Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup

Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup($45) is a luminous, long-wear BB Cream. Yup. And yes, it truly is one of the more long-wearing BB Creams I’ve tried! The packaging is rather meh to be honest. It kinda’ lacks any kind of pizazz, right?

Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup.jpg

Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup

Especially with that DIN # plastered on the front there. I mean, kudos for you Estee Lauder in getting that DIN health number from Canada. Must have been a major FEAT since most brands just choose to cover up any SPF info with a sticker and call it a day. But you guys? You ROCK for filling out all them forms. But, call me crazy, I do think if you’re gonna launch ANOTHER FREAKIN’ BB CREAM in this over-saturated BB market, you need some PIZAZZ to stand out, right? This is kind of..I don’t know..ordinary? I don’t know. I’m just a chick who likes makeup, but sometimes I do think packaging lures me in, ya’ know? This one does not. It’s generic and a tiny bit…sad?

Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup has soft optical correctors- transparent, opalescent mica that deliver instant luminosity to the skin. GLOW BABY. And you know I like GLOW! It also has hyaluronic acid and glycerin to moisturize. Yes! Plus it’s made to last 8 hours, which is pretty great for a BB Cream I think. Most of them disappear on me way before 8 hours. This does not!

Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup.jpg

Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup

The shade 2 I was sent is a little dark for me, so I used some self tanner on my face and it’s a pretty perfect match now! God, I wish I was shade 2 naturally sometimes. Life would be so much easier when it comes to foundation matching. There are 8 shades available, which is pretty great for a BB Cream if you think about it. Most of them come in 3 shades at the most. I just gotta get my hands on shade 1 and that would make me a happy beauty blogger! Also, I live for the day when I’m NOT shade 1 in some foundation range. I think I’d have to sell the house and buy an RV. One with a shower for sure. And then park that RV down in Phoenix with all the other Canadians who live there. Give me a couple of years in that environment and I’d be shade 2 EASY.
Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup does a really great job of evening out my skin tone and correcting redness. Take a looksy!


*Nothing on my face, just the EL All Day Glow BB Cream, The rest of my makeup*

Yet it still looks quite natural on the skin, hey? It doesn’t look like I have a ton of foundation on my skin, which frankly I can’t stand in the summer. Actually that’s a lie. I can’t really stand heavy makeup at ANY TIME of the year, and prefer lighter coverage all of the time. Even if my skin is acting up. I’d much rather put extra concealer on spots than have to make a full coverage foundation look natural. But, that’s me….and I realize everyone is different! To each his/her own and power to you. 😀

No brush needed with this stuff, I just use my hands for BB Creams. It smooths on nicely, and doesn’t feel tacky at all like other glowy BB Creams. It dries down nicely, yet leaves a pretty, discreet glow to my face. Not anything glowy and obvious, just a HEYYYY GURLL you look NIIIICE kinda’ glow. And did I mention that Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup has SPF30 too? Because OH YEAH it does. And this old chick likes that.

I think Estee Lauder makes some pretty awesome BB creams. This is the second one I’ve tried, and actually the first one I bought I actually FINISHED. HELLO. I rarely finish off ANYTHING, so that’s something something right there, hey? I think Estee Lauder makes some of the best BB creams out there to be honest. If you’re in the market for one, please do look at their offerings!

Do you BB Cream? Or not? Or are you a hardcore foundation kinda’ gal? 

*product sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always. 😀


  • Sara Hawkins

    I use CC cream in summer and foundation in winter (when my skin is super dry and I need more coverage). I haven’t tried BB creams because it’s very hard to find one that is light enough for pale skin.

  • That’s not the first time I’ve heard someone say that about Phoenix — what is this magic allure of Arizona?

    PS: You look SO beautiful, you’re totally right that this is a nice light coverage! It’s like you’re wearing nothing at all!

    • Hahaha, I’m not sure, but EVERYONE here in Alberta loves it there. I guess because it’s dry, like here, so their winter is like our summer. So, it’s where Albertan snowbirds go. 😀 Plus, Alice Cooper lives there and has a restaurant hahaha! I’ve never been, but my hubby has been there for work for Hockey Night In Canada.
      THANK YOU! xo

  • rachlovespenguins

    Well call me crazy, but I’ve never found a BB I’ve liked enough to purchase! If I can tell right away from the packaging that it’s just a renamed watery tinted moisturiser, pass. If there’s no spf 30 or higher, pass. If there isn’t a shade for us ghostly people, pass… After that there isn’t much left. That’s not to say I won’t use a tinted moisturiser though- I do like the Nars one pretty well- but I don’t want a product that’s one thing while masquerading as another at a higher price level. That annoys me. And while the packaging leaves much to be desired, at least this product seems better than a lot of others, and they did go ahead and jump through all the hoops to maintain their spf rating. I used to use a good number of EL products so I might actually look at this one next time.

    • I hear ya. And yes! Do look into it. I think Shade 1 is still a bit dark, but more wearable for me when I don’t self-tan. That Clarins adjustable bronzer is great. I’ve been using it quite a bit!

  • Oh yeah, in this weather, it’s definitely BB cream for the win! Or a very, very light foundation. I suppose if I can stay in an air-conditioned place and have to look good, I’ll still wear a normal foundation. Otherwise, people just have to live with my face when it’s only got minimal coverage LOL Shade 2 looks great on you with some self-tanner! Definitely nice and bronzy there 😉

    • Hahahaha, thanks Sunny! Yup. It’s definitely for self-tanning days! I need to get shade 1 since I like it so much.

  • I don’t BB cream because they usually look ashy and melt away quickly. But I must have ignored the BB cream world for too long! This one looks really really natural and pretty on you, and I trust you if you say it is long lasting! 🙂

    • This isn’t ashy at all my friend! Just dark. But shade 1 should be ok for you. And yes it lasts all day for me!

  • Liz

    2 looks on your arm swatch the way 3.5 looked on my arm! But somehow it’s still wearable and I love how it looks on you. I’m just going to ignore the DIN # business and grab a tube later on, lol. I get your point though. I do wish that for the price, they’d either pretty up the tube or something.

    • Thanks! Yeah, it’s rather medicinal looking, no?
      It’s a great Bb Cream. Nice coverage, feels good and lasts! I think you’ll love it!

  • I think I’d probably be either 1 or 2 and this one looks good! I’ve been curious about it and I like GLOW.

  • You keep that gorgeous skin and let those Arizona ladies have their wrinkled, golden glows, lol. I have only ever tried one BB/CC cream, and that is Chanel’s CC Cream. I love it SO much that I have never tried anything else! But, I use EL Doublewear for my “workday” foundation during the school year (nothing else withstands a day of teaching!), so I will have to try a sample of this the next time I go by an EL counter.

    • LOL hahaha, thanks! xo I worked with so many ladies that looked exactly how you described them hahahaha!
      Yes, do check it out! I think you’ll like it. It has nice coverage and feels great.

  • Now that I have CC’d, I think I need to BB. I will be checking this out. I’ve heard about it and totally love the glow on you!! Hopefully shade 1 will work

    • Thanks Margo! I hope it does too. I do find EL bases run a little dark. But they work so well!

  • Ashley Sue

    This looks like a nice bb cream!! I recently got the Estée Lauder double wear Foundation and I do love it, but I have been wanting to try a nice bb cream so I might have to check this out! Great review, and I have followed your blog 🙂

    • Awww, thanks! xo
      Yes, you’ll like this one! It’s like a lighter version of the foundation, but with a bit more of a glow. Not too much, but just enough to look like healthy skin. Hope you like it!

  • OMG!!! You absolutely crack me up, T-bone!!! “I’d be shade 2 EASY!” You are the best! I was raising the roof when I hit St. Moritz in NARS PRTM. I was raising it even harder when Arianne said that was her shade! WHAT!? So thrilling for pale people. I agree about the packaging being a tad pedestrian, but very few BB Cream tubes are super thrilling (I’d have to give my A+ pretty award to Tarte!) so maybe they were just falling in line with the BB crowd, lol! This is like “On Wednesdays we wear pink”, except it’s “On BB Creams, we wear boring.” LOL! What the hell am I even talking about? Love you girl!

  • Efrain

    Well this it’s the moment when I get like WTF! They’re asking for lighter shades (excuse me if I sound cranky it hasn’t been a good day), in fact I understand your point as I’m tan it’s actually hard to find a match in many foundations and in BB creams is worse.

    In other stuff, have you tried Skin79 BB creams? I have many samples and they’re pretty light (I only use them as a primer before powder foundation to get a match) but I’m thinking about getting one because I kinda like them.

    • I have tried the SKin79 one once! It was pretty good! Just a little tacky after. This one dries down nicely so I prefer that. The tacky I had in other products cause me problems in Disneyland and I came home with LOADS of breakouts.

      • Efrain

        I don’t know if I’m sleeppy but I didn’t understand the part of tackiness.

      • LOL that’s ok haha. Most BB Creams that give a glow, are sticky feeling and never really dry down. This one dries down and feels smooth and dry, almost matte, yet gives a glow. Hope that helps!

  • I’m usually a BB powder gal but this looks really good in terms of coverage!

  • Oooh this is so nice! I really like the coverage judging by your “after” photo. So pretty and glowy, Tracy! 🙂 I might have to take a look.

    • Yes! It’s really great Geekz! The coverage is pretty good for a BB Cream and it lasts well!

  • Looks really good. 🙂

    I haven’t tried BB cream before (I use a bit of face powder). I look forward to trying one with an SPF.

  • Lily

    The BB Cream that I really like is by Bobbi Brown. I tried the EL BB cream before (I think we get a different one here) and it’s just too pink for me. Nearly all EL bases are too pink for me 🙁 Even though the one you’re using is darker, it’s actually very glowy on you. I love it!

  • Toya

    I’ve read a lot of great things about EL BB creams, but haven’t tried yet (too many fdns to get rid of first :S). I really appreciate that they have many shades, because as you said there are usually at most 3 (sometimes even just a ‘1 shades fits all’! PFFFFFFFT), which is another reason why I haven’t tried any yet.

    Also – you’re hilarious. OBVIOUSLY you need to move to Phoenix in your RV so you can tan it up and REALLY start living life as a shade 2! hahahahaha

    • LOL hahaha, only problem is I DON’T HAVE AN RV DUDE. Although, with having to pay for Marky’s expensive US College Tuition, I just MIGHT have to sell the house, FINALLY buy one, and go live life as a shade #2. :D:D

  • Girrl your skin is looking SO good. And I can’t believe you FINISHED your first one!! 😮 Must be some pretty good stuff!