Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos Shu Uemura Summer 2014

Ok, let’s finish off the Mika For Shu – Shu Uemura Summer 2014 posts with the Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos($60)!

The melting sweet dream candies design by Mika Ninagawa are the inspiration for these spiral design eyeshadows. The packaging again, is something else!

 Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos.jpg

Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos Shu Uemura Summer 2014

The swirls are a combo of light to dark shades, with the orange one having swirls of  yellow and white mixed in there. Sparkles! The brown eyeshadow has none of them, and the pink one is a very subtle shimmer.

Swatchy time!

Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos.jpg

Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos Swatches

The Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos are classic Shu eyeshadow textures. Smooth, blend like a dream, albeit a bit sheerer this time. But with bright shades like these, sheer is the way to go as they won’t look so overdone and WOW you’ve got a lotta colour on your eyes, if you know what I mean.

 Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos.jpg

Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos Shu Uemura Summer 2014

Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos.jpg

Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos Shu Uemura Summer 2014

Here’s what the Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos look like paired with the Shu Tint Gelato CRO1 on my cheeks, and PK01  blotted down on my lips.

Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos.jpg

Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos Shu Uemura Summer 2014

The colours all go together so well, and are quite wearable don’t you think? They’re not too much because they’re not so bright. Very easy to wear and love!

It wouldn’t be a Shu Uemura Collection without some amazing false lashes! And the Mika For Shu False Eyelashes($35) do not disappoint at all!

Mika For Shu False Eyelashes.jpg

Mika For Shu False Eyelashes

They’re outer corner lashes, which I like a lot! So much easier to apply and wear. The lashes are so pretty with pink, orange and yellow lashes encrusted with stars. Usually I find these collection false lashes from Shu way over the top, but these are really pretty on the eyes! They’d be perfect for prom, grad, any party! Highly recommend them!

 photo 2MIKASHULASHESIMG_2557.jpg

Mika For Shu False Eyelashes

There are also some Mika Nail Stickers, but for the life of me I can’t find them now! I really need to get organized around here haha. You can take a look at them here on the site if they interest you!

You can find the Mika For Shu False Eyelashes and Mika For Shu Eye Shadow Spiral Duos wherever Shu Uemura is sold! In Canada that’s at Holts, select Sephoras and some Bays and online as well. In the USA you can order online as well.

 So, whaddaya’ think of the Mika For Shu Collection? Anything really speak to you? I do recommend trying one of the Tint in Gelato for sure. Even though I don’t like them on the lips, I think they are quite lovely on the cheek! In case you missed my blog post on them,  check it out HERE.

*products sent by the lovely PR, thoughts are mine!

  • Hey Tracy, I was so going to ask where those cute falsies come from yesterday, and now I have my answer! The eyeshadows look as cute as a button, but I think I’m more curious about those LASHES (and I don’t even wear falsies)!

  • I love the orange and pink duo. Did you use them as a wash of color or are these like that once build up. I mean they look so pretty on you but would it be possible to go crazy like in the promo pic? Just wondering 😉
    I love the lashes and cheek lippie combo, I have one of the tints I believe it is CR02, I found it a bit too bright on the lips but I might try to wear it as a stain just as you did there.

    • I used the orange more as a wash-in the promo they used that duo as the main colours. The pink and orange duo are really nice, and yes I think you can build them up especially the orange, The pink is a little harder to build up, but still doable!
      Yeah, I don’t like the tints on the lips at all, so I blot them down. They move too much!

  • Ooooh look at those lashes! Love ’em 😀 And those eyeshadows look so pretty, I love what you did with them, your eye look looks great. And indeed still very wearable. Minus maybe the falsies then 😉

    • Cool, hey? Thanks! Some people are so scared of colour, this one is an easy way to wear it!

  • What a fun little collection! Love the falsies and the pink & orange duo looks perfect on you! Might just pick the duo up out of the collection!

  • The eyelashes are really cute!

  • Swirled or marbled pressed powder products are not really my things, although I totally agree with you on that “sheer and refined” is the way to go when it comes to brighter shades like these.
    I love the pink color on your lids as well as the falsies. How adorable! 🙂

  • They look like ice cream 😀 I love. Also, those falsies ARE cute! I think the outer wing ones are much easier, as well.And I love the sparkles.

  • Gosh, these are such pretty shades! Shu’s packaging is always so much fun and I love the look you created with them! xo

  • Coco

    So pretty!! <3

  • Lily

    OK, now I know what you’re wearing on your lashes – I asked you in the other Shu Uemura post. You know what, the pink and orange shadows can totally pass off as blushes, but you rock them so well on your eyes 🙂

    • Hahaha yup! These are them! You’re right! They could! I should try that-I kind of forget to do that for some reason-DOH.

  • pretty eye looks as always tracy. did you see steph’s (funsizedbeauty?) so amazing!

    it makes me want that orange pink palette!


  • Ooh, everything is so pretty! You look great!

  • Jayne

    Those lashes are amazing! They are quite sweet actually!

  • Liz

    The shadows look beautiful on you! I’m a little tired of their 70s swirl patterns though, lol. But I never get sick of their fun lashes. This one looks strangely wearable despite the crystal.