Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamels Are Here!

Avon is getting all Indie with their nail polishes for fall! The new Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamels($6.99 CDN) will give you a street-art inspired mani that’s on trend right now.

 photo IMG_5752.jpg

Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamels

Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamels are sheer color with matte black & white flecks of confetti throughout.

 photo IMG_5758.jpg

Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamels

They are available in 6 sheer shades and I have four to show you: Pink Splatter, Urban Green Underground Yellow, Blue Vandalism. The two I don’t have are Purple Graffiti and Blackout.

Here’s a closeup of the back of a bottle:
 photo IMG_5757.jpg
You can see the back and white hexagons, circles and mini white dots confetti. There’s also some black sticks? as well in there.

Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamels are quite different to apply! I’ve never tried nail polishes like these before, so I’m assuming all of these kind of confetti polishes are like this-slightly goopy, but not too bad all in all. It takes a bit of effort to get out the right amount of confetti in one go, but it wasn’t too difficult once I got used to it. You do have to maneuver the confetti around a bit and keep getting more of it from the bottle as you apply it.

This is what one coat of each shade looked like on Marky’s nails:

 photo IMG_5751.jpg

Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamel in Pink Splatter, Urban Green, Blue Vandalism,Underground Yellow

Just a little bit closer up:

 photo IMG_5746.jpg

Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamel in Pink Splatter, Urban Green, Blue Vandalism,Underground Yellow,

I’ll tell you this, there’s no way Marky would have sat through more than one coat of this! So, here’s a stock image of what Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamel in Blackout would look like if you piled on a few layers:

 photo 01newurbansplatte.jpg

Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamel Blackout

I think that would have been a pain and a half to get all of that confetti off her nails haha! Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamels don’t take too long too dry after one coat, but DANG Marky had a hard time getting all the bits of confetti off because it tends to stick to your skin during removal. I assume that’s nothing out of the ordinary with polishes like these. The nail polish itself removes quite easily, so if you take a napkin and wipe your nail off after with that, then all the bits of confetti come off of your skin much easier. The nail surface isn’t completely smooth to the touch either, so a top coat would be necessary to protect your urban splatter mani. I can’t tell you long your Urban Splatter mani would last as Marky took it off right away, but with a good top coat I’d think you’d get great wear time.

There’s no way I’d ever wear Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamel full on like that stock image, but on an accent nail I think it would be fun for sure!

Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamels are available right now from your local Avon Rep by calling 1-800-265-AVON, or by ordering online at www.avon.ca.

Whaddaya’ think? Are you a fan of confetti polishes like these?  [emoji white smiling face]

*product sent by PR for review

  • Haha what did you have to give Marky for her to model for you? 😉

    I might wear this over two coats of regular nail polish, because man, how many coats would it take for them to be opaque? Removal has to be a real pain as well!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      LOL nothing this time thanks goodness!
      Agree! I think it’s nice as an accent, but otherwise who has the time?

  • Icaria

    Cat loves these but won’t have anything to do with them! I got her a Nails Inc in the Spring and still she mumbles about how hard it was to remove. I do like the look on Marky’s nails, one coat makes them really pretty, better than the stock image imo. 🙂

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      I kind of agree too-it’s almost too much in the stock photo.

  • omg these look so good and way edgier than what i expect from avon!

    A Beautiful Zen

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Glad you like!

  • Liz

    Man, these look super fun in the bottle but I just don’t like the look of these things on the nails. Definitely cool for nail polish experimenters though!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Agree! Not for me either!

  • Lily

    They look so cool especially layered! I’d hate to think how long it’ll take to get them off though. I love how these and many other chunky glitter polishes look, but I never get them because I know I’m not patient enough when it comes to removing them. LOL!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Hahaha I know me too Lily!

  • Hahaha holy cats I don’t think I could wear them full force, but they do look fun for layering!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      CRAZY, hey? I know-ONE nail even I could handle LOL!

  • These are pretty fun but I’m starting to get into the mindset of “Who has time for that?!” with regard to removal! I LOVE a chunky glitter, but after spending half an hour trying to remove the last one I used, I’ve been steering clear, lol!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      I know I’ve been in that mind set for awhile now hahaha! I’ve kind of given up on nails!

  • These look like fun but too much work for me. I hate taking off regular glitter polish, so this would probably drive me nuts. I love what Avon is doing at the moment, though!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      LOL I know me too haha!

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