Zenmed Skin Support System for Dry Skin Review

Zenmed is a skincare company that develops doctor-formulated skincare that’s targeted towards persistently troubled skin.

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Zenmed Skin Support System for Dry Skin

The Zenmed Skin Support System for Dry Skin($78) is a line for anyone recently diagnosed with Rosacea, suffers from unexplained redness, or has has bumpy flaky skin. I have redness(but I know it’s from gylcolics), but I do have kind of bumpy skin on my forehead, and flakes -OH YEAH. I got those!

There are three products in the Zenmed Skin Support System for Dry Skin: the Gentle Cleansing Cream, the Anti-Redness Mask and the Support Serum .


All three products help to rebuild damaged collagen networks, improve broken and visible blood vessels, and prevent future redness flare-ups. The products contain all natural anti-infalmmatory botanicals(like willow bark) that decrease visible flushing and redness by constricting blood vessels near the surface of the skin. They also have natural bacteria fighting agents to unclog pores and stop any rosacea related breakouts.

Zenmed Gentle Cleansing Cream

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Zenmed Gentle Cleansing Cream

The cream cleanser is super creamy and this product you can use twice a day. It has organic sunflower oil, aloe vera gel, jojoba oil, rose hip oil-I’ve never seen so many oils in a cream cleanser before! It feels really cooling and calming on the skin and leaves my face feeling refreshed and really nourished. Smells a little medicinal though, but nothing offensive.

Zenmed Support Serum

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Zenmed Support Serum

The serum also can be used twice a day, but it is meant to be used every night as that’s the best time to repair your skin. It also feels really cooling too, just like the cleanser. The ingredients in it are WOW: Cocoa Butter, Green Tea, Cucumber, Rose Hip, Evening Primrose, Lavender, Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Lime, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, Tea Tree, Rose Geranium and Rosewood Essential Oils, and Vitamin C. Sounds almost like a tea, hey? It absorbs quickly, leaving skin smooth and calm. I really like it a lot and it’s been helping my skin feel and look better.

Zenmed Anti-Redness Mask

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Zenmed Anti-Redness Mask

The Zenmed Anti-Redness Mask is meant to be started off slowly-just 2X times a week, and only at night. After a couple of weeks you can use it more often if you like. It contains Willow Bark Extract, organic Aloe Vera Gel, and Extracts of Yucca, Green Tea, Cucumber, Chamomile, and Sea Kelp. After you wash your face, just apply a thin layer all over the face, avoiding eyes and lips. It’s different-really liquidy and yellow. Smells like medicine too. Leave on for 15 minutes and it dries with a slight tight feeling. BUT WOW does it ever feel nice and cool! And soothing! Then rinse it off with warm water, apply the serum and you are done!

I’ve been using the Zenmed Skin Support System for Dry Skin for about 3 weeks now-maybe a month almost. I’ll tell you this-my skin has never looked better! My skin feels smoother and it’s definitely less red too. My skin feels moisturized and those pesky dry flakes I mentioned? Gone! I’ll keep on using Zenmed that’s for sure!

Right now, you can order the Zenmed Skin Support System for Dry Skin set for $78 which is a fantastic deal. For Canada and the USA they offer a $6.95 flat rate shipping, with no duties or taxes due on delivery. They even ship Internationally!

Do you have a lot of redness and unexplained breakouts? Have you been diagnosed with Rosacea?

*products sent by PR for review, and I thank them!  [emoji white smiling face]

  • Ebony J

    Great review! (: I do not have rosecea but I do have sensitive acne prone skin so I am always looking for different types of products to try

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      This is perfect for you then! Really great line!

  • Lily

    That’s the first time I hear of this brand. I usually look at the pictures before I start reading, and I thought this was about haircare. I dunno… it’s something about those bottles

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      LOL Lily hahaha

  • Haha, the bottles do look like hair care products!

    I like SCIENCE-Y TIME.

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      ME too. And really? I didn’t think so but ok LOL.

  • Never heard of this brand but may give it a go. With the cold weather looming, my skin is already dry and angry.

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Then you will LOVE it. It’s really good stuff!

  • Liz

    LOL @ all natural science-y time! The cleanser sounds amazing.

  • all i read in this was “all natural science-y time” lolol. i do have redness though so maybe i should look into this haha

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      LOL Joyce you are hilarious haha