A Plethora Of Colourful Sponges From Sephora

Sponges are quite useful makeup tools. Even though I have a LOT of makeup brushes, I still find I need a good sponge now and again.

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Sephora Collection Carnavàle Makeup Sponges

Sephora Collection Carnavàle Makeup Sponges($10) are colourful versions of  the basic triangle shaped makeup sponges. The bright colours just add a little something’ something’, ya know? More modern? I don’t know, but what I do know is that I like having these useful sponges around that’s for sure! They are great for blending out cream blushes!
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The Sephora Collection Carnavàle Makeup Sponges are soft, absorbent and clean easily. I like using them to blend out concealer too.

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The Sephora Collection The Perfector: Airbrush Sponge($15) has a pretty unique shape when it comes to sponges! It kind of looks like Lumpy Space Princess (one of my favourite cartoon characters EVER) to me. Too bad it isn’t purple haha!

Sephora Collection The Perfector: Airbrush Sponge.jpg

Sephora Collection The Perfector: Airbrush Sponge

This one has a pointed end for extra definition and reaching small corners, and a fuller end for curves and crevices. That fuller end is kind of a built in handle, hey?

Sephora Collection The Perfector: Airbrush Sponge.jpg

Sephora Collection The Perfector: Airbrush Sponge

This one has pretty much the same colour as a Beauty Blender and feels pretty much the same in texture. CLOSE, but not quite.

Sephora Collection The Painter: Airbrush Sponge($15) has a slanted end for  accuracy, helping you reach small areas of the face. I don’t have many SMALL areas on my face LOL, but ok, maybe around my nose. So it’s great for getting around there I guess. If you have more crevices than that, then I think you must have an ALIEN planet ID card.  The flat bottom is great for stippling and creates a streak-free, airbrushed finish. It helps to deliver sheer, buildable coverage.

Sephora Collection The Painter: Airbrush Sponge.jpg

One side of the pointed end has a flattened section on it. SO good for under eye concealer blending.

Sephora Collection The Painter: Airbrush Sponge.jpg

Sephora Collection The Painter: Airbrush Sponge

It’s weird to me because these Sephora Collection Sponges have gotten bad reviews on the site? Apparently people have had problems with washing them and they fall apart? I haven’t had that issue at all! Mine are still intact and in one piece after MULTIPLE washings. Although, I do think it’s harder to get them super clean compared to my Beauty Blender. Maybe people are trying to really scrub them all to heck and break them in the process? Which I get, because like I said, they are harder to get really clean looking, but seriously you don’t have to stress it out so much. If you’re the only one using them, I think you need not to worry so much about getting them so pristine looking. But, that’s just me. I try not to sweat the small makeup stuffs if ya’ know what I mean. 😛

Enen though I like these, I still don’t think they even come CLOSE to my Beauty Blender in quality and application. Everyone and their dog keeps trying to mimic that sponge, even Real Techniques!  But in my opinion? None of them compare. For me, the Beauty Blender RULES. All the other sponges, including these are just wannabes. 😀  I get that these “dupes” are cheaper, but if you’re looking for something that will give you the Beauty Blender Experience? Just get it already for cripes sake. Sure you’re spending a bit more $$$, but for quality, and effectiveness? These so called dupes can’t even compare.

Do you use a sponge to apply foundation? Or are you a brush gal hands down?

*products sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine!

Happy early Canada Day my fellow Canadians! I hope you are all having a fantastic long weekend! I’m going to have to take a couple of days off blogging for health reasons. I think I’m having a bit of a Multiple Sclerosis Relapse. Yesterday was a HORRIBLE day. I could barley walk to be honest, and slept most of the day away. I’m feeling a tad better today and actually left the house for a bit, but still quite tired and having some numbness all over. And if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that when my MS starts acting up, I need to take it easy. So that’s what I’m a’ gonna’ do. You take it easy too, hey? Talk to you soon. xo

  • Hey Tracy, so sorry to hear about your MS relapse! I hope it’ll get better very soon!

    In the meantime, I have actually never ever used sponge to apply my makeup! Have never tried Beauty Blender or any similar products, either. I think I’m more of a brush kind of girl!

    • Thanks Sunny! I haven’t had one in a couple of years actually. I hate when it happens. It’s been almost a week since I’ve really moved a lot. Sigh. Oh well, there are others worse off than me!

  • Aww, Tracy. Hope you feel better soon and have a great long weekend!

    I like the looks of the purple sponge! I wish it was a bit more affordable than $15 a piece, but it still more affordable than the Beauty Blender, right?
    BTW, I did not know about the Lumpy Space Princess. They should made that one purple. Totally. LOL

    • Thanks Lena! xo

      Yeah, if they were like $10, or $8 I think people would buy them more! And I love LSP. She’s the BEST.

  • Liz

    Yes, get some rest and feel better soon! Have an awesome day tomorrow! xo

    I’m testing the RT sponge and it sort of fell apart during the washing. I wasn’t being THAT rough with it, but it’s pretty lame compared to how dense and strong the Shu Uemura lightbulb sponge is. Dunno about Beauty Blender yet.

    • Thanks Liz! I’m trying! I slept for 13 hours last night. And could have slept longer. It’s so weird when I get hit with it.

      Yeah, see, I adore my BB! I think it’s awesome and all these others just pale. That Shu one did look pretty solid though I have to say!

  • These are too cute! Thanks for sharing, Tracy — the purple one does look pretty excellent for undereye blending.

    Sending lots of hugs and spoons your way. I’m so sorry to hear you haven’t been doing well recently — let me know if there’s any way I can help, okay? Whether it’s bringing you some pie and tea or taking all your blog photos for you 😉

    • Hahaha thanks Rae! But you’re sick too! I should bring you pie and tea as well! xoxo

  • I know it’s completely irrelevant to the actual quality of the sponges, but yaaay, look at the cute colors! 🙂 I actually cleaned and put away my beauty blender this morning. For like the first time in months! I’m leaving on holiday tomorrow and I just don’t think it’s a practical tool for on the go.

  • Gaelle

    People don’t use the word plethora enough! I like it!

  • Glad you’re had good experiences with these! They look so handy and super colourful too! I recently bought a Quo brand foundation sponge. Excited to give it a go 🙂

  • BooBooNinja

    I’m sending you “feel better” vibes. Happy Belated Canada Day. 🙂