Make Up Forever Aqua Matic Review-Iridescent Pop Purple I-90

I was SO excited for the release of the Make Up Forever Aqua Matic Pencils($25)! My excitement even made the lovely MUFE PR laugh as my email conveyed my excitement really well I think. Lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!!! does that. 😀 I’m a huge fan of Make Up Forever’s Aqua Collection, as they are one of the few things in this makeup world that will last on my unbelievably oily lids. The Aqua Creams have been a staple for me ever since they were released. And I have two of the Make Up Forever Aqua Shadow Pencils I picked up on Boxing Day for a steal and use all the time. They stay put, and that’s what I need.

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic.jpg

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic Iridescent Pop Purple I-90

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic is an eye shadow pencil that is supposed to just glide on and stays put no matter what. The formula contains silica to apply easily onto the eyelid and it won’t transfer. They are highly-pigmented, waterproof, smudge-free and have intense pigmentation. I love that they are a retractable twist-up pencil with a built in sharpener on the end. Makes them easy to travel with!

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic.jpg

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic Iridescent Pop Purple I-90

Swatchy Time!!

 Make Up Forever Aqua Matic.jpg

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic Iridescent Pop Purple I-90

Yup! That’s a pretty purple alrighty! I’d say that the Make Up Forever Aqua Matic is creamier than the Aqua Shadows(the old pencils). You have a bit more time to blend these new ones before they set. But, it’s kind of patchy when you try to blend it(at least this purple one) across the eye. 🙁 I tried a few times to try and get a nice, soft blended smoky purple eye look before I gave up. And then, I had a makeup revelation. You know what Make Up Forever Aqua Matic pencils are PERFECT for?  A really, graphic, mod eye look. And OH BOY do I like that. Bold, graphic 60s eyes should make a comeback I say. Sometimes, I feel like to hell with all that freakin’ blending and blending of powder eyeshadows, brushes, primers…makes me not wanna wear eyeshadows most of the time and truthfully, I don’t. Especially in the summer. But this? So much easier. And I think it’s pretty darn cool looking too.

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic .jpg

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic .jpg

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic

Ok, eye close-up time. Oh and in case you’re wondering, that mint green liner is NARS Barrow Street Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner, which is kind of a necessity if you wanna channel some 60s Mod looks in my opinion. Check my original review and look HERE.

I’m going to warn you here: If you love perfection, then this kind of look probably isn’t for you. But if you are like me, and enjoy having some fun with makeup, then as Flint Lockwood says:

Join Me.  😀


I love that movie. Still haven’t seen the second one, but this weekend it’s on the Movie Channel so I’m super excited!

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic.jpg

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic Iridescent Pop Purple I-90

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic Eyes.jpg

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic Iridescent Pop Purple I-90

Not perfect, but FUN. Sure, you could use some eyeshadow and clean up the edges and make it perfect but pffft…let it go is what I say and tend to do lately. Elsa is right. But, if a strong, bold graphic eye still scares you, then the Make Up Forever Aqua Matic pencils do make a really awesome eyeliner. And oh yeah, they stay put no matter what. They really do! Find them at Sephora now!

Whaddaya think? Do you love wearing a strong, bold graphic eye look? 60s Mod is my FAVOURITE Makeup look of the past. What’s yours? The 40s? 50s? And do you ever wear that look in your everyday makeup?

*product sent by the lovely PR for review, 60s Mod thoughts are mine as always. And boy, do I need to pick up a pea-coat now. Or some go-go boots. White, just like my typing teacher had. Yeah TYPING teacher. In grade nine, I actually had a typing class can you believe it? I AM OLD. But this teacher was MAGNIFICENT. She wore mini skirts, even though she was well passed the age for them. She wore her long, dark hair in this gargantuan bun and right before the bell rang at 3:15pm, she’d zip on these white, leather go-go boots to go home. I often wondered where she went after school… 😀 probably some cage-dancing parties, hey?

  • Whoaaa what a fun look, Tracy!!! Sorry to hear it’s patchy as a base though. I wonder if it’s just the purple or the formula in general. Purples are so hard to get right!

    • I wonder too. Purples are so tough. It would be fine as a base under a shadow and that would clean it up, but I didn’t want to do that for the post.

  • Wowza, the purple and light green combo is amazing! I have not tried graphic looks and would still blend in quickly with a clean brush, but this intense mod colors inspire me. 🙂

  • Auuurghhh so many feelings about that eye look. I don’t love the patchiness of the purple, but your eye makeup skillz are BOMB!!!

    • Yeah, I know I wish it worked better! But it you put purple shadow on top to clean it up then Bazinga! It’s good. I wanted to show just the pencil.
      Thanks Geekz! That means a lot! coming from you xo

  • Gaelle

    A typing class!!?? Wow! I had a class to teach us how to use the internet back in 1999!And hurray for crazy 60s mod looks, you look fabulous!

    • I KNOW!! Ahahaha there was no internet for me LOL!! The first MACS were at school the year I graduated. And I think the school had 2 of them LOL. The other computer was the size of a freezer chest HAHAHA!

  • Holy crap this is amazing! I have Barrow Street too and never know how to use it.

    • Thanks! Yeah, it’s great for mod looks like this! Even just normal cat eye look with black at the lash line looks great!

  • Liz

    I have one of the old pencils and wanted to grab more before they switched, but it appears that I am too late! I like that we don’t have to sharpen anymore but not crazy about the change in texture. Hrm. Purples don’t really do it for me but I’m loving the mint on you!

  • This is such a beautiful and quirky look! Love it! I haven’t tried the new Aqua Matic pencils, but did like the old ones alot, might have to see if these one can become a new eyelining pencil staple.

    • Hahaha thanks!
      I liked the old ones a lot too. I hope the other shades aren’t so patchy!

  • love the look!!

  • Wow, this is such a stunning plummy shade and the graphic shape you created looks amazing 🙂

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  • Toya

    POW! KABLOW! That look is so awesome Tracy!!! I want to try it toot sweet! But I’m working at Clinique this AM and I’m not sure it’s a ‘Clinique’ type of look, sadly 🙁 Maybe afterward – I AM going out to dinner 🙂

    I got the shade ME-50, a bronzy-taupe, and I am loving to SO MUCH! It blends pretty well and looks so pretty and perfect for summer, I wear it more than any other shadow I own now – and it’s making me wear shadow more and a whole! This purple is a gorgeous shade, too bad it doesn’t blend well but clearly you’re making it looks amazing anyway!

    • Hahaha thanks Toya!
      I think these pencils vary on how well they blend that’s for sure. Purples are always so temperamental. I’d love to try a bronzy taupe one for sure!

  • Ok, this is REALLY fun! I love what you put together and how different and FUN it is. Also, your typing teacher sounded awesome. Go go boots are the coolest!! I think my makeup is typically most reflective of the early 70’s. Fairly natural with a love for the occasional molten eyeshadow and glossy lips. I also love a good 90’s earth toned look grounded by a brown-based lipstick – which I could NOT wear AT ALL with the blonde hair! I looked like I belonged in the Insane Clown Posse.

    • Thanks! I love the 70s too. You know, I didn’t wear much makeup in the 90s, so I missed out on all the brown lipsticks. I should try it now, hey?

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