Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection Eye Pencils-Mediterranean Sea Charm!

All the charm of a summer spent by the Mediterranean Sea. 

That’s the tagline for the Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection, and I am SOLD. It doesn’t come out until June, but I feel the need to tell you about it early. I really, really do. Plus June is like one week away anyways-HOW that happened so fast, I can’t tell ya- but it’s true!

The whole collection is BEYOND lovely, but today I’m going to show you the Yves Rocher Eye Pencils, because I think they’re kind of WOW.

Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection Eye Pencils.jpg

Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection Eye Pencils

  See the wow?

 Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection Eye Pencils.jpg

Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection Eye Pencils Royal Blue, Mediterranean Blue, Copper Brown, Lemon Yellow

How about now? WOW. I mean, there’s no other word to describe them! The colours are FANTASTIC. Sure, there’s been makeup collections that TRY to be the colours of the Mediterranean Sea, but none have come THIS CLOSE in my opinion. These colours are EXCEPTIONAL.

Swatchy Time!

 photo IMG_4231.jpg

Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection Eye Pencils Lemon Yellow, Copper Brown, Royal Blue, Mediterranean Blue

CRIPES. That yellow! And I don’t even LIKE yellow eye shadows. But look at it! I’ve never seen anything like it before. And that Copper Brown too-HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD IT’S BEAUTIFUL.

Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection Eye Pencils are soft, smooth. blendable, and actually have pretty great lasting power over a primer. Even with my oily lids, they last a good 6 hours before I see creasing, and that’s pretty fantastic for me. If you have normal lids, these will last all day no problem.

Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection Eye Pencils .jpg

Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection Eye Pencils

I used all of the shades of the Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection Eye Pencils for this look because, why not? I wanted my eyes to look like all the charm of a summer spent by the Mediterranean Sea! And, THEY DO. Man, I love these. A lot! I used a combination of fingers and stiffer brushes to apply the shades and both worked equally well. I know it’s hard to see, but I used the Royal Blue shade on my upper waterline in case you were wondering. It’s there I promise! It just didn’t wow me as much as the other shades, although it is pretty too!

And I haven’t even told you the best part about them yet! Are ya ready for this? I hope you are sitting down for this piece of news:


The Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection will be available as of June 2014 in all Yves Rocher stores, via the website www.yvesrocher.ca or by catalogue order at 1 800 361-2746.

 Whaddaya’ think about these? Have you ever seen such gorgeous eye shadow pencil shades before? I’m telling’ ya, I’m really loving all the eye shadow pencil options out these days! Who makes your favourite ones? And, would you wear these gorgeous Mediterranean Sea shades on your eyes?

*products sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always! As is the love for the Mediterranean Sea. SOMEDAY, I hope to see it in person!


  • Oh wow, you don’t see that many brightly-colored eyeshadow sticks around! The look you created screams summer, and the price tag makes the deal even sweeter!

  • Sara Hawkins

    Bright. I’d use the yellow and red for performing but the blue and purple I may be able to get away with during the day. I am trying to be more adventurous with my eye colours though. We need a Yves Rocher here. But we are getting Sephora, Lululemon and Beaver Tails so I guess I can’t complain too much 🙂

  • That’s an amazing look, Tracy! That copper! *fans self* I’m impressed that they stay put!

  • Wow, the colors are so vivid and pretty! I love the look you created! 🙂
    More than anything, I wanna draw something pretty on the wall with these chubby pencils. LOL

    • Thanks Lena!

      LOL I feel like that EVERY TIME i try eye pencils out hahahaha. It’s because we’re creatives I think!

  • Gaelle

    That royal blue is beautiful! Kind of like the summer on acid look 😉

  • I need that yellow!! It is just calling to me! Such a pretty look you put together as well!

  • Suuuuuuch a great look! Mad skillz, Tracy!

  • Lily

    Oh wow.. I love this look – reminds me of sunset actually 🙂 That copper – amazing!

  • Such bold, beautiful shades for Summer! The pigmentation is amazing and I’m loving the colourful look you created with them 🙂

  • Liz

    Mediterranean Blue is tempting! I wish the store near my house hadn’t shut down. Absolutely detest the one located in the Eaton Centre. Horrible service.

    • That’s too bad. Yeah, I wish they’d stay open! But it’s been so hard for them I think.

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  • Your blending skills!!!! They pay DA BILLS!!! Amazing!!!!!!

  • Mediterranean Blue is the prettiest in my opinion. Lol

  • An Nix

    I’ve always loved these, but I get frustated when I wear them because I just don’t know how to bring the rest of the pencil up!! I always think that the little line at the bottom of the pencils is meant to twist so it pulls the pencil up, but it never twisted!! ars they meant to be sharpened??
    Loved your post, by the way 🙂