The Really Neat Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set

I have one more Sephora Collection brush set to show you, and I saved the neatest one for last. Well, it’s pretty darn neat to me! But I am old, so maybe what’s neat to me, ain’t neat for you. Neat. Does anyone even say NEAT anymore? Well, they’re gonna now because I’m telling ya, no other word describes this brush set besides NEAT.

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set.jpg

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set

I think the Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set($58) is like the ULTIMATE NEATEST makeup brush collection. Yeah, that’s right. ULTIMATE NEATEST…hahaha.

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set.jpg

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set

Open it up and you see three brushes in their neat little holders there.  The other side has a neat little zippered pocket for whatever neat things you want to stuff in it.

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set.jpg

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set

AND there’s even a bigger, zippered compartment to hold all that neat makeup you like to carry with you to touch up during the day. Or, if you’re like me-SNACKS. This one is bigger than the one I showed before because you could easily fit a couple of granola bars, some almonds, cookies, crackers, HUMMUS…can you tell I’m hungry? And yes hummus. I found these hummus snack packs at Costco that don’t need to be refrigerated. VOODOO MAGIC I tell you! Hummus that doesn’t need to stay cold! Why hasn’t someone thought of this technology before????

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set.jpg

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set

So, here’s the even NEATER part about the Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set. These three brushes here, the Angled Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, and Powder Brush are like secret agents dude. They’re hiding something, like THREE OTHER MAKEUP BRUSHES. WHATTTT????

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set.jpg

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set

See? NEAT, huh? Hidden inside are an eyeshadow blending brush,  a concealer brush, and an all over eyeshadow brush.

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set.jpg

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set

AND then hello! You can change these into DOUBLE-ENDED makeup brushes! NEAT, right? Tell me I’m right!

Ok, some Brushy-Close-Up-Time Again!

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set.jpg

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set

More brush-close-up-timey:

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set.jpg

Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set

And the dark metal handles-I’m gonna call it hematite because that’s what they remind me of-is pretty darn classy too.

The Sephora Collection Double Down Brush Set is coming with me when we drive Marky down to college in August, because heck! This has to be a great travel makeup brush set, right? And yes, I’m already fretting about what to take for that trip, even though it’s months away. I can’t take a lot of clothes or makeup with me because the car will have to hold most of Marky’s stuff since she’s the one moving. And we have a Nissan Altima. No truck or SUV in this family. Just one, normal sized trunk. And yup, we only have one car. We are not the normal Alberta family I tell ya. Most of my neighbours have 2, 3 cars in their garages and driveways. We’ve only ever owned one car, even when I was working. Sure, 2 cars would have made life easier sometimes, but you know what? You make do. For Mama Earth baby. So yeah, that means I’ll have to keep my bag pretty darn small in August, and this brush set? Neat and perfect!  Get it now at Sephora!

Do you travel light? TEACH ME. Or do you over-pack? How about cars? Are you like me and use public transit if need be, or WALK? Or are you a car-lovin’, gas-guzzling fiend? 

*products sent by PR for review, thoughts about one car living are mine and quite rare here in Alberta. But I stand by my one car conviction. It’s better for the planet my friends. And if we all did things that were better for Earth? THAT? Would be NEAT. Also, here’s a fun fact for you: there are more cars in the state of California then there are people in ALL of Canada. YUP.


  • This is definitely an awesome travel companion! If I’m forced to travel light, then I pick out one of my trusty multi-use brushes that can do powder, blusher and contour. I’ll force myself down to one bold coloured lippie that I can tone down with lip balm for a lighter shade. Even better if it can be used on the cheeks too. I’m fine going without eye makeup, but if I really needed to choose, it would be either a cream or stick form that I don’t need brushes for. Skincare I decant into small tubs or use the opportunity to test out sample packets.

    I live quite centrally in Taipei city, so I’m blessed with a vast array of public transport options, but now that my office is in outer Taipei, I’m forced to drive ;(

    • Wow! You are the queen of light packing haha! Good ideas about the stick eyeshadows-I think that’s all i’m going to take. Truth be told, I don’t wear a lot of eye makeup when I travel anyways!

  • LOL are there really that many cars in CA? Holy cow. Probably all in LA LOL.

    We use the bus a lot here!

  • rachlovespenguins

    Imma gonna make a list…
    1. People still say neat. Or maybe that’s just you and me. And I’m a grown adult with a collection of vintage Nancy Drew books, so “neat” as an adjective is the least of our worries. Jeepers, swell, and oh gee? Yeah, those are also fine here. lol
    2. This is indeed pretty neat. They’re like magic. I like magic.
    3. I’m a chronic over-packer. I like to be prepared. I could use non-preparedness as a good excuse to go shopping, but the people I commonly travel with are non-shoppers which just creates another problem on top of the “I’m missing item A B or C” one. Taking too much to begin with is easier than hearing someone complain about having to go to a store.
    4. Sadly I am a gas-guzzling American. I have a smaller economical car and I try to carpool or share whenever possible (saves me money too, hey) but public transport is pretty much out of the question. It’s rather non-existent here. There’s this really odd sort of county cab service where you have to call them a couple days ahead and schedule your trip, but I’m not sure how much use it really gets. I mean….where I live, there are people who still drive their tractors into town. Tractors!

    • LOL HAHAHAHAHA Oh how I <3 you!

      1. THAT'S WHERE IT'S FROM! I was trying to remember where it was used so much and you GOT it! LOVE that!
      2.ME TOO. I'm a Slytherin. You?
      3. Same. I'm HORRIBLE. But i"m going to have to keep it to one bag this time around and GAHHHHHH.
      4. Yeah, see now that's hard. Even where Marky is moving to for college I saw NO buses. AT ALL. It's weird! So I forgive you HAHAHA.

      • rachlovespenguins

        Awww and you even forgive me for environmental destruction! Lol <3
        I'm totally a Slytherin. Do you play Pottermore? I used to be on there all the time but I got out of the habit. I need to log back in and see what's new.

      • Hahahaha. I did! When it first came out and then downloaded the books on my Kindle. I should go back on, but MAN. I just thought it was going to be more….Sims like I guess? And it just wasn’t.

  • Emma Bovary

    neat is the right word for that, love the faux ostrich style case! mmm hommus…

    • :D:D I kind of forgot about that fake ostrich so thanks for mentioning it! And YES. Hummus….

  • I love Sephora brushes! I travel very light:-) Last year I went to Spain for a week with a carry on luggage:)

    • Me too! YOU are amazing. I really need to think hard about this trip! One bag pretty much for a month!

  • That is such a CLEVER brush set as well as neat!!! I love how they’ve solved the problem of storing double-ended brushes without damaging the bristles at one end! I’ve wondered about the quality of Sephora brushes in terms of application etc? I do know they have a massive selection to choose from so I wondered what you thought.

    • Agree! They are REALLY great actually! So much better than the past and worth a gander!

  • i’ve a transit user but mostly for economical reasons. i do like gettiing driven around in cars but…its almost never necessary if you’re living in toronto and don’t really care about making it out to the burbs.
    the brush set looks great! esp since each has dual purposes.

  • Woah, how neat, it’s like Matryoshka dolls!

  • Liz

    Jesus. O___O <— at the fun fact! I like these 007 things… will check it out for sure, since I need some new brushes. And LOL @ neat – I still catch myself saying it now and then and had to explain what it meant to a bunch of middle schoolers once. They didn't get it.

  • Eugenia

    Love the handle colour too, Lil Sis and how cool that each brush is like 2-in-one! As to the Altima, my mother-in-law owned one and I have to say that the trunk on that thing is MASSIVE! Hopefully you’ll be able to pack all of Marky’s things AND your stuffs!

  • Gaelle

    I have never used neat in that way but I like it! I like Sephora brushes in general. As for packing light, I have got better at this but still take too much

    • LOL hahaha! I like their brushes a lot too. I think they’ve really stepped up their brush game!

  • Sephora makes some of the best brushes and these ones are totally perfect for travel! 🙂

  • NEAT brush set!

    I don’t have a car — I walk everywhere, take the bus, or carpool with my mom if I need to. PEI’s not very pedestrian-friendly though and sooo many times I’ve almost been hit. 🙁

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