Avon Extra Lasting Creamy Eye Shadow Ink in Infinite Teal and Gold Gleam

I am FOREVER on the hunt for a cream eyeshadow that stays put all day on my ridiculously oily eyelids. Sometimes it feels like EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY.

Well not today son! I think I finally found something that lasts!

Avon Extra Lasting Creamy Eye Shadow Ink .jpg

Avon Extra Lasting Creamy Eye Shadow Ink in Infinite Teal and Gold Gleam

Avon Extra Lasting Creamy Eye Shadow Ink in Infinite Teal and Gold Gleam ($9 each) are crease-proof, sweat-proof and waterproof too. They were like IRON, even on my oilier than oily eyelids. There are 4 other shades, including one called Totally Taupe, and oh yeah! It’ll be mine hahaha!

Swatchy Time!

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Avon Extra Lasting Creamy Eye Shadow Ink in Infinite Teal and Gold Gleam

They blend fairly easily, although they do set rather quickly. After testing and trying so many cream eyeshadow formulas, I think that’s the key to longevity on oiler lids like mine. The faster they set, the better they last. And yeah, it’s a bit of a drawback when it comes to blending, but I’m willing to sacrifice blend time for longevity. You just gotta learn to move fast when ya’ blend! And that? I can do. I got the blending reflexes of a…what moves fast? Cat? Jackrabbit? Ostrich? :D:D One of those I guess, or whatever else that can MOOOOOVE baby! Take a looksy!


Avon Extra Lasting Creamy Eye Shadow Ink in Infinite Teal and Gold Gleam

Simple and not all that fancy, yet pretty hey?


Avon Extra Lasting Creamy Eye Shadow Ink in Infinite Teal and Gold Gleam

Not bad! I think the formula is pretty great, because they last all day on me. And since hardly anything does lately…SIGH… I’m giving these a huge thumbs up! I’ve been really looking hard at my makeup and taking note of products that last really well on my cursed lids for our huge road trip in August when we take Marky to college. We’ll be away for at least 3 weeks, so only products that last all day will be coming with me on the trip. These Avon Extra Lasting Creamy Eye Shadow Ink in Infinite Teal and Gold Gleam have made the cut! You can order them, plus the other 4 shades right now from your local Avon Rep, or online at www.avon.ca!

What’s YOUR favourite long lasting, bullet-proof cream eyeshadow? Please fill me in, as I’m really trying to make a list of what to pack for our trip! I know…even though it’s still 2.5 months away, I’m already thinking about what makeup to bring LOL. #onceamakeupjunkieALWAYSamakeupjunkie

*products sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always!


  • Hey Tracy, these are such summery shades! I wish they were a bit more pigmented, but I think they’d make a great base that aren’t over the top! Not all formulas stay put all day on me, but I have definitely found some that do. The MUFE Aqua Shadows are pretty indestructible!

    • I like the sheerness, makes the blue not so BLUE hahaha. Those stay for me too the MUFE ones.

  • Gold Gleam is gorgeous! Avon has come out with some very tempting products recently… 🙂

  • These look great!!! I’m glad you found something that stays put!! I’d definitely recommend the Josie Watercolor eyeshadows, but I’m not sure how travel friendly they would be for your long trip!

  • Ooh cool, your blog has a bit of a new design? 🙂
    I like the soft look of the yellow shade, actually. I hardly use a cream eyeshadow by itself, but tarte smolderEyes seems to last on its own. I just need to work quickly with them. 🙂

    • Umm, nope! I wish it did though haha. Getting tired of it.
      Yeah, quick is the way to go!

  • That teal looks gorgeous! I have to agree with you, the quick set creams stay put much longer. One that works well for me are the Laura Mercier cavier sticks, which takes a good 2nd go with micellar to be removed. In saying that, my lids have become much less oily since getting lasik, but I still need sweatproof stuff.

    • I wish those lasted for me, but they don’t either. 🙁 They’re so pretty it makes me sad.

  • I’m traveling and have been using 2 of the LE nude Color Tattoos from this past spring almost daily for simple eye looks. The Avon shadows sound great, and are still really affordable … I’ll be checking those out!

    • I have those too, and I like them! But they don’t last all day for me. These do. They’re knot as creamy as the Maybelline ones.

  • Liz

    Trakee, these look lovely on you! But life is so freeing without eye shadows! 😀

  • Woot woot for these two making the cut 😀 I bet they’re SO excited to join you on your trip.

  • Donna

    I have these and LOVE them. I use a cream shadow brush to apply and blend which, for me seems to work very nicely. They’re also great shades for summer ! : )

  • YOU FOUND EM? WHAT? You know me and my oily lids, lady! They are anathema to cream shadows! I do wish that they were more pigmented though.

    • They are, I just blended them out a lot. I didn’t want the blue to be really obvious, because it’s HELLA bright. 😀

  • Lily

    Oh I love the blue/teal 🙂 I haven’t been using much eye shadow lately, and when I do, I reach for neutrals…

  • Gaelle

    teal tastic! As a fellow oily lid sufferer, I like the MAC paintpots because they dry quickly and set and also the sephora jumbo pencil, liner things.