Masque Bar by Look Beauty: Unmask Better Skin in Less Than 30 Minutes!

I love me a good mask! It’ll get your skin looking better than it did 30 minutes ago. But a great mask? Well, now that’s the kind of mask that will get your skin looking AWESOME FOR DAYS.

May I introduce you to the great masks of Masque Bar by Look Beauty!

Masque Bar by Look Beauty.jpg

Masque Bar by Look Beauty

Shoppers Drug Mart has just introduced Masque Bar by Look Beauty, a range of facial masks developed in Korea. Each mask contains high quality serums that are spa-quality.

Masque Bar by Look Beauty has two kinds of masks-sheet masks and mud and crème masks. The sheet masks are pre-cut to match the contours of your face and are easy to use. I think sheet masks are my favourite kind of mask to be honest. They’re just less messy!

The Brightening Sheet Masks($9.93/3) contain orange extract, licorice root, and Vitamin C which are soaked into thin cotton fiber.

Masque Bar by Look Beauty.jpg

Masque Bar by Look Beauty Brightening Sheet Mask

Loved this mask! It fit my face well, and was comfy to wear. After 30 minutes, my skin looked fresher and brighter!

Now, even though I said that sheet masks are my favourite, this Pore Refining Crème Mask? Is seriously AWESOME.

Masque Bar by Look Beauty.jpg

Masque Bar by Look Beauty Pore Refining Crème Mask

The Masque Bar by Look Beauty Pore Refining Crème Mask has a gentle blend of Coenzyme Q-qo with raspberry and lemon extracts to help minimize pores while soothing skin. There’s plenty of mask too-nothing worse when there’s not enough if ya’ know what I mean. After 3o minutes it does dry a bit, but not like a clay mud mask at all. It stays fairly soft. But after? WOW my skin looked SO GOOD. My pores were cleaned out and they looked smaller. And my face was bright and tight! And moisturized too! Yup. I’m willing to put up with the messier crème mask for the results that this one gives!

Masque Bar by Look Beauty also has a Wrinkle Reducing Sheet Mask, and an Anti Blemish Mud Mask too. They cover pretty much all your skin woes! Me? I am getting more of those Pore Refining Masks that’s for sure! My skin looked so good for days!

You can find these great Masque Bar by Look Beauty at your local Shoppers Drug Mart right now.

What’s your favourite kind of face mask? Sheet? Or crème/mud?

*products sent by the lovely PR, but as always, thoughts are mine because SERIOUSLY. My crazy is MINE and why would I let someone else ruin it? [emoji smiling face with horns]

  • Kristi C.

    In the last year or so I’ve started experimenting with sheet masks. I do enjoy them but I still like a good clay one to help clean out my pores. I saw this brand on my last trip to Target & my interest was piqued. Will have to give these a try. Thanks for researching for me!!

  • I have to admit that I don’t use masks that often! I try to do the Omorovicza mud one every week, but sometimes I forget. I don’t know what it is about masks that bothers me a little: maybe it’s the way they always seem to get into my hair?

  • Wowza, so the pore refining mask really transformed your skin eh? That is awesome!

  • Liz

    I totally believe that the folks from my motherland know what they’re doing re: skin care. Excited to try these!

  • I swear Shoppers is way awesome. I want one! 😛 WE’re close enough!

  • Gaelle

    They sound amazing! love masks but never do them. I think the last one I used was the sheet one you sent me ages ago!

  • Definitely picking up that pore one, I think I’ve seen this line at Target by me, but if not I will just order it, thanks for this review Tracy!

  • Oooh, I need to try these!

  • facial mask AND korean? i’m so there. lol so biased towards asian skincare but they know their stuff! will have to try these out.
    i usually use sheet masks since i’m too lazy to towel/wash stuff off.

  • I just saw these in my local Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday. I will have to try them out after I’ve worked my way through my current face masks (I’m a bit lazy in keeping up with my routine).