New! Avon Elements Hypoallergenic Cleansers for Sensitive Skin!

I don’t get that excited about cleansers anymore to be honest. I’m really married to my Vichy ProEVEN Cleanser. It’s my FAVE. Doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, does a good job at cleansing, isn’t drying, is foamy…so why stray, right? Oh sure, I’ll try and test out other cleasers, but most of them I don’t keep on using and go back to my trusted Vichy.

But put some Edelwiess Extract infusion in a cleanser, and I am HOOKED I tell ya.

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Avon Elements Nourishing Cleansing Milk Avon Elements Refining Scrub and Mask

I loved the other Avon Elements Skin Care cleansers released last year and used them all up, just never replaced them. But these two cleansers? I’ll be stocking up on for sure.

Avon Elements Refining Scrub and Mask.jpg

Avon Elements Refining Scrub and Mask

Avon Elements Refining Scrub and Mask($7.99) is so, SO good. If you have sensitive, break-out prone skin like I do, then you know it’s really hard to find a clay-based scrub or mask that won’t KILL your face. This one cleans, exfoliates, purifies but doesn’t hurt or dry out sensitive skin. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My pores have never looked so clean! So worth the money! You can use it just as a regular cleanser, or leave it on as a mask to really give your pores a good cleaning. I’m really enjoying it a lot!

Avon Elements Nourishing Cleansing Milk.jpg

Avon Elements Nourishing Cleansing Milk

Avon Elements Nourishing Cleansing Milk($7.99) is a great, simple no-fuss milky cream cleanser. I prefer a foamy cleanser like my Vichy and will never stop using it, but when my skin get really dry and irritated I switch to a cream cleanser. This one is nourishing and leaves skin refreshed and soft. It’s nice! I used to like the Cérave Cream Cleanser when my skin was irritated, but this Avon one is SO much better. It feels more…natural and not so weirdly thick. It leaves no film on my skin either, which is something that bothered me about the Cérave one. This is one I’ll be stocking up on when I run out as well.

I love when I find something new in skincare that makes me add it to my loves! Especially when it’s from Avon. I think they make pretty great skincare, and the ANEW line will always be on my faves list. These two cleansers are really great and worth a look I say! My info says they’re available in July, but most of the time Avon tends to release products sooner than the PR info given, so keep your eyes out and try them!

Do you prefer foamy? Or Creamy Face Cleansers? What cleanser do you use when you’re skin gets irritated and sensitive? 

*products sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always!

  • Suzan

    I’ve been trying a few of the newer Avon products lately and enjoying them, but for my cleanser I use the oil cleansing method. It really cleans and leaves my skin soft. Keeping wrinkles at bay is my priority now!

  • I usually find foaming ones a bit stripping, but the OH one that I’ve been using has started to becoming drying, as well. Time for something new, I guess 😛

  • Donna

    Hi everyone! I have both these products and really like them a lot; especially the refining scrub/mask. I like the fine grain it has and the fact that it’s not rough like sand paper. The cleansing milk is great for removing makeup too. I hope Avon keeps these in the lineup!

  • Liz

    I have so many cleansers right now that I can’t be looking at any new ones. The scrub/mask one sounds nice though!