Going on Holidays! Some Of My Favourite Beauty Travel Essentials From Sephora and Sonia Kashuk

As you are reading this I am on a plane with my family travelling to California! We’re going to Los Angeles and of course, Disneyland! This is the time of year we take our annual trip there. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to be able to go during the spring if my hubby happens to go work there for hockey playoffs, but November or early December is when we REALLY love to go. All the holiday fun is happening there so it’s our favourite time to go!


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Usually I take samples of various skincare items and shampoos with me, but this time I don’t want to and you CAN’T make me no sirree.  I REALLY like some of the things I’m using right now and don’t want to be without them for one week!  So, I’m going to be using the Sephora Collection Deluxe Airless Travel Kit($46 CDN) this trip so that I don’t have to suffer. SUFFER. HA! First World Beauty Junkie problems or what?

 Sephora Collection Deluxe Airless Travel Kit IMG_7612.jpg

Sephora Collection Deluxe Airless Travel Kit

The Sephora Collection Deluxe Airless Travel Kit is an eight-piece set of ready-to-fill travel bottles and jars in a clear plastic cosmetic bag.

 Sephora Collection Deluxe Airless Travel Kit IMG_7615.jpg

Sephora Collection Deluxe Airless Travel Kit

This set contains:

– 2 x 1.69 oz airless pump tubes
– 2 x 1.01 oz airless pump tubes
– 0.51 oz airless pump tube
– 0.51 oz jar
– 1 Piston push stick (to aid in product filling)
– Spatula (to aid in product filling)
– Waterproof, pre-printed labels sheet which I LOVE. Perfect if you don’t have one of those label printers. Which I do. And LOVE. I’m a Martha Stewart wannabee, ok?

 Sephora Collection Deluxe Airless Travel KitIMG_7616.jpg

Sephora Collection Deluxe Airless Travel Kit

Each extremely durable, essential travel container is leak-proof, shatterproof, scratch resistant, and TSA compliant and will house all of your travel essentials, including shampoo, cleanser, night cream, body lotion, shower gel, and much more. Apparently, Bubble Bath??? makes the list as does safety pins and shimmer powder. HUH. Guess I don’t go to many places that require those “necessities” to tag along with me…

I needed a new travel cosmetic bag, and the Sonia Kashuk Floral Print – Valet Travel Cosmetic Bag($29.99) appealed to me! I think the bright pink print put me in a trance at Target, so I bought it.

Sonia Kashuk Floral Print - Valet Travel Cosmetic Bag($29.99) IMG_8334.jpg

Sonia Kashuk Floral Print – Valet Travel Cosmetic Bag($29.99)

This thing is freakin’ AWESOME.

Sonia Kashuk Floral Print - Valet Travel Cosmetic BagMG_8338.jpg

Sonia Kashuk Floral Print – Valet Travel Cosmetic Bag

It has one big zippered pocket to hold all my cleansing/skincare routine:

Sonia Kashuk Floral Print - Valet Travel Cosmetic Bag IMG_8341.jpg

Sonia Kashuk Floral Print – Valet Travel Cosmetic Bag

It has 2 inner zippered pockets that detach to hold more goodies:

Sonia Kashuk Floral Print - Valet Travel Cosmetic BagIMG_8344.jpg

Sonia Kashuk Floral Print – Valet Travel Cosmetic Bag

And has even some pockets to hold brushes and stuffs, plus a hook to hang it up on the door so it keeps the counter clear.

Sonia Kashuk Floral Print - Valet Travel Cosmetic Bag IMG_8346.jpg

Sonia Kashuk Floral Print – Valet Travel Cosmetic Bag

Pretty neat, hey?

So, au revoir my friends! I shall be thinking of you as I bask in the warm California sun. I will. I’ll be missing a good snowfall here in Edmonton though! I hope my good neighbour shovels my driveway for us…Guess I’ll owe him a batch of chocolate chip cookies when I return!
If you want to stay in touch during my trip and see some of the fun, be sure to follow me on my Instagram account, beautyreflections!

*product sent by PR for review, and I’ll be thinking of her and all of you as I stuff my face with CHURROS  [emoji white smiling face]

  • Have fun, Tracy! It does sound like a great time to be there! A nice break from all the snow you’ve been having as well!

    I love that Sephora kit! I am compulsively neat and organized, so it’d just be GREAT to have a set of bottles for my skincare products 🙂

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Thanks Sunny! It will!
      This set is awesome. Best thing I’ve used to travel with in ages!

  • Oooh fun times, enjoy it Tracy!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Thank you! xo

  • Weeee! Have fun in California!
    I’ll be headed to Disney World next month and just in time for the holiday decorations too. It’ll be my first time in years. Ahhh it’s going to be so much fun I can hardly wait D: Share lots of pictures while you’re gone please 😀

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Thanks Ashley! 🙂
      Ooooh! You’ll have to for sure tell me all about it! I’ve never don DW. And I will!

  • Basking in the sun, huh? It’s below freezing in NYC today! Also, I’m totally the kind of person to travel with bubble bath – just saying. Have fun in Cali, Trakee!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      HA! Well, now I don’t feel so bad LOL!
      Geez, that’s a couple of you now! I think I’m missing out!

  • have a wonderful time, Tracy!
    i take everything with me and check bag usually, but the container set and the carrier look awesome. i actually have a very similar one to the SK bag and used to carry all the time for performance. 🙂

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      I wish I could take everything in a carry on, but I’m HORRIBLE at packing. I need a lesson in it!

  • Sarah P

    Have fun on your trip! I have a major weakness for cosmetic bags and that’s a nice one! Would you be able to report back on how easy the Sephora set is to clean? That’s my major issue with travel-size cosmetics containers. I like decanting my own stuff, but find that they’re often a PITA to keep clean between trips.

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      HAHA you are right! I will report back for sure!

  • have fun in California! I always use my Sephora kit for traveling but mine isn’t so pretty and colorful:(

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Thanks! We will!
      This one is pretty sweet I agree!

  • Liz

    Oooh, have fun!! Can’t wait to see what you bring back. 😉

    I’d actually take bubble bath with me because hotel baths are so much nicer than the one in my own house. But I wouldn’t bother with the liquid types – just stuff a Lush bath bomb into the bag and decompress at the end of a long touristy day!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      You know, I’m not sure I’ll bring that much back! I feel like I’m in Overload atm. 🙂
      I guess the hotels I stay in don’t have nice bathtubs LOL!

  • Have fun, Tracy!!! Those look super handy, actually. I’ll have to think about traveling soon (bah, such a hassle, LOL), but at least I get to go some place warm, too.

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      I hate travelling too actually. I’m a nervous nelly when I travel.
      Thanks Larie! I’m tired today LOL.

  • I loved churros when I was in Vegas. Too bad they don’t sell them here that much.

    Have an excellent vacation!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Thanks Iris!
      I know-you can’t find them up here!

  • Eugenia

    WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! So jealous, Lil Sis! I want to go to Disneyland too (I’ve been to Disney World a few times, but never Disneyland). I love that Sephora set — I’ll definitely have to look into for my next trip. Have a super time & safe travel! xox

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Thanks Big Sis! xo That kit is great so far!

  • hmmm this makes me very curious about what your hubby does! i haven’t been to california in so long! probably since i was a kid i think. i’m still working on getting my travel routine down. you’d like with the 17 flights i took this year, i’d have figured it out already. i have a two bag system. one for skincare. one for makeup. it works ok but things still get mixed up and i always end up bring way more than i need. i do have little containers for everything though…i’m pretty good about that.

    have an awesome time!!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Thanks Jenn!
      My hubby works for CBC, Hockey Night In Canada. He’s an engineer on one of the HD Mobile Trucks that televise events and hockey.
      What do you do that you fly so often?

      • thats a pretty cool job!!! oh, i didn’t fly b/c of work. mostly i had a big asia vacation in may which involved flying around and a lot of flying back home to BC this year for weddings and things like that 🙂

  • TracyBeautyReflections

    Thanks Sonia! It’s really been very warm here the last 2 days, even for Cali!

  • Lily

    Oh, have a great time on your trip! And this travel beauty case is VERY handy!! I just use an old bag. Heh

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      🙂 Thanks! I needed a new one-mine was falling apart!

  • Have a wonderful time! I have never been to Disneyland. Lavish us with pictures on your return.

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      I will try thanks Olgie!

  • Enjoy your vacation Tracy! That travel kit is just what I need! I’d much rather pack my favourite products than having to sacrifice according to whatever happens to be selling in the right size :p

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Thanks Vita!

  • Toya

    Ooh have fun Tracy!!!!! And that Sephora kit is awesome, I might need to get my hands on that…

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Thanks Toya! I agree!

  • I’m so glad you guys get to go and do this every year! Sounds like so much fun! That SK makeup bag looks amazeballs!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      🙂 it’s the best and most tiring time but we love it!