Clarins Colours Of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact

I’m pretty dang sure that Clarins comes out with the PRETTIEST bronzers every summer. And this year’s Clarins Colours Of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact($42) is no exception! This year, the bronzer has a Brazilian bracelet imprint on the case and I love it. It looks almost like Ukrainian embroidery if you ask me.

Clarins Colours Of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact.jpg

Clarins Colours Of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact

Right? It’s totally like my Ukie blouses I had to wear for every occasion, concert, major holiday… yeah…MEMORIES. This bronzer brings back such memories I’m tellin’ ya…

Ok, now here’s the gorgeous matching inside that echoes that Brazilian bracelet(or Ukrainian embroidery) :

Clarins Colours Of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact.jpg

Clarins Colours Of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact

Clarins Colours Of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact contains two Clarins complexes to bronze your skin flawlessly, and you know what? I have to agree. First, there’s a Mineral Sunlight Complex that’s composed of mineral pigments to naturally warm the skin up. And then there’s also the Light-Optimizing Complex that contains soft-focus pigments with pearls that optically minimize lines and imperfections for a luminous, radiant complexion. That little gold section is the only part of the bronzer that has sparkles. The rest of it is matte. The powder is also enriched with skin loving plant ingredients like crowberry and white tea to moisturize and protect skin against free radicals and pollution. I mean, hello. It’s Clarins. There’s ALWAYS gonna’ be some great plant skin loving ingredients in their products! And yes, even in their makeup. They don’t just put the good stuff in their skincare like other brands do.


Clarins never compromises.

Swatchy Time!

Clarins Colours Of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact.jpg

Clarins Colours Of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact

Uggh, I’m telling you-there’s nothing like a Clarins bronzer people. You HAVE to get one. I can’t stress how GOOD they are. The powder is just so fine, so soft, so supple, so…PERFECT. A Clarins bronzer was the first bronzer that stole my heart, so I STILL gravitate towards them. I know a lot of seasoned makeup junkies go all gaga for Guerlain bronzers, but not me. Clarins captures my bronzer lovin’ heart every year.

Clarins Colours Of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact.jpg

Clarins Colours Of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact

Hey?? I look like I’ve been basking in the sun, right? NOPE. You know, I hate the sun truth be told. I’d rather live in a cloudy, rainy climate for the REST OF MY NATURAL LIFE. Some people, including members of my family get S.A.D.D. in the winter because of the lack of sun. Me? BRING IT ON I SAY. Doesn’t bother me one bit to not see the sun for months and months. But? BUT?  I do like the look of sun on ma’ pasty face I have to say. I know, that’s horrible. But with this Clarins Colours Of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact I don’t HAVE to hurt my skin to get that look. The powder blends so seamlessly and beautifully that my “tan” looks natural. Bye bye sun. Who need you when I have my Clarins Colours Of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact? Not this sun-hating chick!

You can find this beautiful Clarins Colours Of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact wherever Clarins is sold in Canada like The Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, or even online HERE. It’s worth picking up!

So, what brand makes YOUR favourite bronzer? I do think we all gravitate to the brand that made a product that wowed us the first time, don’t you? 

*product sent by the lovely PR, but thoughts are mine as always!

  • You look gorgeous and I am with you on the Clarins bronzers – along with the Chanel Les Beiges powders they are some of my faves.

    Emma | Fluff and Fripperies

  • First: it also looks like Mexican embroidery.

    Second: I love the sun but I don’t like to be under it, so I’m always in the shadows, but here we have sun almost 365 days so it’s inevitable to take sun.

    Third: I’m still thinking about using bronzers because I’m already tan, and in Mexico they think like Asians and prefer paler skin.

  • Gosh, I am tempted by Clarins bronzers every season and this one is no exception! Gives you such a pretty glow 🙂

  • I have never bought a Clarins bronzer – shame on me I guess!! Your face looks absolutely gorgeous and no sign of an orange tint at all!! I’m into Physicians Formula Bronzers – they’re my fave (and inexpensive!).

    • Thanks Jenny! That means a lot coming from you! xo
      You know, I’ve never tried a PF bronzer! I should do that!

  • Eeeep, so pretty, Tracy! You are positively glowing!! It doesn’t even look like you’re wearing a bronzer. I don’t know how to say this, but you just look so good! ;D

  • Efrain

    WTF! In the morning I wrote a comment but not in Disqus and now it isn’t *sigh* so here es again:

    First: it also looks like Mexican embroidery.

    Second: I’m still on the fence about bronzer because I’m tan and in Mexico many have the think of the paler the better so we don’t see many bronzers.

    • Hahaha, yeah, I’m sorry! My fault on that. I upgraded my Disquis, but forgot to enable it last night DOH.
      Mexico too, hey? Staying out of the sun is the important message, so I think bronzers are a good option to add some warmth to skin. But if you are darker, I know-it’s hard to find a bronzer that does that.

      • Efrain

        In fact the reason I don’t like staying in the sun it’s because aging and dark spots; and also I have many moles and freckles so it’s better to stay the less I can under the sun (in Mexico that isn’t easy).

        I’ll try to use it, I think the healthy glow it’s sometimes necessary when you look really yellow.

  • Gorgeous!! I’ve been wanting to try a Clarins bronzer for awhile now, they always look so natural and beautiful, and this one certainly gives you a perfect radiance!

    • Thanks!! They are such a nice powder! I think they make better powders than Guerlain actually!

  • I don’t have much from Clarins, but this bronzer looks so so pretty!!

  • TRACY!!! Why you gotta be so damn gorgeous, huh? This bronzer is beautiful! And you look glowing! I really love the eye and lip color you’ve worn with it too. Just PERF!

  • hahah cloudy rainy climate? move to vancouver, friend! its less cold at least 😛 i’m not a fan of the sun either. i’m slapping on the sunscreen here in toronto.

    this bronzer looks so pretty!! and i echo @delightedlaura:disqus’s sentiments.

    • I WISH DUDE. Housing there is just so $$$$$$$$$$
      I’m thinking Ireland. Or Scotland actually LOL. Somewhere where there’s only sheep hahaha!

      • welp both those places will offer you the same soul-seeping rain and cold so you`re on the right track! 🙂

  • Emma Bovary

    This looks so gorgeous, a great shade for paler skin tones too! Clarins sure do know how to rock the embossed powder!

  • Liz

    So this isn’t that different from their permanent line? I wish then that the LEs would have more colours or sparkles or something, lol. Clarins is such a makeup underdog but SO SO GOOD.

    • Yeah, I don’t think it is actually. Just ‘prettier’ design-wise. I agree, most of their makeup is really good!

  • Gaelle

    I;m still a Laguna girl! I never really look at Clarins but feel like I’m missing out!

  • You look fabulous, Tracy! I really like your eye liner, too! What is it?

    • Thanks! It’s the New Benefit one coming out this week. I’ve been testing it out. It’s…ok. 😉

  • Awwww, thanks Amy! xoxo That means a lot!

    I haven’t had chance to check the Lancome out in person, but from pics I can tell it’s beautiful!

  • You’re absolutely right. Clarins makes some of the best bronzers out there. Beautiful in the pan and in quality.

  • This is gorgeous! You look like you’ve just returned from St. Tropez! Totally believable color in the prettiest compact EVER. I love Clarins. They might be the only brand ever that I’ve loved every product I’ve ever bought from them. That never happens! They are awesome!

    • Thanks boo! Yeah, they’re pretty good! I don’t like everything I try, but most things!