Mary Kay Lemon Parfait Pedicure Collection

Spring is GONNA happen, I promise. And before you know it, you’ll be wanting to wear sandals! So NOWS the time to get your feet looking good people! Before it’s too late!
But you know what? I have a beauty confession to share: I have NEVER EVER had a professional pedicure. EVER. And I probably never will. I have a strict NO TOUCHY MY FEETS policy. I get my feet looking good all by lonesome, and this year I’ve got the Mary Kay Lemon Parfait Pedicure Collection($30) to help me.

Mary Kay Lemon Parfait Pedicure Collection.jpg

Mary Kay Lemon Parfait Pedicure Collection

The Mary Kay Lemon Parfait Pedicure Collection includes Foot Fizzies to bathe your tootsies, an Icy Foot Gel to moisturize and soothe, a Pumice Stone to slough off the dregs of winter, an Emery Board and toe separators to assist you in your pedi-mani. All of these goodies are packed in an adorable gift bag. Would make an awesome Mother’s Day gift, hey? Just throw in a couple of springy nail polishes and your mother will love it. Promise.

Mary Kay Lemon Parfait Pedicure Collection.jpg

Mary Kay Lemon Parfait Pedicure Collection

The Mary Kay Lemon Parfait Foot Fizzies are like little bath bombs for your feet. They smell GOOD. Like a green, refreshing lemon. And the Mary Kay Lemon Parfait Foot Gel is a clear, refreshing foot gel that soothes tired feet. It smells lemony, but yet has a bit of Eucalyptus scent in there to wake up your feet.

Loving this set a lot! So much so that I’ve taken the Foot Fizzies and Foot Gel with me to California. After walking all day, it’s sure nice to have these in the hotel to soothe my tootsies!

You can order the Mary Kay Lemon Parfait Pedicure Collection online at or from your local Mary Kay Rep.

What do you use to soothe your tired, achy feet?

*products sent by the lovely PR, but as always, my thoughts and words are mine. Refreshed feet are AHHHH. SO GOOD.

  • Suzan

    My sisterinlaw was much like you, never had a pedicure because she couldn’t stand her feet being touched.and then she got one while we were on vacation on Mexico a few years ago. She loved it and is a regular at the spa now:)

    I get one every 6 weeks or so and in between those beautiful blissful appointments, I do my own. I use the emoji pedi tool to keep my feet as soft as a baby’s and then just clip and polish the nails. I wear neon colours on the nails, right now it’s Cynthia Rowley super bright orange.

  • I would just like to say thank you (again and again) for not including a photo of feet. (Even though I’m sure yours are lovely.) I have a strict no touching my feet policy also.

  • I’ve never had a pedicure either! Always wanted to try, though, haha. I don’t take very good care of my feet :X

    • I don’t either to be honest, but I’ll kind of scrub off the hard skin once warm weather starts. And I don’t polish toes, I can’t see that far away haha!

  • OOO this sounds great after a whole day of walking around indeed! I scrub my own feet OK, but I hate to do my own pedicure. There’s something about bending in a weird position that isn’t particularly appealing to me LOL

    • I hear ya! I was just thinking about as I age that I’ll probably have to get it done professionally!

  • I used to get professional pedi and massage every month but not anymore. The salon I could trust with hygiene (they used hospital grade sterilizers) is gone! I’ve been doing my own mani and pedi ever since, which is not so bad. This set really looks neat and handy. I like the look of the toe separators. 🙂

    • Yeah that’s the thing too-salon hygiene! Scary stuff. I’ve always just done it myself, but you know as you get older it’s harder to see that far away hahaha! I might have to get them in my 60s!

  • Liz

    FUN! I like bath bombs and pedis. Those feet bombs sound awesome. 😀

  • 38noodles

    What a sweet package! Never had a pedi, and rarely mani either, but I’ve always wanted to do a nice long spa day that includes everything.

  • Emma Bovary

    I love a good foot fizzy!!

  • Gaelle

    Oooh a feet bomb! I’ve only ever had one pedicure, and I found it really stressful that someone was touching my feet. Stressful and uncomfortable, not something I like spending money on!