Mary Kay Belara Midnight Set

“Midnight strikes. And in that moment, the peak of night and the unfolding of a new day exist as one.The Mary Kay Belara Midnight woman embodies this subtle balance – a harmonious blending of mystery and anticipation.”

Did you see her makeup? LOVE the purple eyeshadow a lot! The Mary Kay Belara Midnight Set($70 CDN) includes Belara Midnight Eau de Parfum, Belara Midnight Body Creme and  Belara Midnight Shower Creme:

Mary Kay Belara Midnight Set.jpg

Mary Kay Belara Midnight Eau de Parfum, Belara Midnight Body Creme and Belara Midnight Shower Creme

Mary Kay Belara Midnight Eau de Parfum is a captivating scent that captures the mystery and passion of the night.

Top Notes: Baies Rose , Wild Berries and Tropicalone (a fruity berry note)

Middle Notes: Purple Peony, Egyptian Jasmine and Black Vanilla Bean

Bottom Notes; Sweet Amber, Creamy Sandalwood and Velvet Musk

If the colour purple had a smell, THIS would be it, especially when you first spray Mary Kay Belara Midnight. You get spicy, fruity berries with a bit of floral and you think YUP. Purple! As the fragrance begins to unfold, it starts to become more and more of a warm, vanilla floral. It’s an intriguing sweet scent that’s perfect for a night out. A little heavy for day, but I think most sweet fragrances are better for night anyways.

Mary Kay Belara Midnight Eau de Parfum.jpg

Mary Kay Belara Midnight Eau de Parfum

The bottle is pretty and sure looks like the purple dress in the video ad, hey?

The Mary Kay Belara Midnight Set is a great deal, as it saves you $22 compared to buying each item separately. I personally love being able to layer my fragrances, so having the shower creme and body creme is lovely and will of course make the fragrance last longer. But to be honest, Mary Kay Belara Midnight Eau de Parfum has some serious lasting power on its own-I could still smell it a bit 8 hours later on my wrists! Gotta love that!

Order the Mary Kay Belara Midnight Set on or by calling your local Mary Kay rep.

Do you layer your fragrances often? Or do you just spritz and go?

*product sent by PR for review, now I know what purple smells like! 🙂

  • I actually never layer my fragrance because I prefer to shower/moisturize with different products! Definitely a more spritz and go kind of person 😉 This one sounds like something I’d enjoy, being a big fan of purple and vanilla!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      You’d love it then!

  • rachlovespenguins

    I’m pretty spritz and go as well. Having skin on the more dry and sensitive side leaves a lot of these perfumed bath products off my can-do list. I do try to make sure the various scents (of what I use that does have fragrance) are at least vaguely complementary, but other than that I don’t worry about it too much. I used to like Belara. Should have figured it would have new siblings by now. 🙂

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      My daughter is the same-she can’t do perfumed creams at all especially hand ones. Burns!
      LOL hahaha, it’s been awhile though, right? Belara came out in the 90s or was it later?

  • i haven’t layered fragrance in years but i used to be very much into it before. some fragrance just smell better with layering while others don’t. i’m fond of all the notes listed and i can almost imagine how it smells – a boy magnet. mmm 😉

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Hahaha true to that!
      Yeah, it’s getting harder to layer I think! Not every brand makes all the pieces or if they do, it’ sjust too much money.

  • Lily

    I haven’t tried layering fragrances before. I just spritz and go. I’m a simple kind of gal. LOL!