Sephora Collection Pocket Paradise Brush Clutch

This has to be one of the cutest little brush sets by Sephora!

The Sephora Collection Pocket Paradise Brush Clutch($25)  has a custom zipper and a hot pink and cork exterior that’s pretty fun for summer. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a makeup case made of cork before, have you? Pretty unique! Gives it that summery tropical feel dontcha’ think?

Sephora Collection Pocket Paradise Brush Clutch.jpg

The set includes a powder brush, an eye shadow brush, and and angled eyeliner brush. Not only are they adorable with the hot pink handles, but they actually work quite well too! I really like the powder brush. It’s a great blush brush even for my chubby cheekz! And I say you can’t have too many angled eyeliner brushes, and this is a nice one as well.

Sephora Collection Pocket Paradise Brush Clutch.jpg

Sephora Collection Pocket Paradise Brush Clutch

Little brushes close-up time!

Sephora Collection Pocket Paradise Brush Clutch.jpg

Sephora Collection Pocket Paradise Brush Clutch

This is perfect set to throw in your purse for touch-ups on the go. There’s even room in the case for a powder, a blush, an eyeshadow, gum, mints, a granola bar…whatever you need to help you get through the day hahaha!

Get it now at your local Sephora or online as well!

Do you touch up your makeup during the day? What do you bring with you to do that? I used to have a friend that would bring a HUGE makeup case to work with her, until it got stolen. All of her favourite MAC makeup products were in it and it cost her a lot to replace her beloved items.

*Product sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine!

  • Aww these are cute! I have a retractable powder brush in my hand bag, but that’s really about it!

  • rachlovespenguins

    Ooooh oooh I’m finally ahead of you on something! hehehe! Sonia Kashuk did a cork set a few years ago. There was a zipper pouch and a clutch bag and maybe something else. I had to buy the set that came with the clutch because I have this thing for cork and woodgrain so of course I need a clutch bag made of such things for “dressy” occasions. Just nod your head in agreement here. I am not crazy. The brushes are of course long gone but the bag gets brought out fairly often. 😀

    I’ve always got makeups in my purse. I guess I never grew out of the whole scouting–be-prepared thing. 😛

  • LOL at granola bar! It is important, you know? 😉
    I keep a short-handled eyeshadow brush in my makeup pouch but it is just rolling around in a mini set like this would be quite nice!

  • Loving the hot pink with the cork! I never understand why people would steal makeup bags, I guess unless they were mistaken for purses or something. I might have a retractable powder brush in my bag, but sometimes I just have a lip balm and my lippie of the day thrown in my bag.

  • I don’t really take brushes on the go! I guess…yeah. Hahaha.

  • I take my Ecotools retractable kabuki and a lip brush and that’s about it for brushes! Man that’s a cute little brush set too!

  • I never really bring any brushes on the go with me.. I probably should fix that. 😛 The bag is so cute!

    • :D:D I’d throw in some old brushes all the time before, but now? These mini sets are so much easier!