Mèreadesso All-In-One Moisturizer and Lip Treats

Have you guys heard of the brand Mèreadesso? If not, listen up folks! You’re gonna want!

I was sent a couple of products from Mèreadesso to test out: the Mèreadesso All-In-One-Moisturizer and the Mèreadesso Lip Treats. Let’s start with lips because I am a Lipstick Bandit and lips are important!

 photo IMG_7760.jpg
Mèreadesso Lip Treats
Honestly, when I was sent these I kind of put them aside with the thought-Yeah, yeah, another lip balm that promises to change my lips. BIG MISTAKE. But it’s not my fault really. If you’re a lip balm junkie like myself, then you know what I mean-every lip balm comes with the claim that it will change your lips and your life. SURE. But these Mèreadesso Lip Treats? Holy YES THEY WILL. If you can get your hands on these the DO IT.
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Mèreadesso Lip Treats($28CDN for 2) are tinted(and also a non-tinted)lip balms. They’re made with evening primrose, grape seed, coconut and sunflower oils – then enhanced with Vitamins C and E – they’re a lip moisturizer with a hint of colour that glides on and feels AMAZING on your lips. They feel a bit greasy when you first apply them, but after a bit the moisture just sinks into your lips leaving them feeling SO GOOD. SO MOISTURIZED. My dry lips are loving them!

Like I said, Mèreadesso Lip Treats come in a clear version, which is perfect to use anytime and especially before lipstick, and two tinted versions-Sheer Pink and Sheer Burgundy:

 photo IMG_7767.jpg

Mèreadesso Lip Treats Sheer Burgundy, Sheer Pink

These Mèreadesso Lip Treats are so moisturizing and the smooth texture makes them so comfortable on the lips! They are sheer, so I did a couple of extra swipes to make sure the colours would photograph, but WOW they even cover my lip hyperpigmentation really well:

 photo MereadessoSheerPinkIMG_2011.jpg

Mèreadesso Lip Treats Sheer Pink

 photo MereadessoSheerBurgundyIMG_2014.jpg

Mèreadesso Lip Treats Sheer Burgundy

Pretty yeah? And they last well for a lip balm too! I get about 2 hours of wear and my lips keep feeling better and better every time I use them! ADDICTION!!

Next is the Mèreadesso All-In-One Moisturizer. From the brand:

“Everything you need to set your inner glow ablaze in one bottle. Globally sourced ingredients include 16 botanical extracts, 8 minerals and enzymes and over 20 antioxidants. Easy to apply, quick to absorb and impossible to give up because the longer you use it, the less you’ll need it.” Ingredient list here

 photo IMG_7758.jpg

Did you see that ingredient list???!! It’s ridiculous!! Take a look!! So many good things! Mèreadesso All-In-One Moisturizer($120 CDN) is a single-step solution for your face and neck. You need nothing else-no toner, no eye cream, no neck cream, no primer-this one cream does it all! And after using it for a month now, I have to say OH YEAH-GOOD STUFF. I do think it’s better suited for drier skin types though, as it’s really quite moisturizing and maybe even a bit heavy for me right now in the summer, but it sure does make your skin feel well hydrated and it does that fairly quickly too! Like in a few days actually! I noticed perfectly hydrated skin and any dry patches? GONE. Mèreadesso All-In-One Moisturizer is such a time saver and if you travel a lot, then I highly suggest packing this because it literally will do everything for you! Time saver-oh yeah. Results? Oh yeah!! And it’s true that the more you use it, the less you’ll need! It really does “fix” your skin and does it fairly quickly too. One thing I think Mèreadesso All-In-One Moisturizer could use is some SPF-at least- SPF 30-and then I’d call it the ULTIMATE MOISTURIZER of all time. It’s pretty close to getting that title though!

You can find Mèreadesso All-In-One Moisturizer and Lip Treats online at http://www.mereadesso.com/ and they do ship to the USA as well! Or you can also find them at The Shopping Channel as well!

Have you tried anything from Mèreadesso? What do you think of the whole one-product claim? Even better question-how many skin care products do you use in your daily routine? Count them up! 

*product sent by PR for review. Soft lips, moisturized skin and TIME SAVED by using just one skincare product are mine alone 🙂

  • Oooh those balms look purdy, Tracy! I don’t usually believe claims on labels. I even taught a unit on properly reading and deciphering advertisements. 🙂 These balms remind of the Sugar ones and those are super moisturizing!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      They are so good Laura!! They are kind of like them-not as think on the lips though.

  • I received the burgundy one in a swag bag and I ADORE it. I gave it to my mom though since it fits all her lip product requirements — a deep colour, not sticky, not too greasy and not weird-tasting. I’m hunting down this moisturiser as we speak! That ingredients list is amazingggg.

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      SO GOOD, right? Let me know what you think of the moisturizer!

  • Oh wow, the Lip Treats look promising! I like how they actually pack a decent amount of treatment to make a real difference!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      They are simply AMAZING Sunny! One of the best, if not the best ones I’ve ever tried!

  • Those lip treats…they look pretty! And they sound like fabulous balms! But lip treat sounds like food and I want some gummi candies now.

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      They are AMAZING. And haha-that doesnt’ surprise me with you! 😉

  • Liz

    The burgundy shade looks awesome!

    I tried a sample that came in a Luxe box and thought it was okay (a body moisturizer). The face one sounds amaze!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      It is awesome! I haven’t tried the body moisturizer and I think there’s a cleaner too. I’m kind of interested now!

  • Sounds great and I love that sheer pink! I have heard good things about the brand and that moisturizer sounds awesome!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Pretty, hey? It’s a pretty awesome brand and I want to try more!

  • that pink is quite lovely on your lips. for some reason i’ve been lookking into bolster my pink lipstick army lately. maybe its the summer weather you know?

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been doing the same!

  • BooBooNinja

    Oomph. My lips want these!
    I’ve been a good girl and reduced my pile o’ lip balms. Imma gonna had to put these on my wish list.

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      So worth it!

  • No I haven’t heard of the brand, these do look really good, through ugh price points, a bit out of my range

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      I know! Too much I think as well. I think if the price was dropped to $80 they’d sell so much more!

  • I love finding out about brands I’ve never heard of! Will definitely check out the web site.

  • Lily

    I remember La Mer told me the same thing. No eye cream, no neck cream, etc… one cream does all. I can’t remember how it performed though – it was a long time ago, and so darn expensive. Also, Sheer Burgundy looks great!!

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      Hahaha yeah I remember trying that too! and being told that as well! I didn’t mind La Mer to be honest-just too much monies!