Vichy ProEVEN Night-Because Dark Spots Don’t Sleep!

69% of Canadian women are affected by dark spots and uneven skin tone. And the horrible thing is that dark spots tend to be associated with looking OLD, even though they can form at any stage of life. All it takes is for some UV rays to penetrate the skin and BOOM! your melanocytes say HEYYYY SUNNY BABY, and start making melanin. The more sun, the more melanin gets made. And when there’s LOTS of melanin in skin cells(more than our skin can take), they rise to the surface and HELLO SPOT.

But your skin wants to fight them spots! And it does! Between the hours of 11pm-4am, your skin regenerates A LOT. And that’s when matured skin cells that are filled with melanin get booted out and replaced with a fresh, healthy cell. Pretty sweet, hey? BUT it doesn’t always work well. As we age that regeneration process slows down, or if there’s a lot of damage, our skin just can’t keep up with repairing all the damage. So, over time, one spot becomes darker SPOTS.

Sounds like a losing battle hey?

Well, nope! Not anymore thanks to Vichy ProEVEN Night($49.50)!

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Vichy ProEVEN Night


To really fight off dark spots, we HAVE to treat them both during the day and overnight. And it has to be with a formula that’s really concentrated in resurfacing ingredients that acts on all layers of the skin. Vichy ProEven Night has 3 X the amount of LHA that’s in the day time formula of Vichy ProEVEN to resurface and boost the renewal process of the skin. It also contains Ceramide Bright to regulate melanin production. Those two ingredients work on the Epidermis layer of the skin, taking care of the spots you SEE. Now for the Dermis layer, Vichy ProEven Night has Vitamin C, Procysteine, and Eperuline to help protect fibroblasts. Remember those guys? They’re the guys that are pretty much responsible for most of our aging, so when they’re buggered, we pay. Vichy ProEVEN protects fibrobalsts from oxidation and inflammation- the 2 things that cause melanin production. That means less FUTURE spots.

When Vichy ProEVEN Night arrived at my door, I think I literally jumped up and down with glee! GLEE PEOPLE. I knew this was going to be good, because I already adore the day version of Vichy ProEVEN. This night treatment is a clear gel that has a slight, fresh yet herbal plant smell. The scent doesn’t stick around for long and pretty much disappears once it sinks into the skin. You can apply it every night in a thin layer on freshly cleansed skin. The cool thing about Vichy ProEEVEN Night is that you can also use it as a MASK! Once or twice a week, apply a thick layer all over clean skin and let it skin in for 5 minutes. Personally, I let it sink in for more like 10 minutes, and then you just take off any excess with a cotton pad.

All I know, is that this stuff WORKS. My skin looks so much more even toned now that I’ve incorporated Vichy ProEVEN Night into my routine. And that means now that summer is here, I can get away with less foundation to even out my skin tone thanks to Vichy. I’ve used more expensive products in the past to lighten pigmentation, but they haven’t worked NEARLY as well as the Vichy ProEVEN line. And I know that Vichy products work better because every other week, someone still thinks that Marky and I are friends or sisters when we’re out shopping. That people, is PROOF RIGHT THERE.

Find Vichy ProEVEN Night and the rest of the ProEVEN line wherever Vichy products are sold in Canada, like Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, and London Drugs.

I’m a Vichy girl now through and through now. It’s pretty much my #1 skincare brand now. Most of my skincare products that I use every day and night are now Vichy. There’s not a lot of skincare I test out that I actually repurchase when I’m done with the testers. Vichy though? Pretty much every. Single. Product. 

What’s your #1 skincare brand?

*product sent by the lovely PR, that I really need to thank and HUG for changing my skin for the better! THANK YOU. 🙂


  • Great review, Trakee – now I really want to try it too! BUT I have so many brightening serums to use – in fact, a new just landed on the doorstep yesterday. I haven’t found very many brands available in the US to use LHA, the last product I used that had this ingredient was the European version of Effaclar Duo. I actually haven’t given Vichy products a try in at least 5 years, maybe it’s time to change that now!

    • Thanks! 😀 Yeah it’s def a European ingredient for sure. I hope you try it sometime!

  • I used to be careless when it came to sun protection and unfortunately have the spots to prove it 🙁 I’ve been using day spot correctors but I like the idea of using something for night too. I will definitely check this one out!

  • Yep, I need it 😛

  • I have heard such great things about this spot corrector, and your review has sold me on it (and it’s also hilarious to read).
    Also, I love your PR disclaimers at the bottom. Always different, always a bit sassy.

  • Awesome! I am really starting to get into Vichy and I think they are just fantastic!

  • Gaelle

    You make me want to go all Vichy and be unfaithful to La Roche Posay!

  • Thank you for doing this post!!! I didn’t know about treating dark spots and I need mine to go away faster! I’m gonna be looking into Vichy soon for sure!!!!

  • Ugh. Spots are my number 1 skin concern. I need to see if Vichy sells down here!

  • bah, guess what, I am the only one in my family that struggles with hyperpigmentation. that is so annoying. I use the caudalie vinoperfect serum and it really works. but I am using it for SO long that I need something different. I am still looking for a good vit c serum as well. I heard a lot about this vichy serum but I hope to track down some samples first. vichy never really worked for my skintype but I like their sunscreen a lot as well. your review sounds amazing and I am now going to get those samples somewhere haha. xxx

  • Liz

    I haven’t even started testing ProEVEN stuff aside from the BB cream. Right now I’m really liking their Normaderm and Thermale things! Glad this is working for you. 😀

  • Leanne Murphy

    Hi! I realize this review is a couple of years old