Swatches Of My Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blushes

Happy Sunday everyone! Just a quick post today! Some lovelies had asked me to swatch my four Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blushes #225, #330, #410, #510, so here you are!

My Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blushes.jpg

My Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blushes

Don’t look too closely at the next picture, as they look kind of…well…used haha! But as I’ve said before, they are my Holy Grail blushes and get used pretty much every day!

My Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blushes.jpg

My Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blushes #225, #330, #410, #510

Holy Grail Swatchy Time!

My Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blushes.jpg

My Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blushes #225, #330, #410, #510


I love them all! I adore the formula so much and wold love to get a few more, and I just might. Or not. I do think I have a perfect blush wardrobe with these shades, so I’m in no hurry to pick up more at the moment. Which one do I suggest as a shade that everyone would like? Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream #410 looks absolutely amazing on the cheeks. It’s bright and fun and perfect for summer!  #225 is lighter and pretty, but not as bright as #410 so that’s another great starter one too.

So? Have I convinced you yet to pick up a Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush?

  • Thanks, Tracy! I think I actually don’t have anything like #225 – most of my blushes are more intense, lol. I like them a lot!

    • You are most welcome!! I think #225 would be perfect for you!

    • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

      Most welcome!!! That one would be gorgeous on you and I think you’d love this formula a lot!

  • I love #225 too, but I’m pretty sure I have something similar – it’s pretty much a quintessential Monika shade 😀

  • Efrain

    You’re a bad person and are trying to tempt me with more than one MUFE blush, but a good new is that I have half the price of one blush 😀

  • Droolz at your awesome collection! I have and love 220, and also got the 330, but its still on backorder and the shipment’s taking forever ;(
    I’m really wanting the 510 now, you enabler! ;D

  • Yes! Convinced! #225 will be mine 🙂 Thanks!

  • Oh, I was waiting for this! 🙂
    More than anything, I’m happy for you. You know lately I’m big on finding “the right formula” in my makeup. For now, I think NARS powder blushes perform best on me, but MUFE cream blush would be my next cream blush purchase. (Yup, you have done it, of course!) 😉

    • Yay!! NARS blushes are really good I agree! I like them a lot for powders. And thanks! It’s such great feeling to find a product that works well on you, isn’t it?

  • rachlovespenguins

    LOL if that’s the state of your used blush, you don’t even want to see what my compact looks like! On one hand I’m going to be very excited when I hit pan (It’s gonna be only the second blush I’ve used completely in my entire life!) but on the other, I’ll be all “WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S GONE ALREADY?!?!?” hahahahaha
    And then I’ll buy another one. Or more likely by that point I’ll have another one (or two….) just waiting in the wings because who wants to be completely out of the best blush ever? Not this girl.

  • Sh*t! I love ’em all too! Especially 410. I wish I had seen these before I placed my last MUFE order. Would have saved me shipping cost 🙂

  • wwaannnttss (ooo noticed you switched from disqus? was it giving you troubles?)

  • Jen

    Yay- thanks for the swatches! I’ve heard nothing but good things about these, so it’s nice to see them in action. Liking the vibrant coral shade especially 🙂

  • Liz

    I wiiiiiillllllllllll – just waiting until I can grab five at the same time, hahaha. I think #410 and #510 are definitely contenders. And that eye-popping orange that’s the last shade #, whatever it is.

  • Gaelle

    Want want want! #410 is my kind of colour! I might pick one up next time I’m over in France,

  • Toya

    SIgh. I love them all, Tracy! I do love #410 but for some reason I’ve been ‘off’ coral shades – I think I overdid it awhile back and now I think I can’t buy any more! But I just might swatch it to be sure… 😉

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