Another Move!

Just to warn you all, that Beauty Reflections will be moving to a self-hosted site over the next 24 hours. Hopefully things go smoothly and I’ll be back stronger than ever! It’s been a rough couple of days here, and I just want to get things going again.Time to stop feeling sorry for myself and FIGHT BACK! Wish me luck!

Just some pics of some upcoming product reviews to tantalize you with:

 photo 36264e91-8555-4300-88ce-ffe4689a0b2b.jpg

 photo 23760f21-91d0-4a58-b3b7-d8d652ce0275.jpg

 photo 29ab8ae3-6699-452d-9db4-470b0eba5ff3.jpg

 photo f1ccc4bf-4ea3-4ba0-a02e-1532cdaa7dd0.jpg

Love you all!

  • Liz (@Reductionista)


    Hope everything works out! *jumps from site to site to site for as long as it takes* :D :D

    • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

      I LOVE YOU xoxoxoxo

  • My Lucite Dreams

    I faint! Good luck with the move!

    • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

      Hahaha thanks Taylor! xoxoxo

  • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    good luck!! So many pretties :) Can’t wait to see!

    • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

      Thanks Joyce!Xoxoxo

  • BooBooNinja

    Good luck, Tracy! I hope the mean boogeymen stay away this time.
    Sending you lots of *hugs* and *silly dances* to lift your spirits and bolster your drive.

    • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

      Hahaha thanks my friend! I appreciate it SO MUCH. xoxo

  • Telle Day

    Hey Tracy! All the best for the move! *bleh* Moving is so much work (like i have any idea of what that entails when it comes to online things) but as much as possible, i wish all the best and smooth transition!
    what gorgeous photos! :D *cha cha cha*
    btw, love love love how your hair is growing out and the trekkie makeup you have been doing! looks so smashing on you! :D

    • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

      Awww, thanks Telle! I appreciate it! xoxoxo
      It’s weird how scared I was to grow out the grey, but I’m really enjoying it truthfully! It’s kind of neat! And really liberating too. I was having to go every 5-6 weeks at $250 a pop, so talk about money savings, hey?

      • Telle Day

        It’s a big change to make such a decision, but I am glad that you did! I am also thrilled that you are enjoying it!! It looks really awesome and multi-dimensional! You’ve earned those shades, and you own ém and rock ém! Wow, that was a huge time and financial investment! Glad you are liberated! :)

      • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

        Awww, thanks Telle! Yeah it was ridiculous-best decision I’ve ever made!

  • Tiffany

    Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly! <3

    • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

      Thanks Tiffany! xoxo Me too!

  • claire

    good luck with the move tracy and all I can see now is BLUSH :O … can’t wait ;) xxx

    • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

      Thank you Claire!xoxo Pretties, huh? :)

  • Emma (fluff and fripperies)

    Eek all change round these parts! Hope the move goes well and you settle into your new corner of the Internet soon xo

    • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

      Thanks Emma! xo Me too!

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Aw that’s the spirit, Tracy! I’m glad you got your FIYAH back! :P hahaha! Really though, your blog is amazing. It was one of the first I discovered and will always remain one of my favorites. No matter what your URL is or your blog name or how many times you move, your blog still reflects your BEAUTIFUL, vibrant, passionate, hilarious, and truly authentic spirit. You have loyal readers–and FRIENDS–that will follow you no matter what, so don’t ever worry about (VERY) stupid people stealing your blog names or hosting services being dumb or anything like that again. THEY CANT KEEP YOU DOWN!! :P haha

    I can’t wait to see your reviews on all those gorgeous blushes (what is that one in the white compact? Pretty pretty pretty!!!) and the Givenchy bronzer. i wanted that one when it first came out but was distracted by other pretties. Now that it’s summer again, I really really want to try it! Especially Extreme Croisere. But I am kinda going bronzer crazy right now…maybe I will wait and see what you think of it first. I trust your opinion :)

    • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

      Awww, Becca yu made me cry almost! xoxoxo thanks so much for you support! xoxo I so appreciate it!
      I got that Givenchy bronzer awhile back, but I agree! Those new Guerlain ones look amazing! I’m still not disregarding getting one of them myself!

  • Sunny

    Good luck with the move, Tracy! You know I <3 you!

    • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

      Awww, thanks Sunny! xoxo I heart you too!

  • Caise

    yaaay I finally found you! hihihi new blushes! :D you are an addict, aren’t you?;))

    • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

      Hahaha! Thanks Caise! You ROCK! xo
      You know it!

    • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

      Hahaha! Thanks Caise! You ROCK! xo
      You know it!

  • Meryl @ Memoiselle

    Glad that you’re back! I can’t wait for your fabulous review and EOTD (your eye make up always look so good!)

  • Latoya

    I know that orange blush, saw it at Shoppers and was so tempted…can’t wait to see the review! And I’m glad the final move has seemed to be successful! :)

    • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

      :) Thanks Toya! It was! Took awhile though, but I’m kind of happy in the end.
      It’s SO PIGMENTED for a drugstore blush!

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