The Spring Bloom Tag!

I saw the lovely Marianna of Impression Blend on Youtube doing the Spring Bloom Tag, and thought it would be a fun one to do today!

1. What is the biggest change in your beauty routine when spring rolls around?

Hmmm, probably mascara. As the weather starts to warm up, I want to make sure my mascara stays put and doesn’t smudge. My eyes water a lot in the spring, so I like using something that won’t move on my bottom lash line. I really like the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara for that!

 photo SPRINGCLUMPCRUSHERPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

Covergril Clump Crusher won’t give you loads of volume, which is why I like it for the bottom lashes. The wand isn’t too big either, so it’s not messy to use on bottom lashes. It gives nice definition and length to my bottom lashes, and unlike waterproof mascaras, it’s pretty easy to remove. But it stays put really well and doesn’t smudge at all. I like it!

2. What is your favorite spring eyeshadow combo?

No eyeshadow combo for me-at the moment at least. I’ve been preferring cream eyeshadows, and eyeshadow sticks because they don’t bother my sensitive eyes as much as powder shadows do. Here are a few of my faves:

 photo SPRINGEYESPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

The first swatch is a Mally Beauty one called Taupe, and it’s a new one I got in California last month. I like it! It stays put on my oily lids fairly well. It’s similar to the third swatch which is Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Pearl Grey, although Pearl Grey is a touch darker and more silver. It doesn’t stay put on my lids as well as the others do, which makes me SAD. But I still like it! Especially on the bottom lash line. The pinky one is Make Up Forever Aqua Shadow 30E and that’s probably my fave! Stays put all day. The last swatch is Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen Mocha Mauve. I need more of them, because it’s another good one for oily lids!

3. Do you prefer a nude lip or bold lip for spring?

Bold baby! Since my eye makeup is pretty minimal come spring, I like wearing a bright lip! I adore the Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids and I have three of them that I love wearing in the spring!

 photo SPRINGBRIGHTLIPSPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

The top one is #860 Pink Pop and the hardest one to wear. It can look a little Snooky if I’m not careful, so I blot this one down a bit when I wear it. It still is pretty bright even when blotted though! The second one is #900 Hot Plum and it’s a prefect bright pink! The last one is probably my favourite of the bunch #875 Vivid Rose. It’s like a better version of MAC Impassioned if you ask me! These Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids are some of the best drugstore lipsticks around. Pigmented, moisturizing, last FOREVER-I can get 5 hours or more if I don’t eat. Plus they fade nicely too. I hope they come out with more shades this summer!

4. What are your top 3 accessories for the season?

Scarves! Always scarves. I have hooks on the side of a shoe cabinet in my entry way where I hang all my scarves. I think I need another hook somewhere haha. And probably another shoe cabinet too!

 photo IMG_3957.jpg

Bracelets! I’m really digging springy skulls:

 photo IMG_3974.jpg

And shoes. Shoes are everything! More on shoes later!

5. Favorite spring candle?

 photo IMG_3979.jpg

Still loving the Bath and Body Works Paris Daydream candle! Smells like a rainy day, and LOVE rainy days. I need to get more of these…

6. Floral, stripes or polka-dots?

NONE. I don’t mind florals I guess, but for me it’s all about Camo! I kind of have an obsession with camo print. 😀

 photo 8784e8d2-ffd4-4fb3-adf9-d47c4f85974f.jpg

Yup. That’s a camo hoody, a camo purse, and camo pants. Later on you’ll see my camo flats. And NO. I don’t wear them all together at the same time!

7. Which new trend are you the most excited for? (fashion, beauty or both!)

No idea really. I can’t really wear orange lips, although I’ve been thinking about putting some orange in my hair, but Marky won’t let me. She has orange tips in her red hair and she thinks we’d match too much. PFFT. Doing it when she moves away for sure LOL.

8. Which food/drink do you enjoy the most during spring?

 photo IMG_3981.jpg

Nothing I can really think of, but I found these new chocolate milks at the grocery store the other day! They’re made with REAL chocolate and you can cook with them too. They taste really good, especially warmed up in the microwave. YUMMMMMmmmmmm.

9. What is your spring signature scent?

 photo IMG_3977.jpg

Jo Malone Orange Blossom

Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne of course! You all know how much I love orange blossom scents, and this one is my favourite.

10. Which pastel colour is your favourite?

Still mint! Although, it’s a bit harder for me to wear lately. Really liking pastel pinks too!

11. What is your go to spring hairstyle?

I don’t have one? I was thinking about getting my hair cut shorter again, but I HATE fussing with my hair. I’m a wash-and-air-dry kind of gal when it comes to my hair, so I decided to let it grow again. It’s just easier to style when you have curly wavy hair when you have a bit of length to it. Hence the reason you might see me pinning up my bangs into a Duff-Puff  in pictures. Like I’ve said before, I really don’t like hair in my face.

12. What is your favourite spring nail polish?

 photo IMG_1017.jpg

Trind Caring Color Nail Lacquer Spring/Summer 2014 Collection


I’m really digging the looks of the Trind Caring Color Nail Lacquer Spring/Summer 2014 Collection! The colours are gorgeous. I’ll try to get some swatches of the shades up soon!

13. Show us the shoes you’ll be rocking this season!


 photo SPRINGSHOESPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

14. What is your best spring break memory?

Seriously? I’m too old for this tag LOL.

15. Spring is the season of love, what do you love the most about it?

Like Marianna, I HATE spring. It’s dirty and dusty here in Edmonton. Plus, we’re not safe from snow either yet. It can and has snowed in May! Actually, I think there might be some snow mixed in with rain today…

I tag anybody who wants to do the Spring Bloom Tag! Or just give me your answers in the comments below-that works too!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope it’s spring-like in your neck of the woods today!

  • Lily

    Wish I could do these seasonal tags. They’re all pretty meaningless to me, since it’s pretty much like summer all year round here. Love the shoes you got though 🙂

    • I’d miss seasons so much! Never mind hating the endless heat hahaha. Thanks! Shoes rock.

  • Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday! 😉
    I adore your shoe collection! Love the black flats and those funky cowboys. I actually have a thing for cowboy boots and have 3 pairs. Most people think I’m a rider boot kind of girl, but I’m not.
    I can’t wait till spring really blooms. It’s still chilly here..there, too? ;(

    • Thanks I am even though it’s rain/snowing. SNAINING hahaha.
      Cool! Yeah I would have pegged you for riding boots too! I love cowboy boots too. I have a pair of Fryes I love! And yeah. STILL COLD.

  • Nicci

    I love that Trind polish in Miss O’Hara! I’m trying out their keratin treatment right now because my poor sad nails are peeling all over the place

  • Hey Tracy, happy Sunday to you, too! Love seeing all the stuff you love for spring! Those eyeshadow sticks look positively dreamy. Can I just say I wish that chocolate milk existed here? LOL I really only drink chocolate milk in winter though. For the moment I’m slightly addicted to Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea :p

    • :D:D
      No chocolate milk? WHAT? You live in the land of chocolate! How sad! There’s nothing like a nice glass of chocolate milk after working out! It’s my fave snack for that!

      • Here’s the sad thing. We get this THING that they call chocolate milk, but it really isn’t! The best chocolate milk is the homemade stuff for which you melt chocolate in a pot of milk on the stove. But that’s work :p

      • LOL that sounds not so good! Out ready made stuff is pretty tasty I have to say! And this one is even better since it’s more natural and real chocolate. Yeah, recently here all the hot chocolates are like that-you have to add them to milk and heat it up but that’s work too! Why can’t they make a decent powdered one you just add water too? WHY? hahahaha us chocolate hounds

  • HAHAHA. Spring break? Seriously 😛 I like your boots. And ugh, hair. I know. I’m trying to grow out my bangs but it’s such a pain. So I’ve been pinning them up that way, too, but it’s kind of ridiculous and my forehead is too big 😛

    • Right? I was like wth man. How old was this person who wrote this tag?
      Your forehead is PERFECT Shush.
      I don’t really have bangs so much anymore, but because I don’t blow dry or diffuse, my hair is kind of flat up top hahaha. This gives me some height!

  • hahahahhaha @ your spring break response. And I think you might be able to make an all-camo look work 😉 Definitely digging those Trind shades, can’t wait to see swatches!

  • Oh pssshhh just go ahead and put that orange in your hair, girl, I just know it will look super fun! Who cares if you’ll match 😉 I am also a big fan of the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara by the way. The way it seperates my lashes and adds length, it’s sick!

    • Hahahaha I’ll keep the peace for now hahaha-it’s only a few more months she’s here. After that, PFFFT. Me too! I like the length and separation as well!

  • reallllllllllly love that turquoise skull bracelet. WANTTTTT.

    • LOL hahahaha you know where I got it? DISNEYLAND of all places!

      • really??? Man, it;s come such a long way since the mickey mouse-shaped ice cream bars. You couldn’t tear me away from those

      • Ahahaha you know, I don’t think I’ve ever had one of them! But the churros?? OH BABY.

  • Liz

    Springy skulls, lol! Love that. I want those camo pointed flats. 🙂 I just did the tag after watching Marianna the other day too. Turns out I don’t like spring all that much either – it’s all cracked roads and bare branches right now.

  • Fun tag! I’m also a huge fan of vibrant lips for Spring (or anytime, really!). Love the shades you chose 🙂

  • Yay! I’m so glad you did this! Thanks for the shoutout 🙂
    First of all, I love Maybelline’s ColorSensational Vivids – I have all three of the ones you mentioned (and a few more… *hangs head in shame*) and I am always having a hard time deciding which one to wear. Also your shoes and scarves are SUPER cute!
    Spring haters unite 🙂

    • Your welcome! I loved it and love your videos.
      Hahaha, I’d get more of them, but all the other colours are too hard for me to wear haha!
      And yes! Spring haters unite!

      • Thank you so much! 🙂
        I’m normally not even excited for spring, but this year the winter has been SO LONG – I can’t help it haha

  • I love reading these spring posts – roll on spring, many months away yet!!! Vivid Rose and Hot Plum are favourite brights for me too 🙂

  • Gaelle

    Those tan ankle boots/sandals are awesome! And chocolate milk is so underrated

  • Kristi C.

    This was fun to read your responses! I too like orange fragrance in the Spring – currently have an LE bottle of Prada L’Orange. I expect that this spring may finish off the bottle & then I’ll have to find a new spring fragrance. I need to try some of the eyeshadow sticks – I keep looking at them from a number of lines. Just need to decide on a color and jump on in – LM Pearl Grey keeps showing up in posts and I keep cooing over the color – maybe that’s a sign!! LOL I like creme colors for spring pedicures – OPI Dutch Tulips (med watermelon color) is one that I return to over and over again. I try pastels on my toes but I usually remove it and paint on a rose/pink/red/purple option. I’m such a creature of habit! Dutch Tulips is the only bottle of nail polish that I’ve ever finished and repurchased! And Vivid Rose looks like a great color. I’m about ready to break out Clinique’s Fresh Watermelon. It is one of my favorite Spring/Summer lip colors.

  • I might do this! I’ma wash-and-air-dry kind of girl too with my hair. I don’t own any heat styling tools at all.. or a blowdryer…

    Man, I really need to try some Maybelline lipsticks! I did get on to the tinted Baby Lips and Color Elixir train, at least!

  • “Springy skulls”, camo, and orange blossoms! You are the bestest!! So much fun to read. i might do this fun tag. I’ve been waiting FOREVS (ok…slightly less than that) for some wedding pics from our photog so I can do a “what I wore” post for my wedding day, but I think we’ve still got some waiting ahead of us so I might as well get my blogging feet wet again with this gnarliness! I love your hair. Pink blonde is my ultimate dream. I got 7″ cut off in San Juan, PR and now I’m thinking about going lighter and lighter until I achieve blonde nirvana. I seriously considered a pixie cut but I’m so afraid it would look CRA CRA and I’d be in grow-out mode for eons. Plus I’m super lazy with my hair (wash n’ go!!) so I can’t have something that requires “styling” b/c I just know I’m not going to be up for that at 7 am. Ok babe, love ya like banana nut muffins and hot coffee on a veranda overlooking the sea! XOXO -K <3