Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors- Review, Swatches

 Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors.jpg

Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors

As a blush fiend, I LOVE when there’s something new in a blush. I LIVE for it. The new “now” thing seems to be that you can use your blush on your lips. Personally, I’m a blush-purist. I want my blush to be blush, my lipsticks to be lipsticks ya’know? But old-fashioned me needs to get used to this new idea I guess, because I bet there’ll be more of these from other brands soon. Just a little blush bet there, hahaha.

The new Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors ($28) are going to be a permanent addition to the Shu line-up, but it’s debuted with the Mika For Shu Collection. No hurry to get them if they do interest you though! They are supposed to have a smooth and creamy gelato-like formula, that allows you to adjust the thickness of layers to get the look you’re after. There are 12 gelato-inspired shades so there’s something for everyone!

They have a soft, doe-foot applicator which I like. The Gelatos are apparently a perfectly calibrated trio of applicator, wiper and formula to get the smoothest glide and spreadability that gives ultimate colour payoff. It’s really soft that’s for sure! And thicker than most doe-foots..feets? Whatever. I still don’t know haha.

 Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors.jpg

Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors Applicator

The Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato formula consists of elastomeric gel made of-can you guess? Silicon-type-polymers. Sigh. You can’t get AWAY from the stuff lately I tell ya! The silicons give the formula a silky smooth texture and has a filling powder that creates a smooth effect upon application. And it also allows for that controllable layering thing I mentioned earlier. Thin layers gives a semi-matte look with a natural sheen finish, while delicate layering(not sure what Shu means there) gives more intense colour payoff. Personally, I find thin layers is the way to go, for the cheeks at least. Lips-well that’s another story.

Swatchy Time

 photo 84bfe1be-305c-4412-ae59-d3e292beee5d.jpg

Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors CR04, PK01, CR01

The Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato swatch amazingly well! They look so smooth, creamy, opaque-you’ll fall in love at first swatch!

Swatchy AND Blendy Time

Well, they’re for cheeks too and you gotta blend for THAT otherwise CRAZY OLD LADY CHEEKZ and nobody wants that business…yet. I do think when I’m in a nursing home, Imma gonna BE that old lady though. 😀 ROCKING THE CHEEKS IN MA WHEELCHAIR BABY 😀

 photo eae8a80f-7e30-497b-920d-7fa455554892.jpg

Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors CR04, PK01, CR01

So, I don’t mind the Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors on my cheeks. They’re not my favourite cheek product though, because well-the silicons(and no, that’s how Shu spells it in my PR release). I’m just not a huge fan of the heaviness they give to products. I can FEEL them on my cheeks, and even though I am a blush fiend and love my blush-I don’t care for feeling it on my face. Also, they take a bit of time to ‘set’ for me, and truth be told they feel a little dry too. I have dry skin, so yeah. If you have oily skin, you will LOVE LOVE them. Fingers work best for application too. Just dab a bit on your fingers and blend, blend, blend. Remember though-thin layers is the key. They do last a good while though! I think it’s the whole thin layering application that helps with that a lot.

BUT-I really don’t care for the Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors on my lips at all. Nope. Not one bit. For one thing, the moussey texture doesn’t really sink into your lips and set. It kind of floats and moves around on lips. A lot. You know what they remind me of? Those LUSH lipsticks I didn’t and still don’t like. Pretty much the same feeling for me. But if you like those, you’ll like these then that’s for sure. They’re not hydrating and not extremely drying on the lips. Just sort of…there. I find they work best if you apply, and then blot down-at least for me. I don’t like that moving around and sliding business on my lips. I keep thinking I’ll look in the mirror and my lips will be on my chin and that’s just not a good look, right? Right.

So I thought Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors CR01 was going to be my fave, but it really changes colour on me. It becomes a light, warm coral pink and most of the orange gets lost. Where? I don’t know. Maybe my face repels orange now because of the pink hair HAHA. That’s my theory.

 photo SHULIPSORANGEIMG_3873.jpg

Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors CR01 Blood Orange

And face closeup to see the cheeks together with the lips blotted down. On the cheeks it’s a bright coral flush. I like it on the cheeks! Really brightens up the face!

 photo 44940554-a68c-4555-b9d2-c5a9ba828802.jpg

Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors CR01

Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors PK01 is a bright pink. It can look more fuchsia in some lights and depending how much you layer on. Here is one layer on my lips:

 photo 526bea47-3cb4-4866-9a96-475b30d447d4.jpg

Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors PK01 Berry Berry

And here’s Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors PK01 layered twice on my lips to get the more intense fuchsia shade. I’ll give the formula that much! You really can control the shade. It’s on my cheeks as well.


Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors PK01

Surprisingly, Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors CR04 is my fave of the bunch! This nudey coral is the best of the 3 I have. It seems to be more moisturizing and dewy in finish as well. This is a heavy layer on my lips:

 photo 71213de1-6b37-4ee8-b758-cc69969754de.jpg

Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors CR04 Spiced Orange

On my cheeks it’s a lovely coral that goes with everything! If you’re going to get one Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Color, this is the one I recommend for sure!

 photo a103e7dd-a694-409e-9c1d-ad5741a58e74.jpg

Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors CR04

I do recommend swatching the Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors in person before you buy, since man-you can’t really predict what the colour is going to look like on you without actually trying it. A shade you might not have considered before might be the most appealing to you and look the best on! Ive seen them on other people with different skin tones, and they all look so different depending on lip pigmentation and skin tone.

Like I said, they are permanent which is a good thing! You can find them wherever Shu is sold-online at, at select Sephoras, at Holt Renfrew and I think some Bays carry Shu as well(at least out east they do I think).

I was going to get one of the YSL Kiss and Blushes, but my friend Sunny tells me that the formulas are pretty much identical, so scrap that plan! But if you were considering one of those too, get THIS instead. The Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Lip and Cheek Colors are $28 as opposed to the HOLY JEEZUS $45 that the YSL ones go for here in Canada. HIGHWAY CHEEK ROBBERY THERE  fellow blush fiends!

Have you tried these yet? Will you? What do you think of this one product for lips & cheeks thing happening? Like I said, I’m a blush-purist. Partly because I’ve never found something that works well for BOTH lips and cheeks. At least for me. Have you? 

*products sent by the lovely PR, hope she still loves me hahaha! Thoughts are mine, as is the silicone dislike in cheek products lately. SIGH. I really need to have to try and get used to them though, and quick! Any suggestions?

  • Liz

    I like them all on you, but CR01 really does look different on your skin than mine! LOLed so hard at the CHEEKS ON WHEELCHAIR! Can I get a room right next to you in that nursing home? LOLOL

    • I told you! hahaha and YES-both of us in that nursing home, with clown cheeks RACING out wheelchairs hahahaha!

  • Wow, the shades look absolutely lovey and it sounds like my oily skin would like the formula. A shame about all the silicones, though!

  • These look gorgeous on you! I’ve never tried anything from Shu Uemura, but those shades are so pretty. Really too bad about the silicones 🙁

    • Thanks Marianna! They are lovely on the cheek though! And yeah, I know-but they’re getting really hard to avoid lately. On the cheeks they do work really well!

  • rachlovespenguins

    Your HOLY JEEZUS $45 YSL isn’t much better down here. We save a fiver over your price but even at $40 I’m not sure they’re anywhere close to worth it. Not sure anyone near here carries Shu though. Need to investigate.

    • YSL kills me. You think Chanel and Dior are pricey, but YSL is just a whole ‘nother level of crazy. You can order online in the USA I know that! But you guys have no counters at all. 🙁

      • rachlovespenguins

        Well it’s not like me to let a lack of counter space be a deterrent. If I were dependent on counter-swatching I wouldn’t own anything. The “big name” department stores near me are more like satellite stores and they don’t carry much anyway.

      • Yeah, I hear ya! I was in Missoula, Montana once and the Macy’s there was…an experience LOL!

  • Hey Tracy, thanks so much for the shout-out! One thing though: I did calculate the price by milliliter, and YSL turned out to be a little cheaper. Still, I understand why MOST of us would prefer a smaller price tag for less product!

    I think these look great on you! So sorry to hear you’re not really liking them that much. Although if you don’t like cone, I can totally see why 😉

    • I like them on the cheeks, even though they’re a little dry for my taste. They do last a long time and look nice on! It’s the lips I have a problem with. I think these lips and cheek products just aren’t my thing. I’ll keep using them just on my cheeks though!

  • You know I haven’t found a good cheek and lip tint either, but I don’t expect to! The formulas I prefer are just too varied.

    • It’s just not meant to be, right? I mean they’re just so different, so how can something work for both?

  • Vanessa

    Wowza. These shots of you are so glam. I love it!!

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  • LOL LOL at “highway cheek robbery”! ;D
    I would pick this one instead of the YSL, but I probably won’t. It doesn’t seem that it would work both as blush and lippie for me.
    PK01 looks especially stunning on you. <3

    • I calls ’em as I sees ’em Lena hahaha! Thanks! It’s pretty! But yeah, they’re different that’s for sure! I like them on cheeks though!

  • “Rocking the cheeks in ma wheelchair” HAHAHA. I just swatched the YSL ones for the first time yesterday, and they seemed really smooth and nice, although I wouldn’t put them on my lips. I could tell they’d be dry. CR04 is my favorite on you too! I would’ve named it Cantaloupe though. Why didn’t Shu’s people discuss this with me first?!

    • :D:D I think they look thinner in texture myself compared to these. I still might get one-FOR SCIENCE hahaha. Right? Shu needs YOU.

  • Emma Bovary

    I think the PR will be happy with a good and honest review 🙂 I’m not often a fan of the blush and lip hybrid products, I am happy to have set products in my arsenal if I’m being honest. I will also be in my wheelchair when I’m in aged care rocking a bright blush, high 5 to that!

    • I hope you are right Emma haha! I think they are pretty ok on the cheek, but lips-I’m too in need of moisture!

  • Lily

    What’s that bling I see on your lashes?? I don’t mind some multi tasking products but I’m not too fond of it if it’s too heavy on the ‘cones. I actually love all of them on you though. Glad to know these are similar to the YSL ones too, because it’s so much easier to get some Shu Uemura here!

    • They’re made for this collection! Yeah, try these-I think you might like them actually!

  • I’m not really interested in putting something on both cheeks and lips, for the reasons you stated. These do look good on you though!

  • Gaelle

    They all look great! Silicones I can cope with in very small doses. You rock those crazy old lady cheeks 😉

  • I find it pretty hilarious that the Shu PR blurb is so confusing and misspelt at that 😀 But all three of these shades look absolutely amazing on you, Tracy, and you’re right, Spiced Orange looks so much nicer on than in the swatch! I’ll probably get one of these later in the year to check out the formula – but I wish Shu was more widely available in the US!

    • I’m not sure if it was misspelled or not, but maybe that’s how they spell it in Japan? Thanks my friend! It’s worth shot to try I say! Much more affordable that the YSL!

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  • I know they’re everywheres! No, I haven’t. Still debating to though. You?

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