Currently In My Shower Routine-Moisturizing Products From Dial and More!

I don’t know about you, but my skin is in need of some major moisture post winter! Short sleeve weather is HERE, so I’ve been amping up the moisturizing products in my shower routine to get my skin ready to feel the sun! Sun! We had a thunderstorm today and I was SO EXCITED about that hahahaha! 😀 It was short and sweet, and nothing like a normal, scary, most-of-the-time Alberta thunderstorm though. It was…gentle I have to say? I don’t think I’ve experienced such a gentle and soothing storm before, but I liked it! MORE PLEASE Mama Nature!

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Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash FroYo, Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash.

I’ve been using these 2 new Dial body washes lately and loving them! Yeah, you heard right-DIAL. Who knew? Dial Frozen Yogurt Cooling Body Wash FroYo(can’t believed they called it that, but I can totally understand WHY) smells SO GOOD. And I’m not even a fruity, frozen yogurt loving gal! I’m a chocolate hound, through and through. If there’s something chocolate on the menu, it’s MINE. Screw the fruit. That’s my motto and I’ve lived by it for almost 30 years I swear. But this? It’s yummy! And making me actually question my chocolate allegiance. Am I missing on other yummy things for my tummy? I could be. But the pull of chocolate is strong Miyagi, and can’t be broken, at least not with a shower gel. YET. This has a refreshing tingle that gently cools skin on contact, so I’ve been loving it after I exercise! You need to try it for the tingle! And think of me when you feel that tingle…:D THAT wasn’t creepy, hey? HAHAHAHA.

The other Dial product I’ve been loving is the NEW Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash. It has a moisturizing vitamin complex that draws vitamins and moisture directly to the surface of the skin for softness. It’s really creamy and feels like a thick moisturizer, yet lighter than a moisturizer? I don’t know, but TRUST me. It does leave you feeling clean, yet SUPPLE. There’s not a lot of shower gels that leave you feeling supple I tell ya’. And this smells like a tropical fun basket of kiwi and mango. And now, I’m hungry for some FRUIT.  I only have grapes in the house. Apples are SCARY to buy in Canada these days. WOW. SO, so bad.

Dial Greek Yogurt 7 Day Moisturizing Lotion!.jpg

Dial Greek Yogurt 7 Day Moisturizing Lotion!

But I don’t stop the moisture train there people! Retain even more hydration when you follow your shower routine with new Dial Greek Yogurt 7 Day Moisturizing Lotion! This fast-absorbing, non-greasy lotion contains 7 bionutrients plus yogurt and honey extract gives me touchable skin, and promises to keep skin soft for up to 7 days! It’s THICK. Yet not too thick? It’s not like a body butter, but close. I know, I’m confusing these days, but I speak the truth! I AM the Lorax of cosmetics, I SWEAR ahahaha! 7 Days of moisture IS a stretch for any moisturizer to claim, but you know what? I kind of like this! I find when I use it, I don’t feel so parched for a few days. Meh, it’s a BIG bottle, affordable, feels good, makes skin soft-a winner in my books!


First Aid Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery 7.jpg

First Aid Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery

I bought First Aid Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery ($47) because of the high praises it seems to get from like EVERYBODY. It’s a daily tonic (TONIC, I feel so VICTORIAN now) that hydrates, and repairs stressed skin, and reduces redness. It’s a water/toner that you put on your skin after cleansing. Softeners are HUGE in Asia, and we’ll be seeing them more here in North America this year, just you watch. And you’ll say-HEY-TRACY TOLD ME/warned me about these things in May! But truth be told, I haven’t noticed anything different from using this one. Save your money, and get one of the softening lotions from Shiseido. Same thing. More product. Works BETTER, IMO.

Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin.jpg

Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin

The new Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin provides 24-hour odour protection, so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant body odour for a WHOLE DAY. Seriously, why I’d have to worry about that is beyond ME, but I’m old. I guess if you are out partying for DAYS, this is a problem for the kids. But who’d care? I mean, you’d LOOK like you’ve been out for days ANYWAYS. You know, having FUN. PARTY BABY. Nobody expects you to smell like a rose garden. And if they do? They’re ALIENS I say. Whatever. I’m all for 24 hour odour protection, but you gotta wonder how that affects them arm pits of ours, hey? Gotta dry them out something fierce! This though? It has skin-conditioning emollients that soothe dry skin. 30% of the deodorant is made up of skin pampering ingredients including Vitamin E to help soothe dry and irritated skin. I haven’t fallen in love with a deodorant/antiperspirant before, but this? LOVE. Already bought another. My soft armpits BEGGED for it I SWEAR.

Are you ready for warm weather? And baring arms? LEGS? LEGS. I don’t do them. My legs are SO pale and white. It would take YEARS of sun exposure to get them looking…like everybody else’s LOL. Really though? I don’t care. If I choose to wear shorts or a skirt and my legs blind you? YOUR FAULT. Get some sunglasses you weirdo. 😛

*products sent by PR for review, thought about bare arms, legs, armpits are ALL mine, and you gotta SEE that. Once a freak, ALWAYS a freak I say. And I LOVE BEING ONE.


  • Tracy, you totally crack me up with your soothing thunderstorms 🙂 I’ve never tried anything from Dial apart from dish soap, I think! Those antiperspirants sound pretty good, I’ve been having problems finding one that I like.

  • Thanks for showcasing them! I always pictured dial as a “squeaky clean” kind of brand, but Froyo! I’d love to try that. I stick with inexpensive body wash with moisturizing properties, just like these! Sometimes it is enough for me to skip additional moisturizer and go right to sunscreen in summer. 🙂

    • I know, me too! And me as well! If something works well in the shower, I love it! Especially in the summer!

  • OOO froyo and Greek yogurt? Gimme that! I don’t even eat that much yogurt, but whenever a skincare product claims it contains some, I want it for some reason!

  • Oh good, I can pass on the FAB – THANK YOU. I’m gonna stick to softening lotions then, lol.

    And LOL I know, buying fruit in these in-between seasons is so sketchy! I want white peaches and berries already. AND WATERMELON.

    • Yup-it’s not worth it. Shiseido’s are better!

      I tried a baby watermelon the other day-SKETCHY too. SIGH. I WANT GOOD FRUIT PLEASE!

  • rachlovespenguins

    Well I am glad to hear that these are actually moisturising. I was really apprehensive when I first heard about them, as “Dial” and “hydration” are two terms not often used in the same breath. Might have to see how that deodorant compares to my usual Dove as well.

    • I know! These are kind of amazing from Dial! The deodorant is THE BEST. Even Marky uses it now!

  • Liz

    I don’t understand why the new softener things are being charged a freaking arm and a leg here. Yeah, it’s a key step in Asia, but again brands are being completely ridiculous. Do they mean to say that it replaces serums? Liquified serums?
    Anyway, I smelled the Froyo one and it was surprisingly good. I might pick up the Dial coconut water one at some point, but I wish shower gels weren’t so humongous all the time.

    • Yeah, I think here they’re being ridiculous too. The Shiseido one I have I LOVE, and find it makes a diff for sure. But why they cost so much, is beyond me. And no, they’re meant to prepare your skin before you use the other stuff.
      I know hahaha-but BIGGER is better LOL!

  • Froyo body wash!?!? I’m down for that sorta action! Living in Asia, I’m still confused about the whole tonic/toner/lotion/softening whatevers, are they all the same type of thing with a million different names or completely different steps? 0_o

    • I know! It’s so yummy I tell ya!

      I know, it is confusing. They’re all pretty much the same thing, just different in what they do.What they do is help to soften your skin, hydrate it before you start with other skin care. They do make a difference in your skin if you find the right one!

  • Gaelle

    I had to do some serious prep when wearing arms and legs out for first time. And I rely on fake tan for legs! Love me a thunderstorm too!