Make Up For Ever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #330 is a WOW

Make Up Forever HD Second Skin Cream Blush is a blush fiend’s dream come true! If you haven’t got one of these perfect blushes yet, WHATCHA’ WAITIN’ FOR BOO?

Make Up Forever HD Second Skin Cream Blush$31) was made to work in front of HD cameras, meaning it blends into the skin seamlessly, undetectable to the naked eye and the screen. The formula contains a perfect blend of silicone oils, dry oils and waxes to give ultimate blendability. Silica Powders and Synthetic Mica gives a smooth texture and a soft satin finish on the cheeks. Clear Mother Of Pearl and pigments give natural colours that give a healthy, luminous glow.

I was sent Make Up Forever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #330 which is described as a rosy plum.

Make Up Forever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #330 .jpg

Make Up Forever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #330

Doesn’t look very rosy or plum to me, how’s about you? But when swatched, I can see rosy plum peeking through! And you can really see that seamless second skin quality the blush has too.

Make Up Forever HD Cream Blush #330.jpg

Make Up Forever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #330 swatch

On my cheeks, Make Up Forever HD Cream Blush #330 becomes cooler, and more rosy for sure!

Make Up Forever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #330 .jpg

Make Up Forever HD Second Skin Cream Blush #330 #330

How much do I love this blush? LOTS. It’s lighter than a traditional cream blush, yet still creamy. As you blend, it magically melts into your skin perfectly and seamlessly. You can use fingers, a sponge, or a brush-it works well with any of those application methods. It sets to a satin finish, so no worrying about it moving at all throughout the day. And it lasts well over 8 hours too. And it plays well with powder foundations too, so YAY for that!

Again, for the second time this week I have a product that I truly can’t find a single thing wrong with. NADA. Make Up Forever HD Second Skin Cream Blush is about as perfect as a blush can get. It’s better than any other cream blush formula that has come out (looking at you NARS Matte Multiples) in the last year in my opinion. I’ll be picking up another shade for sure-one in a warmer shade and then I’ll be in cream blush nirvana! With 16 shades to choose from, it’ll be hard to choose just one more, especially if you’re a blush fiend like me. Sephora is where you’ll find them of course, so do it!

I kind of liked this diagram on blush application from Make Up Forever, so I thought I’d show it to you. That first technique of applying blush with a figure 8 technique intrigues me! I’ve never done that before, so I’m going to try it next!

 photo blushtechniques2014-03-27at112007PM.jpg

Wow, it’s been a pretty stellar week here I have to say! There’s been quite a few products that I’ve really loved! Have you tried anything that’s blown you away too? And, how do you apply your blush? On the apples? Or as more of a contour? Inquiring blush fiends want to know!

*product sent by the lovely PR for review, but thoughts, words and love for this blush are mine!

  • Nathalie Prud’homme

    Tracy believe it or not, I just got back from picking up the exact same blush. (colour and all).. I will definitely be givng you some feedback. Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

    • Hahaha great beauty minds think alike Nathalie! It will look gorgeous on you! Yes, please let me know for sure! xo

  • I definitely do the apples most of the time, but now I am starting to experiment with a contour! This looks gorgeous!

    • SO good Margo. I used to do apples when I was younger and slimmer, but now I do more of a contour. But this figure 8 business has me intrigued!

  • rachlovespenguins

    I do the figure 8 thing or a bit of contour, since they seem to be much more flattering to my rounder face. I’m not sure where I picked up the 8 technique, but it was probably from a similar face chart.

    Been hearing such nice things about these blushers- I’m really going to have to check them out!

    • I’m going to try it! I’ve never heard of it before and I thought I’ve heard everything about blush by now LOL.
      Yes! They are totally worth it! You need to try one!

  • I want that brown shade that I think Arianne has!

    Also, what is this figure 8 thing? How interesting. I feel like I try to do my blush the same way most days but it never ends up looking the same, LOL. And i think one cheek is pointier than the other??? WTF

    • BooBooNinja

      Agreed. I’d like to know how to do this magical figure 8 blush thing.

    • I haven’t seen that one on her-must have missed it.
      Yeah I tried it the other day and it’s kind of cool! I think a smaller brush is what you need though for it to work.

  • Ahhh I definitely need to check the formula out! It seems to be getting a lot of love!

    Also, figure 8? Hairline? How does that work???

    • Yes you do! There’s a nice coral shade #410 with your name in it! 🙂
      I tried it the other day doing the figure 8 and it’s kind of neat!

  • Lily

    I have been dying to swatch all of them. There isn’t a Sephora here, so I’ll have to wait until I’m in KL. In the meantime, I shall look at these beautiful photos 🙂

    • LOL yes-you will LOVE them! I can hardly wait until you see them in person! I do think you need to swatch in person for sure.

  • 38noodles

    It was instant love for me at first swatch too! Unfortunately they were on backorder when I purchased, so haven’t been able to play with them yet ;(

  • This blush range sounds fabulous! It seems to have only good things from the both sides, powder and creme.
    The color looks beautiful and perfectly natural on you. <3

    • Thanks Lena! Have you seen them in person yet?

      • Not yet, but I would make a quick trip to a local Sephora today. It is 7 minute walk and I’ve been ordering online all this time. What is wrong with me? ;o

  • wow indeeed. this range seems so awesoome in general from all the posts ive been seeing from it so far. the color looks great on you!

    • Thanks! Will you be getting one?

      • ugh. undecided. feel like i’m overflowing with stuff and its sort of driving me crazy. might do a purge before i get it. but then again…the sephora sale is coming up. but then also again, you can get MUFE 40% off at IMATS.

      • I wish I had an IMATS!! UGGGH.

  • Liz

    I’ve been buying blushes this month like a fiend should, but these sort of dropped off the radar for me although I originally wanted like five of them! I think it’s because the shades all look very wearable/neutral-ish. When I get around to it, I’m thinking of picking up the dark orange shade meant for darker skin tones. 🙂

  • Can we just talk about your fabulous hair?? These blushes are super gorgeous though, and I’ve been hearing such great things about them. LOVE how this shade comes to life on your cheeks.

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa. Nothing wrong with it?? I need one now just because you love it so much! I’ve swatched these a few times now, and I agree the texture is pretty fantastic. I could never decide on a shade though!

    • LOL! It’s so perfect! I think you need #410-the coral! I think that’s what I’m getting next.

  • Kristi C.

    I was at Sephora this afternoon & completely spaced off looking at MUFE. I wanted to check out the HD pressed powder that you gave high praise to, look at a couple of eyeliner colors & check out these blushes. Oh well, just means I need to make another trip!! Looking at the color in the pan, rosy & plum are definitely NOT what I’d use to describe the color. The range of colors all look so similar on my computer screen. And seeing how it looks in the pan, looks different when swatched & different still on your cheeks this is definitely a product that is a “see IRL” product. At least for me. It looks gorgeous on you. Perfectly blended & melded with your skin.

    What is the pretty taupe on your eyes & the lip color your sporting? And I love your top – it is fab with your hair!

    • Hahaha yes you must go back! I agree-they need to be seen in person for sure. Although, I do think the arm swatch is pretty close in colour to my cheeks.
      Thanks! Yes I’m wearing the Silver Taupe Gosh Pencil on the eyes, but on the lips I’m wearing a Gosh lipstick that’s coming out soon. I haven’t reviewed them yet! My top is just an Old Navy long sleeve t-shirt-I live in Old Navy/Gap stuff!

      • Kristi C.

        I do wish we had access to Gosh here. I’ve seen some fantastic products in various blog posts. In the last year our dress code at work has been relaxed quite a bit – I wear a lot of jeans w/tees. So easy to put on in the morning. And can be spruced up w/accessories or left more casual w/tennis shoes depending on what’s on the calendar for that day.

      • This Spring line-up from GOSH is pretty amazing I have to say. The lipsticks coming out are SO good.
        See, I could work there. That’s all I ever wear haha!


  • Toya

    I really love the shade I have – and I’m fairly certainly I’ll be picking up a few more at some point too! These ARE pretty damn awesome 🙂

  • Of course you would show up on my Google Image search! LOL. I want this colour. Do you think it’ll show up on me? 🙂