MAC Proenza Schouler Sunset Beach Blush

I can’t remember the last MAC blush I bought. Oh, wait-it probably was Supercontinental from the whatever whosits collection from that season of past. HONESTLY. Who can keep up with MAC and their collections? It is beyond my comprehension and if you do then you deserve a gold star. [emoji white medium star]  I personally, gives up. Don’t get me wrong, I like MAC a lot, but I don’t live and die by the plethora of collections they release.

But that doesn’t mean that I SEE what’s coming up. I am a beauty blogger, and by nature I SEES all the good stuffs coming out. Doesn’t mean I run to my MAC counter to buy everything up(MAN I remember in the 90s lining up outside the stores before they opened up for their Christmas collections-anybody else remember those days??) but I do keep a mental note of what I see that I actually like and might want.

And when I saw these MAC Proenza Schouler Ombre blushes-well, ya know. BLUSH. And Ombre! I really wanted the one called Ocean City, but alas the MAC Junkies and orange blush lovers bought that one up TOOT SWEET(gonna make it happen I tell ya), so Sunset Beach was my only choice. And I’m quite HAPPY about that actually!

Ombre blushes really make your blush fiend heart skip a beat, hey? So pretty!

Swatchy Time!

MAC Proenza Schouler Sunset Beach Blush.jpg

MAC Proenza Schouler Sunset Beach Blush
light part, dark part, swirled together

Now I know that everyone reads Temptalia for MAC makeup reviews. I do too, but not regularly though, because I do like to avoid a lot of the BIG makeup bloggers that get everything so that I can formulate my own opinion, if ya’ know what I mean. But the morning that my MAC Proenza Schouler Sunset Beach Blush was delivered on my doorstep, there popped up her review of this same blush: F. AN F RATING she gave it! Needless to say I was terribly bummed out, and thought I had made a big mistake, and WHY did I order this blush because GOSH DARN it Tracy you know better than ordering something without touching it first. 

MAC Proenza Schouler Sunset Beach Blush.jpg

MAC Proenza Schouler Sunset Beach Blush

PFFFT. I don’t know, but I disagree with her rating COMPLETELY. Mine is WONDERFUL. It’s soft, buttery, finely milled, pigmented and blends like a dream. I think there’s been some quality issues with manufacturing, and some of these blushes AREN’T like the others. But mine? Is NICE. It’s pretty much a natural flush for me as you can see and I ADORE when a blush can do that. And MAC Proenza Schoiuler Sunset Beach Blush does just that. Perfectly.

I’m pretty sure you can still find MAC Proenza Schouler Sunset Beach Blush on counters right now if you really want to take a look at it. Ocean City on the other hand, is pretty much a no-go, which annoys me to NO END. Why does MAC do that still? I find it rather….IMMATURE. Grow up MAC. Sell your products like an ADULT for makeup’s sake. And I do feel like you really should touch this one before buying because of the discrepancy in texture that’s been happening.

Do you live and die by the MAC LE SWORD? Or are you like me, and MAC makes you ANNOYED. I’m old, and I don’t have time for this BULL CRAP of having to stay up all night to order something, or lineup for 3 hours to get a…BLUSH. Not gonna happen MAC. But toot Sweet? OH, YEAH-that’s gonna happen.  [emoji face with stuck-out tongue]

  • I also try to not get influenced by big bloggers and makeup alley prior to my review. I have to say the one you got looks great!

  • Hey Tracy, I’m glad you like it! I think these have had some love as well as some hate in the blogosphere. Ultimately, it is always better to swatch something before you buy 🙂 It’s a gorgeous blush on you for sure!

  • Gaelle

    Beautiful pink, you make me want pink when I’m all about peach and coral normally! I avoid most big blogs/ youtube as I feel that their opinions are not always 100% honest.

    • Hahaha, thanks my friend! Yeah, me too. And now you have to wonder of a bad rating is because of a dud product too!

  • I agree – I hate when MAC pulls stuff like that. So I pretty much ignore their LE collections now, LOL. She gave it an F? Dang now I have to go look.

  • The blush looks great on you.

    Oddly enough, I don’t own any MAC products yet. There are a few staples I someday wish to pick up but none of the LE collections have grabbed my attention. I once wanted a palette from a past collection but I was unable to make it to the store in time.

    • Thanks Iris! And that’s the annoying part about them I can’t stand! Who needs that?

  • Toya

    Toot sweet gets such a chuckle from me Tracy, thank you so much for that LOL

    I’m really glad you reviewed this blush, because I saw Christine’s review as well and was just like ‘Ok well that’s good, one more MAC item I don’t have to think about’ – so even though NOW of course I WANT IT, at least it’s been given it’s fair shake by you and it sounds as if we really just need to make our own opinion about it! Sometimes my local MAC will still have LE items in stock (because hel-LO I live in Halifax, which is the smallest of the big cities!), but the blush are usually the first to good (those smart cookies!). I might swing by the mall tomorrow and just take a look…just to be sure… 😉

    BUT on the whole, I usually pass by most MAC releases because yea, this whole LE / billions of releases a year crap really ANNOYS THE HECK OUTTA ME.

  • MAC pretty much annoys the crap outta me. I like browsing and keeping up with their collections, but I dislike the churned out stuff and the fact that it takes all of ten seconds for something cool to sell out and end up on eBay for triple. Anywhoo…this is lovely. I have been adoring these ombre blushes and if I can touch one at a MAC counter soon, (if they aren’t all gone, ha) then I shall get this! I’ve never been more tempted by anything MAC

    • I know, me too. I still like the permanent stuff a lot though! I hate the whole selling out of stuff so fast-I think that’s self-created by them and not fair. Because why then do they show up at CCOs later on?

  • Jenny W

    I haven’t bought a MAC blush for years too! I also just realised I’ve never bought an ombre blush- not sure why. Looks fab on you- glad the texture worked out great in the end.

  • When I saw the F rating and I was like boooooo too! But somehow yours performs a lot better then eh? That is great!

  • Lily

    Oh gosh, I think my MAC blushes are like 3 years already. I only have 5, then broke 1 so now there are 4. LOL! I love how this blush looks and the pink is amazing on you. Your positive take on this blush also shows that either this product is not for everyone, or there definitely are DUDS out there 🙂

  • Liz

    I still keep an eye out for new launches because if there’s something amazing in the neverending tide, I’m not going to be stupid and miss out. But I don’t stand in lines or refresh pages during server crashes and all that. It doesn’t take any effort to just look, so I do plenty of that. 🙂 I had high hopes for a PS collaboration but the packaging left me feeling quite meh. And this blush is pretty and perfect on you, but of course, I wanted the sold out everywhere orange one. 🙂

    • I don’t mind the packaging actually! Yeah, I don’t hunt things down like some people do. I’m too old for that!

  • I know! It’s weird!

  • Me too actually hahaha. There’s was another NARS blush that she gave a F to, and I loved it!

  • Eugenia

    I totally agree, Lil Sis…I stopped trying to keep up with all the MAC collections eons ago. I still keep an eye out on what they’re doing, but I don’t have that crazy need to rush to their counters with every launch.

    Still, when I saw the first promos for this collection, I was literally stunned – loved the packaging, but THOSE OMBRÉ BLUSHES, by God! Remember the first time they produced ombré blushes? Yeah…I had the peach one in my hands, gave it back so I could “think” about it, and 3 nanoseconds later, it was sold out. Been regretting it ever since, so as soon as these became available, I went on hunt mode — and it paid off! I scored them both! I haven’t swatched them yet (took some photos, but with the crap weather we’ve been having, not sure if they’re good enough) and I’m hoping mine are the same good quality as yours. I read Christine’s review as well, and it made me sad. Either hers were duds, or her standards are way different than mine. Whatever — I’ll find out soon enough!

    PS: This looks freaking awesome on you – hope it looks as good on me! Oh yeah, did you see the latest Dior Cannage blushes. To – die – for.

    • Hahaha good for you hunting them down! You’ll love them! And I hope they are the same great quality!
      I SAW your Dior Instagram! SO PRETTY.

  • It takes a lot for MAC to excite me these days too – I got overwhelmed and dismayed by their constant collection releases years ago. This on the other hand does look very purdy indeed!

  • Yeah, I get so overwhelmed by MAC and their incessant collections. I have some things by them and I like them all, but there’s no store here and I don’t want to stay up waiting for something to launch. This blush really does look lovely though!

  • Maggie

    MAC and I are pretty much on the outs. I still buy what I need from the perm line, and I investigate new product entries, but with the exception of their Extra Dimension collections, I stay away from the LE madness.

    • Yeah, I do too now. I’m too old to chase down makeup hahaha! Especially sub-par makeup too.