Sephora Collection Sunwashed Jumbo Kabuki Brush

If you need a really BIG Kabuki Brush, then the Sephora Collection Sunwashed Jumbo Kabuki Brush ($33.00) is for you my friend!

This thing is HUGE. Like really big. I thought the MAC Kabuki Brush was big, but this one beats that one easy. It has soft synthetic hairs and it’s made for applying bronzer to your face and body.

Sephora Collection Sunwashed Jumbo Kabuki Brush

Sephora Collection Sunwashed Jumbo Kabuki Brush

I don’t know about using it to apply bronzer to the face though. It’s just SO BIG. Did I mention that it was big?   😀 Seriously, take a look at some other kabuki brushes beside it for size comparison.

Sephora Collection Sunwashed Jumbo Kabuki Brush.jpg

Sephora Collection Sunwashed Jumbo Kabuki Brush, MUFE Kabuki Brush, RT Kabuki Brush

See? I wasn’t kidding. If you did use the Sephora Collection Sunwashed Jumbo Kabuki Brush for bronzer, you’d be done in like 2 seconds. BAZINGA. BRONZED.

Sephora Collection Sunwashed Jumbo Kabuki Brush.jpg

Sephora Collection Sunwashed Jumbo Kabuki Brush

Personally, I prefer a bit more control when applying bronzer, so I like a smaller brush. You know, one that doesn’t have bristles that span the width of my hand. And I have pretty big hands too. 😛  What I do love using it for is to smooth out and blend my bronzer and blush together so there are no harsh edges. It’s great for that! BAZINGA. SMOOTHED. And I can totally see it being great for self tanner smoothing out too. I don’t self tan for fear of streaks(and the SMELL) but this brush might change my mind about trying it again, because BAZINGA. TANNED.

Pick it up at Sephora!

Do you use a kabuki brush? What’s your favourite one?

*product sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always. 😀


  • Oh wow, this is one gigantic kabuki brush! I use the ones that come with Dior bronzers. They work well enough for me!

  • Gaelle

    This is half my face kinda big!! I have never used a kabuki ever, weird?

    • LOL I used it on Marky and I SWEAR TO GOD it was almost the size of her head. She has a small head, BUT STILL.

  • Whoa this is HUGE! I can imagine it being good for loose setting powder maybe. You use “bazinga” like I use “boom” in my posts sometimes!

    • Yeah it would work for that too! Hahahaha, it’s my go-to phrase. I love it. Sheldon is my hero.

  • Hahahaha holy crap. I bet that would be awesome for applying my powder foundation, though, lol. I’m lazy. The bigger the brush, the better 😛

  • Me too! I love the looks of it as well, and it does work well!

  • Lol! I was wondering, when I read the title, ‘how big could a kabuki really be’…. hahaha I am floored. It’s like a broom!

  • No banana for scale? lol. But yeah, that is a BIG kabuki! :-O

  • Liz

    Lancôme and Laura Mercier have some big kabukis this year as well. I guess bigger is still better to some people, lol.