Lise Watier India Eau de Toilette

Part of the Lise Watier India Gold Summer 2013 Collection is of course a fragrance called  Lise Watier India Eau de Toilette($57 CDN). I say of course because Mme Watier always launches a limited edition fragrance for the summer and I always look forward to it!

Lise Watier India Eau de Toilette

Fresh and vibrant top notes: juicy nectarine, bergamot, and lush passion fruit
Soft and delicate heart notes : tuberose petals, gardenia blossom, dewy honeysuckle
Warm base notes: creamy sandalwood, white amber, whisper of musk.

You all know, I’m not a huge fan of fruity fragrances, but see that bergamot in there? LUCKILY, that’s what I smell at first spritz. I’m as big a bergamot fiend as I am a blush fiend. I adore the scent! Stick bergamot in a fragrance and I am ALL OVER IT.

After the top notes settle down, I get the florals and spice of the warm base notes-a floriental I guess is what I’d classify it and it’s perfect for evenings out. You can of course spritz yourself with it whatever time of day you like, as I have been. It makes having a bowl of cereal in the morining THAT MUCH more enjoyable and exotic I tell ya’! It lasts about 5 hours before fading which is pretty good for an eau de toilette. A little afternoon spritz is the perfect accompaniment to my fruit snack haha!

Lise Watier India Eau de Toilette is limited edition, and is available until July. You can get it wherever Lise Watier is sold in Canada like The Bay, Sears, Shoppers, and online at If you’re in the US you can order it at!

So, does fragrance enhance your eating schedule as well? 

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Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review by PR/Company. Love it or leave it, but my review and opinions are my own thoughts and words, thank you very much.

  • That bottle is just breathtaking, and the description sounds really nice as well.

  • I’ve never liked a LW fragrance enough to buy but always check them out anyway! I love bergamot too so will go a-sniffin’ soon. 🙂

  • Lovely packaging! I need a new fragrance for the summer so I might have to check it out!

  • I love nectarine, sandalwood and amber.. Sounds intoxicating. The packaging is also beautiful!

  • Liz sent me a sample of some other LW one that was just okay, but I like the sound of the notes in this one!