Avon Femme Eau De Parfum-Show The World You’re A Star

I love when a fragrance has a commercial to go along with its release. It kind of gives you the general feeling of what the fragrance is supposed to evoke, and this one for Avon Femme Eau De Parfum does that really well! Although, I’m not sure I agree with it to be honest, as I get a totally different vibe when wearing it.

Avon Femme Eau De Parfum($35) is supposed to be a glamorous and sophisticated scent, and it’s one of the best fragrances to come out from Avon in a while! I’d consider it a prestige fragrance of Avon’s, and could easily compete in any department store. Yup. It’s THAT good.

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Avon Femme Eau De Parfum

Avon Femme Eau De Parfum is a contrast of sparkling fruits and florals. It’s for the woman that exudes modern glamour with style and grace. It was created by Master Perfumer Harry Fremont, and his perfume creations include CK One, Lauren Romance, & Lauder Modern Muse. His inspiration was an elegant diamond and Hollywood Glamour. The bottle is made of heavy faceted crystal, looking like that diamond inspiration.

Avon Femme Eau De Parfum.jpg

Avon Femme Eau De Parfum

The notes:

Sparkling Fruits: A combination of pink grapefruit, luscious pear, and peach skin gives the fragrance brightness

Feminine Flowers: Blooming jasmine petals, gardenia blossoms, magnolia and waterlily combine to enchant

Sensual Aromatics: Rich, luxurious amber woods and sweet musk add a smooth, creamy tone and warmth

Right at first spritz, Avon Femme Eau De Parfum is fruity, bright and fun! At first you think that it’s just another fruity fragrance, but give it a chance! The florals ease their way in after a couple of moments, and surprisingly the one that really stands out on me is the waterlily. I LOVE WATERLILY SCENTS. And this one is really lovely. I don’t know about the whole Hollywood Glamour feeling from the commercial that it’s supposed to evoke, but if a bouquet of heavenly flowers reminds you of Hollywood starlets, then sure. For me it’s a gorgeous floral that’s perfect for spring! Light, perfectly feminine and oh so pretty. I get about 4 hours of wear before it’s gone though, and that’s the one thing that Avon needs to work on to really compete in the fragrance arena-up that lasting power baby! But then again, that means an up in price I’m guessing. I enjoy the affordable pricing of Avon fragrances, and don’t mind having to give an extra spritz later in the day. Heck, I’ve paid over twice the price of what Avon fragrances cost and STILL have to reapply later in the day anyways. So maybe Avon IS doing it right. I think they are, especially with this scent!

Get Avon Femme Eau De Parfum from your local Avon Rep by calling 1-800-265-AVON or by ordering online at www.avon.ca.

 Do you like floral fragrances in the spring? Or fruity ones? 

*product sent by PR for review, floral thoughts are mine!

  • Hey Tracy, I’m glad you like it! Not too sure if it’s for me though. This looks like a white floral, and in general white florals don’t speak to me much! 4 hours are also really kind short!

    • Yeah, but like I said-it’s less than half the price of regular fragrances, and some of those over $100 only last that long too.

  • I’ll give it a chance! I’m all for fun, fruity and sparkling.

  • I like florals in the summer. Fruit gets stifling, unless it’s zesty lime!

  • Sounds like a perfect Summer fragrance! The bottle is lovely too. Glad you’re liking it 🙂

  • Avon Femme sounds very pretty! Love when the scent goes with its bottle nicely.
    It is interesting your get waterlily the most. While reading the notes, I thought it would be on the heavier side with white floral notes.

  • I prefer floral to fruity in the spring, although I will sometimes make an exception for certain Jo Malone fragrances (so yummy). I say Avon is doing it RIGHT lol.

  • Liz

    LOL I remember when everyone went batshit over Ralph Lauren Romance. That guy’s fault, eh? I only have one perfume left to acquire and I think I’m done for the year. 🙂

  • Fruity florals are right up my alley and the bottle looks so pretty too!

  • This sounds lovely! Beautiful bottle, too.