Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé

Blush. I love it. Sigh…

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Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé Guava/Moonstone

When these Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé blush thingies debuted I was all blush fiend HYPED UP man. To the max. I’m a huge fan of the Becca Beach Tints-like for YEARS. So when these debuted I was prepared to not eat for a month. Seriously. NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS A NEW BLUSH….take that Kate Moss. And I’m going to make t-shirts with that saying. Email me if you want one. 😀


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Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé Guava/Moonstone

But, I swatched them while in the USA and didn’t get one. Every single FREAKIN’ one had gold shimmer in it. I don’t care if you call it pale gold, it’s still GOLD. And as I’ve said a million times on this here blog, me and golds just ain’t BFFS. I’d rather my shimmers be silver. Heck, even when I buy jewellery I buy silver. I don’t wear a lot of gold. Period. And even though there was a lot of hype around these, I still didn’t get one. I don’t like hype. I rarely buy things because of hype. I like to form my OWN opinion about a product, especially at this stage in my makeup life. I’m an old lady, and truth be told, nothing is all that NEW. Really.

But review after review by fellow blush fiends like Liz @Reductionista, and even readers telling me I needed one, finally made me cave. I ordered Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé in Guava/Moonstone. It was described as a coral. So how could I go wrong, right? Corals are great blushes, period. If I was to pick my favourite blush shade-the one I buy the most-the one that ALWAYS looks good no matter what?-it’s coral. And so”click” the order button is what I finally did. There’s no Becca at ANY of the Sephoras in Edmonton which is funny to me, because when Sephora first came to Canada, they carried Becca and the products were definitely here 10 years ago. Hopefully, they come back soon, since I know they’re in some Toronto locations.


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Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé Guava/Moonstone

Pretty, huh? It’s a mousse texture. Much like my beloved yet far gone and discontinued Lancome Magique Blush Soft-Radiant Mousse Blush that I adored. I have no idea why Lancome stopped making them, but I sure do miss them. These new Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé blushes are exactly the same product, which makes me happy? Yet sad that everyone thinks that these are all new and revolutionary. Not so much, sorry young ‘uns. This is a true case of if you’ve liked and worn makeup for a long enough time, you’ll see stuff re-emerge and try to Phoenix up as something new. Like clothes. Same thing happens with makeup!

Swatchy Time!

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Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé Guava/Moonstone

The only difference between these Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé blushes and the Lancome ones(at least as much as I can recall-hello, I’m getting old if you can’t tell by the grey hair, so sometimes I don’t remember stuff that well. But blush memory? It’s makes a pretty definite implant in those synapses I have to say) is that there’s a bit more shimmer in them. You know… all that GOLD. Becca likes gold. Must be the Aussie sun or something, but gold is their favourite shade for sure.  Their highlighters all have a gold tint.


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Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé Guava/Moonstone

But all my fears of too much gold, too much sparkle are unfounded! I like it! It takes a bit of layering to get the desired effect though, meaning they’re not extraordinarily pigmented. I used a brush, but I think fingers would work better for application. But for me? Layering-that’s a good thing lately. I’d rather build up my blush to the pigmentation I want as I get older. I like to control my blush. I’m not quite ready to rock that strong, old lady ROCKIN’ MA BLUSH IN MY WHEELCHAIR look just yet. Gimme a couple more years, will ya? I have this goal to be bloggin’ about beauty in my 70s and 80s in a nursing home :D. You know it’ll happen.

Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé Guava/Moonstone is a gorgeous coral, terracotta, goldy, healthy sun-kissed kinda’ blush. All that gold shimmer I was so scared of just looks amazing on your skin. You need to try one. I’m already trying to resist to click the order button for the Lycheé one…BLUSH RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. Heyyyy, that’s another great t-shirt, right? Again EMAIL ME. Seriously. I’m going to make these t-shirts happen. 😀

Oh, and by the way? These Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé blushes last all day! They actually stain your skin, just like the Becca Beach Tints do! Take a look at my arm hours after the swatch! And I even used a makeup removing wipe right after I swatched, so yeah…these blushes LAST baby. They are supposed to be water-resistant and all that, but since I’m land-locked over here, I can’t really attest to that blush claim. But I do think they’ll last in hot sweaty weather that’s for sure.

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Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé faded stain

As I blush fiend, I feel the need to say whether the Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé  blushes are a must have. I have a hard time saying that any makeup product is a must have. But this is a case of something old has become something new, so if you are too young to remember when these moussey blushes came out, it’s worth a try! It’s a really different blush experience. Not like a cream blush at ALL. It’s like blush air. 

If you are lucky enough, then you can find these lovelies at your Sephora! Otherwise, order them online  like I did.

Whaddaya’ think? Do you have one of these and love them? Or have you been afraid of all the gold shimmer like I was? Honestly, don’t be. It just translates to a really pretty, healthy glow!

  • Man, from the swatch I was going to be like, …yikes, but it is so beautiful on the cheek! There I go again, judging by first swatch.

    • I was too every time I saw them, and even when I swatched them in the US! I think these are worth one for sure!

  • Hey Tracy, I’m glad to hear you ended up liking it! I’ve been very hesitant, because they all seem pretty shimmery in the swatch! Kinda wonder how all that shimmer will look on my skin after a few hours in summer. I’d totally love to swatch them though!

    • The shimmer melts into cheeks actually, and that stain is what really stays. You can’t powder over top of them though, I learned that! I used an Hourglass Ambient light over top one day and the powder kind of sits on top of them. Weird.

  • Liz

    LMAO, I can see you in the Blush Fortress, ironing all those great sayings on T-shirts. I think they’ll sell well enough to fund that wheelchair, lololol. Thanks for the shout-out and so glad you like it! I think it looks great!

    • LOL!! I want one of those DELUXE Wheelchairs, so oh yeah! I’m gonna get Marky to deign them. She said she’ll do it so YUP!!

  • This couldn’t have come at a better time because I just ordered one in the shade Fig / Opal about 20 minutes ago, and was nervous but not anymore!

    • Wahoo!! I hope you like it! I was thinking about that shade as well, since it looked more neutral, but decided on coral.

  • How pretty! Gives such a lovely glow. I have this in the Raspberry/Opal shade and truly adore it. Blush fiends unite 🙂

  • So much pretty!!! Really brings the Aussie summer glow to your cheeks!

  • Glow, girl. GLLOOOOOWWWWWW! And I love that you don’t give into hype, but you do give into peer pressure! 😛

  • Blush air! That sounds amazing. Also, count me in on those t-shirts! haha, this is really gorgeous and I love the staining effect!

    • Yeah-so mousey and like nothing there!
      I’m gonna get Marky to design them for sure! Stay tuned!

  • Oooh! Too gold for me, but WOW is this ever pretty.

    • Thanks Rae!I think you could rock the Lychee one for sure! I thought they were too gold too, but it looks good on the skin!

  • “Blush air”?! Well, sonofa! Now I “need” one! This is the shade I would purchase if I was one to have a mental wish list going at all times (guilty!). This review kicked all kinds of arse pipe, btw. I want one of those t-shirts, and I DEF want you to beauty blog it until you’re in your 90’s!

  • Efrain

    Look at your mail! Also: it’s a shame I can only buy Becca online, although I think it’s too shimmery for my taste.

    • HAHAHA I did! It’s shimmery, that’s for sure! But on your skin it would be lovely!
      I’m going to get Marky to design us shirts for sure! THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD. 😀

  • Your closing line describing these as blush air has me interested because sometimes cream blushes are just a little too much for me – mmmm…. I think I might just “need” one of these too!!

    • Yeah, it feels like NOTHING. It’s really weird, and you keep thinking you need to apply more because you can’t feel it LOL!!

  • Toya

    Haha like the throw-back to the Kate Moss comment…I read about that dude and his t-shirt this week and I’ve been thinking of that comment for days!

    Becca isn’t in store here either, boo! But how can I resist ordering a product that is like ‘blush air’??? LOL FRIG Tracy, you’ve done it – I’m going to order one! TOOT SWEET.

    • I remember that comment WAY back in the 90s when I worked for Weight Watchers. I thought it originally came from a weight loss doc, so I was surprised to hear she coined it. I still think she stole it from him 😛
      On you, these would be so AMAZING! The gold highlights with your skin tone!

  • Lisa Adams

    This is the review I’ve been waiting for! So pretty on you!.. Guava is the lightest (least pigmented) shade in the line, so it does require more build up for color, the more you add the more shimmer that comes with it. . . . . I think you look STUNNING! So glad your blind purchase was a success! You know I have lychee, and I am going back for more! Great pictures, great review!

    • :D:D You made me do it! Thanks for egging me on hahaha! I’m getting Lychee for sure! You’ve made me want them all now LOL!!
      And thank you! xoxo

  • Lisa Adams

    Forgot to comment on how awesome and glowy your skin looked! 🙂

  • Ahh Tracy, you have to be KIDDING me. I thought these were a pass because they are way too glowy to look pretty but DAMN. They are perfect on you. So radiant. YASSS I want them!

    • Hahahaha thanks! I think you’d LOVE the glow Geekz! You should get the Watermelon one!

  • That glowy effect on you, I love it! It really looks so beautiful.

  • Gaelle

    Want want want, Becca is near impossible to find in shops here, have to order online. This looks amazinf on you!

  • this seemed super metallic when i swatched it in store, but perhaps that was because the testers were pretty well used? I don’t know. This looks awesome on you and is making me rethink it lol

    • LOL hahaha, they are really shiny that’s for sure. I just got the Lychee one and OMG. I like it even more than this one!

      • oooh. LOl. maybe the tester was packed in or dried up and thats why it wasn’t what i expected. IDK. it looks super on you!

  • Love it! It looks good on you! I wonder if It will be okay with my fair complexion. What do you think? 🙂

    Your New visitor,
    #WomanInDigital <3