I haven’t been feeling well enough to do FOTD posts when I am testing out products lately. But I did wear them I promise, so I can still tell you how GOOD they are.

First off the packaging is stunning! And I’m pretty dang proud of this picture I took haha 😀

Art Deco Jungle Fever.jpg

ArtDeco Jungle Fever Collection

My favourite of course, is the ARTDECO Bronzing Glow Blusher in Sun Dance($32). Holy pretty blush alert you guys!

Art Deco Jungle FeverBronzing Glow Blusher Sun Dance.jpg

Art Deco Jungle FeverBronzing Glow Blusher Sun Dance

It’s amazing! A bronzy peachy coral that glows on the cheeks! And if you can still find it on the shelves, yes you must GET IT. It’s pigmented, blends beautifully, and looks amazing on the cheeks like I said. ARTDECO blushes are beautiful and I love them a lot.

I also really love the Illuminating Shimmer Cream in Bronzed Glow No.07($14). Mine arrived a bit shattered in the mail(curse you Canada Post), so I just have this pic to show you:

Artdeco Jungle Fever Illuminating Shimmer Cream in Bronzed Glow.jpg

Artdeco Jungle Fever Illuminating Shimmer Cream in Bronzed Glow No.07

I put it in the LE Beauty Box Duo($14) and it’s fine to use. It’s a really lovely bronzy highlighter with fine shimmer particles that gives a pretty luminous effect on cheeks, eyelids, and even the décolletage.

Swatchy Time!

Art Deco Jungle.jpg

ARTDECO Jungle Fever Bronzing Glow Blusher Sun Dance, Artdeco Jungle Fever Illuminating Shimmer Cream in Bronzed Glow No.07

The combination of both on the cheeks is just gorgeous and perfect for summer. These two products are definitely worth picking up!

There are 4 ARTDECO Baked Eyeshadows in the collection and Marble Blue No.30($16) is an amazing navy shade.

 photo IMG_7137.jpg

ARTDECO Jungle Fever Baked Eyeshadow Marble Blue No.30

Swatchy Time!

ARTDECO Jungle Fever.jpg

ARTDECO Jungle Fever Baked Eyeshadow Marble Blue No.30 dry swatch, wet swatch

Used wet the shadow is so pigmented and shiny – would be a great shade for a smoky eye! I love navy smoky eyes. I think they’re very chic and Parisian for some reason. Not sure why I think that, but I do. Add a bright coral lip with that navy smoky eye and WOWZA. Hey, I think that’s what I’ll wear this Wednesday night out! I was going to play with some green eyeshadow since we’re going to see Wicked, but pffft. That’s just so predictable, right?

Lastly, the LE ARTDECO Spray On Leg Foundation($32) is a quick drying tanning spray that’s water-resistant. It comes in 3 shades and this one is No.08 Desert Sun.

ARTDECO Jungle Fever.jpg

ARTDECO Jungle Fever LE ARTDECO Spray On Leg Foundation No. 8 Desert Sun

Swatchy Time!

ARTDECO Jungle Fever.jpg

ARTDECO Jungle Fever LE ARTDECO Spray On Leg Foundation No. 8 Desert Sun

Perfect if you hate self-tanners like I do. Just spray a little and smooth it on pale legs and BAZINGA! Tanned legs with no stink. Or arms. Or whatever you wanna tan. 😀  Like your neck. That’s what I’ve been doing with it. My neck is always so pasty compared to the rest of my face(that big head o’mine blocks every ray of sun) so instead of putting powder bronzer on it which just sweats off in a couple of hours, I use a spray like this instead. My neck matches my foundation better and the spray tan colour stays in place the whole day.

I hope you can find some of these amazing pieces from the ARTDECO Jungle Fever Collection still! The brand is something else, and you should really try something soon! Find ARTDECO at select Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada.

Have you seen Wicked? I’m so excited I can’t tell ya! 

*products sent by the lovely PR for review, thoughts are mine as always!

  • Oh that blush! So effing gorgeous! The shades kinda remind me of Guerlain Madame Rougit!

  • Tracy, I really hope you feel better soon! Miss your FOTDs already.
    That blue eyeshadow looks just amazing! Maybe it is even prettier the Dior single which sadly didn’t make it in to the States! ;o

  • Hope you feel better soon, too 😀 We did see Wicked but didn’t love it…not sure why, haha. Have a good time!!!

  • Eugenia

    Oooooo …. just gorgeous, Lil Sis! It’s actually thanks to you that I have been introduced to this brand, and from the products I’ve tried thus far, they really are amazing – quality can compete with the higher end brands, as well as their packaging details. That BLUSH!! Soooo pretty!

  • THAT BLUSH, Tracy.

  • I totally am digging that baked shadow!!! And in that blue shade! Hope you’re feeling better!

  • So much pretty! Lovely packaging, and gorgeous products to boot! Take care l, hope you’re all better soon 🙂

  • I’ve been so curious about Artdeco lately and this collection looks stunning! Loving the look of the blush/bronzer especially. Feel better soon! 🙂

  • Lily

    WOW! I’ve been curious about the brand after reading your reviews, and I think it’s sold here at selected Sasa counters. Unfortunately, I don’t see any near my place. Will have to check them out when I have the chance!

  • Liz


    How was Wicked?? I still have to see it.

    • You know this first half of Wicked is awesome. Really funny and a couple of great songs. The second half? Meh. Boring and just no good songs, the story kind of turned ridiculous. Ruined it for me. If you go see it get the cheapest seats hahaha.

  • Toya

    Too bad about Wicked! My mom saw it in NYC and loved it, but I can see how the 2nd half might be a little snoozy – I read the book and it did get a lil weird.

    Ahem. About this collex – THAT BLUSH IS FREAKIN’ GORGEOUS! And that blue eyeshadow is SCREAMING my name. I haven’t seen ArtDeco anywhere around here – the last time I laid eyes on it in person was in Germany in 2006 lol. It must be just at Shoppers that I haven’t come across yet, keeping my eyes peeled!

  • Amber

    Holy blush. That’s the most gorgeous packaging and inside I’ve seen! <3