My Fourth Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #510 Raspberry

You could say I have a Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush addiction. Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #510 Raspberry is my fourth one. Yup, fourth.

Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #510 Raspberry.jpg

Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #510 Raspberry

Swatchy Time!

Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush  #510 Raspberry.jpg

Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #510 Raspberry

It’s the perfect raspberry blush! Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #510 Raspberry is the colour my cheeks turn when I’ve been out in the sun all day. I know, it looks really pigmented and scary but it isn’t! I just dab my trusty Sonia Kashuk No.17 Blush Brush, and start blending onto the cheeks. Because Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blushes are lighter than a traditional cream blush, the formula just melts into skin perfectly and seamlessly. Seriously, it just looks like your cheeks are naturally that colour.

Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #510 Raspberry.jpg

wearing Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #510 Raspberry, on my lips is Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick #11 Rose Desire in case you were wondering

Now that I have Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #510 Raspberry, I have a perfect wardrobe of blush shades with the formula. I also have #330 which is a cool-toned rosy plum, #410 coral, and #225 a peachy pink. For me, these are THE BEST BLUSHES I’ve ever used. I don’t think I’ve really ever called a blush holy grail, but my Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blushes? ARE. As a blush fiend, I tend to have blush ADD. All of them appeal to me. But not anymore. I really only use these exclusively now, and have pretty much ignored most of my blushes. And when I do wear another blush, it just ends up reminding me why I love these and why they’re just so much better than any blush I own.

So, have you declared any products to be Holy Grails recently? What are they?

  • A raspberry that’s actually a raspberry, love! I never thought I’d be into cream blushes, but gimme all the glow lately! I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say HG on anything lately, but as far as creamy products go I’m really digging the Becca Beach Tints.

    • Those are pretty great too! I used to take them every vacation, but these? Stay put just as well as they do!

  • It is a stunning color on you! BEAUTIFUL!
    It totally makes sense having more colors if you’re happy with the formula. I weigh that aspect more when I think about buying more stuff. 🙂

    • Thanks my friend!!
      Me too. This is such a good formula for me, I hate using other blushes and I can’t believe I’m even saying that haha!

  • Liz

    Wow, this is serious! YOU GUYS ARE GOING STEADY. Lol, I don’t have an HG blush… too much of a flounderer. I guess if I had to pick one, I can go with NARS O but it seems so overdone at this point even just to bring it up.

  • Oh this thing is a beauty! I still have to check these out, but with your backing, I’m pretty much sold already! Lovely shade on you, Tracy!

  • High praise from a blush fiend! I haven’t tried these yet (I’m SO OFF MY GAME), but I’ll definitely look into it now. My issue with the HD blushes is that they dry out too quickly, but this looks super promising.

  • At first I was scared of how dark this colour was, but I LOVE it on you. It’s so beautiful and I love that you now have a “wardrobe” of blushes, because everyone needs a different blush for every day of the month (riggghttt?)

    • I know, me too! I bought it on a prayer that’s for sure haha! Thanks! And dude, I have a blush for every day of 2 MONTHS probably if I wore all that I had. Which is sad that I ignore all the others now. Might have to have a BLUSH BLOG SALE.

  • I’ve heard such great things about these- glad you’re loving them too! This shade is super pretty on you 🙂

  • TRACY can you swatch all of them for us, please? 😀 *puppy eyes* I think I should get one.

  • This color is gorgeous! I love the one I have, and definitely want more.

  • That is one gorgeous colour and looks beautiful on you!! I’m gonna need this in my life! Loved their older cream blush in the pump tube, and their new ones are amazing too, come to think of it, MUFE has quite a few products I keep handy at all times.

    • Ya know, I HATED the tube ones. They seemed so lifeless to me. Had one and never wore it. But these? HOLY SO MUCH LOVE.

  • dowantmakeup

    Ahh all these MUFE blush posts are killing me. This one is especially gorgeous!

  • Efrain

    And now you make me wonder if these ones are better than NARS’ because I want to save money for a good blush but know I need your opinion as a blush fiend and also take in mind that I have oily cheeks.

    • I think these would work for oily cheeks too, as they kind of become a powder finish on the cheeks.

      • Efrain

        So MUFE or NARS?

      • LOL UGGGGH to be safe, I’d say NARS. It’s a powder so, probably better.

      • Efrain

        I think I need to look at them at the store, but MUFE blushes ARE CHEAPER so probably I’ll end with one instead of waiting a little more to buy a NARS one.

      • hahaha yes, do look in person. I do think the MUFE ones you’d love. And you know, they DO make powder blushes actually. And they are REALLY nice. I have one, and it’s kind of amazing for a powder blush!

  • Okay. I have officially decided I need one of these. If they are HG for you and you have more than one, I think I should take the plunge. Now to decide on the shade!!

    • You do!! I’m going to swatch the four I have soon here, so that should help! It’s a good range of shades I think.

  • It looks so much more wearable and less bold than I thought it would. I hrhrlrlrlrlove it!

  • OMG this colour is so beautiful. I haven’t tried any of their cream blushes, but I think I need to.

  • Jayne

    I just bought my third. These are fantastic and now you have given me a FOURTH one to buy because it looks absolutely lovely on you!

    • YAY!!! Another ‘FOURTHER” HAHAHAHA. I wanna get a bronzy one now I think! I just love how every shade I buy WORKS, even though I’m loads paler than some shades are meant for. Genius formula!

  • rachlovespenguins

    I’ve worn 320 just about every day for the last two months so I’m definitely ready to call this formula HG. 510 and 520 are both on my wishlist.
    I’m also becoming pretty impressed with my new Dior mascara. While I’d hate to have such an expensive staple item on my favourites list, I’ve got to go with whatever it is that my eyes decide is wearable. I can totally use that as an excuse to purchase the purple one now, right? Hahaha

    • Right? SO GOOD. I can barely stand the rest of my blushes LOL!
      And I know. Me too. It doesn’t bother me as well. I tried a Mally mascara the other day, and I LOVED the effect, but today???? MY EYES ARE LEAKING HORRIBLY AND IT HURTS SO MUCH. FML.

      • rachlovespenguins

        It’s ridiculous isn’t it? Why does mascara hate us so much?!?!?!?!?

  • Lisa Adams

    Beautiful. I have this in #420, but want more. Since you are a blush addict PLEASE tell me Becca’s new Beach Tint Souffle is on your radar. It is sublime! I like to apply mine with a stippling brush. It TRULY does what the much touted (but highly disappointing IMHO) Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush was supposed to do. Can not wait for your thoughts!

    • Really? I’m kind of scared of them hahaha! They look so metallic! But if you say they are that good, then I guess I should try one! Which one do you recommend?

      • Lisa Adams

        I bought lychee/opal described as a bubblegum pink. In reality the opal warms the pink to a peachy/pink. Best in beauty has done nice swatches for us fair skinned beauties! (I’m NC20). The guava is quite light. For some reason the raspberry looked brown/muddy on me, but if you look at the swatch at the blog mentioned above, it’s gorgeous on her and y’all are so close in coloring, (i think). So maybe you’re a raspberry girl? Temptalia, and Best things in Beaty also did swatches (I think) but those lagies are considerably darker than us and things but the pics were good. My pic is from Fijii with a DARK tan. Not my normal alabaster self! 🙂

      • Hmmm, ok so I think I’ll try the lychee one you have then! Can’t go wrong with peachy pink I say haha! Sometimes raspberry tones can make me look TOO flushed, if ya’ know what I mean. Thanks for enabling me Lisa hahahaha! 😉

      • Lisa Adams

        We beauty addicts have to look out for each other! 🙂

      • We DO!! I ordered 2 LOL. The lychee and the Guava one-I couldn’t decide!

  • WAHOO!! It’s amazing when you find a product that just DOES it for you, hey?

  • Lily

    I was at Sephora the other day but didn’t get to swatch these! My in laws were with me and it felt weird having them to wait while I played with colours like a kid. UGH! That’s why I prefer to shop alone >_<

    • Hahahaha, I was like that once in Seattle with my brother around. Me too-I like shopping ALONE too.

  • Gaelle

    Holy Grail blush? Coming from a blush fiend, that is quite the statement. My only holy grail is NYX Taupe for contouring I think, it’s the only one where I’m not interested in seeing what’s out there.

  • My HG cream blush is the one from Chanel. I love its formula! But I’m also curious about these MUFE ones.

  • Emma Bovary

    I have to have one. HG from you? Let’s go MUFE