Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks For Summer!

I think I’ve mentioned that Dior Addict and Dior Addict Extremes are my favourite lipstick formulas out there. I really like the balmy light feel, the easy application, just everything about them. Easy lipsticks, that’s my jam. If it needs to be fussed over and then a lipliner added to the mix- I lose interest FAST. I have ADD when it comes to lipsticks. I like them to be Wham! Bam! Thank you M’am!

Well, BUCKLE UP PEOPLE. Because I’ve discovered something that’s just as good, if not BETTER.

 Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks.jpg

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks($19) are smooth and buttery, just like the Dior ones I love so much. The buttery-smooth-feeling formula melts onto lips, instantly drenching them in moisture and locking it in. Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks are infused with advanced skin care ingredients, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and helps lips look fuller. Sunflower seed oil, jojoba and mango butter give that balmy, moisturizing feel I adore in a lipstick. There’s also vitamin E to protect lips from free radicals and environmental damage. AND they’re fragrance-free too!

 Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks.jpg

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks

Just push the clear, click-button top and Bazinga! The lipstick is released from its sleek silver case.

 Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks.jpg

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks

I have 10 Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks to show you today. Yes, 10. I’ll tell ya, I was sweating by number 8 that’s for sure haha. It’s warm sitting by the window and taking pictures for 30 minutes! There are 20 shades to choose from though, and thank the man I didn’t have to swatch 20 of these… although my lips feel pretty darn good after the swatch-fest! Not dried out at all! That says something right there my friends!

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks.jpg

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks

To be honest, the colours kind of scared me in the tubes. They looked…dark…and YUCK. But swatchy time changed that feeling right quick!

Swatchy Time!

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks.jpg

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks Sassy Fuchsia, Tangerine Pop, Citrus Flirt, Coral Bliss, First Blush, Exotic Mango, Tuscan Rose, Chocolate, Lava Berry, Berry A La Mode

Just like my fave Diors, the Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks have some with sparkles, and some that are just cremes. The cremes I find are more slippery in texture, and you have to make sure your lips are pretty dry before application, otherwise it’s slip and slide all over the place.

 photo MaryKayLipsticksPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

 photo MAryKayLipsticks2PicMonkeyCollage.jpg

I think you can see how moisturizing they are! I find that you don’t need to pile on layers for the shades to show up, which is nice! The more you layer, the more slip you get, so go easy on layering. After about 30 minutes, the glossy dies and the Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks stain lips really beautifully. I get a good 3 hours wear if I don’t eat or drink anything…IF… hahaha…3 hours is the max for me without water. Longer than that I shrivel up I swear.

So, what I mean to say in this kinda’ long post, is that Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks are REALLY good! And you need to try one! Compared to the $32 price tag of the Diors, you can you can see why I’m really excited about these! So much more affordable! Move over Dior-you’ve been replaced! And get Tuscan Rose. SO PRETTY. And I usually hate any lipstick shade with ROSE in the name. They’re always so old lady looking on my lips, but this one? It’s PERFECTION.

What’s YOUR favourite easy-wearing lipstick formula?

*Product sent by the lovely PR for review, thoughts are mine as always! Because LORDY, there aren’t many people out there than can influence my thoughts. My mind is too old for games. 😀


  • Oh wow, TEN lipsticks!!! That’s a whole bunch!

    It’s hard for me to say which one is my favorite here. The range of shades is pretty well-done! I like the packaging as well. Kinda reminds me of Chanel Rouge Allure!

  • rachlovespenguins

    I could go on about how pretty these are, but honestly you pretty much had me with “click button top” LOL
    The rose looks great. I usually have that problem with “berry” named colours, but I have to say that Lava Berry looks pretty good too.

    • Hahaha, it’s cool, hey? I’m not a fan of berries either, but this one is more red like a true berry! That’s probably why it looks more appealing, at least to me!

  • HAHAHA holy crap, swatchfest. My lips would be so tired at the end. And my clicky finger, too, hahahahahaha. You’re my hero.

  • Wow, they are so beautiful! Love the packaging, too.
    I’m not much of a coral girl, but I am strangely drawn to Coral Bliss.

    • I know, it’s pretty for a coral, hey?

      • LOL at “for a coral”! That’s a pink gal’s language that I fluently speak! ;D

      • Hahaha right? PINKS RULE. 😛 If I like a coral it has to lean more pink than orange.

  • Gaelle

    Beautiful shades! Love how they look sheer yet pigmented if that makes sense!

  • again love your lips swatches! i dont konw about the fragrance free. they smell so heavily to me. but then Jasmine from The Happy Sloths says her’s don’t smell like anything…so i dont know..bad batch?

  • Liz

    Everything except Chocolate looks pretty good, lol. I just can’t with browns now.

  • Epic swatch post! They all look stunning, and totally feeling Citrus Blast, Sassy Fuchsia and Berry a la Mode!

  • Tuscan Rose is my favorite. Even before I got to the end of the post I had picked that one as the winner. But they all look beautiful on you!!

  • Emma Bovary

    Oh wow, they look so good on! Rivalling Dior, for real? Wow!

  • These look cool! Loving the packaging too.

  • Not gonna lie, I had to stare down these photos for a good three or four minutes before FINALLY figuring out how they open. Which, like — cool!

    Particularly loving Coral Bliss & Sassy Fuchsia on you 😉

  • Exotic Mango and Tuscan Rose are my favorites here! Bless you for swatching them all. And possible better than Dior, Tracy? Not that I don’t believe you or anything, but that’s a serious statement. It makes me really want to try these now!

    On another note, I didn’t realize Mary Kay stuff was so pricey. Like, $19 is definitely cheaper than Dior, but for some reason in my mind, I thought their stuff was like $10.