Davines Smoothing Shampoo And Conditioner Really Tames the Frizz!

Davines is a family-owned hair care brand that’s based in Parma, Italy of all places! My salon here in Edmonton, Alberta has hair care from Italy dudes. How cool is that? Pretty dang cool I say!

Davines’ Smoothing products are specifically formulated for harsh and frizzy, undisciplined hair. HELLO!  That’s ME! They gently cleanse hair, respecting its natural structure and making it easy to comb. Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo moisturizes and nourishes my hair deep down, leaving my hair smooth, silky and shiny. And frizz? Whazzat? Have no idea any more…

Davines Smoothing Shampoo And Conditioner.jpg

Davines Smoothing Shampoo And Conditioner

Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo contains Indian fig extract that has extreme moisturizing action, Olive amphoacetate  that’s a gentle cleansing agent, and Olive oil that’s one of the best emollient agents around. There’s also rice proteins  in there to protect the hair from damage. A creamy, rich treatment specifically formulated for harsh and frizzy hair, Davines LOVE Smoothing Conditioner nourishes and moisturizes frizzy hair, leaving an exceptionally smooth effect. My hair is so soft and shiny! It has Borage seed oil that protects the hair and rice wax to nourish and prevent dehydration. And that’s key if you have frizzy hair like mine. If it’s well hydrated, then it won’t want to suck up any moisture it can detect in the air and get BIG. And frizzy too. Hydration is the key! Plus I love the tub container. I can use every last drop of product.

These are just some of the Davines products that my hair salon in Edmonton, Vivid Image Studio use and if you love natural, organic hair care products, then you should really check out the line and what they have to offer! These two products control frizzy hair like no other I’ve encountered. My hair stays SMOOVE baby when I do use them! They are a tad heavy though, so I have to wash my hair every other day, but hey! That’s no big deal for me, since these products have no Sodium Lauryl Sulfates at all. I don’t have to worry about washing my hair often with Davines. Perfect for days that I exercise, which is pretty much every other day actually! I don’t know about you, but if I sweat? I must wash my hair. I can’t stand sweaty head. But Davines is made for colour-treated hair and won’t affect your salon hair colour, so YAY for that!

Here’s a list of Salons that carry Davines! Check it out!

Do you have frizzy hair? What do you use to control the frizz?

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  • Thankfully, frizz is not one of my hair woes. My hair just kind of fluffs out, but not in a frizzy way, LOL. AND I’M GOING TO CUT IT THIS WEEKEND AND I’M SO FLIPPING EXCITED, TRACY.

    • LUCKY. They have other kinds of course, all of which are pretty dang awesome I have to say.
      HAHAHA, so happy for you! Easy hair is my mantra and good for you for doing what’s right for YOU!

  • Frizzy girls say hey.. I am certainly looking into this. Ive always wanted to try this brand and also.. its pink!

  • I’ve not noticed you have frizzy hair, but if this is the reason, then Wow!! Liking their minimalist packaging too!

    • Yeah I do! It’s ok here at home as we have such dry air here on Alberta. But as soon as I leave her and go some where more humid? FRIZZ.

  • Love the minimalistic packaging and the formulas sound like an absolute treat! xo

  • Gaelle

    My ‘natural’ hair is super frizzy, might look for products with olive oil!

  • I’m happy this brand is available locally to me. Some of the packaging is excellent. I really like the shampoo with birds and if I’m able to find it, I’ll get it based on this alone.

  • Toya

    We carry this at a local salon and I tried the Love Conditioner and liked it quite a bit! However, unlike you I’m not sure I’m a fan of the tub packaging – kind of bulky in the shower. I meant to try other items from the brand but I stopped going to that salon a while back and forgot all about it! I might have to revisit…

    • I love the tub! I just scoop up what I need-the end haha.
      Yes! I did have sample packs of other products and they were ALL good!