Avon Anew Clinical Absolute Even Clarifying Hand Cream DSX Review

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my fear of getting old lady hands. I am TERRIFIED of them looking all wrinkly and spotty. SHAKIN’ IN MY BOOTS TERRIFIED actually. I can handle the grey hair and wrinkles on my face, but LEAVE MY HANDS ALONE. PLEASE???

So, if there’s a hand cream out there that will defend the honour and purity of my hands, I’m all over it, like avocado on toast-which is YUMmmmmmm, right? Thanks to Avon I don’t have to worry anymore!

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Anew Clinical Absolute Even Clarifying Hand Cream DSX

Avon Anew Clinical Absolute Even Clarifying Hand Cream DSX($14.99CDN) targets the look of multiple signs of aging on your hands:

  • dark spots
  • uneven skin tone
  • lack of clarity
  • patchy texture
  • sallowness

And not only does it do al that, but it’s a pretty great moisturizer too! I use it twice a day-once in the morning and right before bed, and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in how smooth and healthy my hands look. It smells like hand cream, and actually reminds me of my mama. I swear something she used smelled just like it, so it makes me smile!

Avon Anew Clinical Absolute Even Clarifying Hand Cream DSX is available right now to order from your local Avon Rep by calling 1-800-265-AVON, or you can go online and order at www.avon.ca, which actually has just had a major overhaul and is so much more user-friendly! And I do believe that there’s a contest to win some products going on if you register on the site!

What’s the one thing about getting older that terrifies you?

*Product sent my PR for my review. Thoughts and views are my own thank you very much!

  • glambunctious

    Yes, I think “old lady hands” is a universal fear for women! I always try to spread out the remaining face products (serums and goodies) on my hands in the hopes that they’ll do some magic there! 🙂

  • I use a clarins hand cream which is pretty great. I love it when a smell takes you back!

  • Oooh this one sounds nice! Avon actually really makes some great hand creams! I use the Moisture Therapy one for extra dry skin and it’s fantastic–love the super thick formula. I like to use serums–mostly oil-based ones like Nude’s ProGenius or REN’s Bio-Retinoid Anti-Aging Concentrate–on the backs of my hands and then seal it all in with the thick Avon cream. I find that that helps a LOT–my hands look smooth and plump! Wrinkly, spotted hands are definitely a scary thought, as is a spotty, sagging decollete. I recently starting bringing my Retin-A further down my neck and onto my chest a few nights a week. I also have been horrible about sunscreen lately. For some reason I’m really good about the backs of my hands but I haven’t been applying it to my chest/neck/face as much as I really should be :/ Must definitely get out of that habit because sunscreen is more important than any of the Retin-A or serums/treatments that I apply diligently!

    • They do indeed! I like your system of layering your hand creams.
      Oh yeah-always go down the neck with all your skincare! Makes a huge difference for sure!

  • Glad this works for you. 🙂

    The only thing about aging that bothers me is health concerns. I’m cool with aging otherwise. 🙂

  • Hey Tracy, I’ve had a look at the ingredients and unless you’re not going outside, it would be better not to use in the morning. The glycolic acid is quite high on the list and can have adverse effects, making your skin more sensitive to UV rays even with a good sunscreen. Now this cream is very attractive with it’s AHA and retinol for such a price. Might be worth me finding a rep! 🙂

  • I love hand creams that target these sorts of things, I think lovely hands make such a big impact!

    • Agree! You see all these actresses who’ve had work done and they have OLD LADY hands. Dead give away of your age!

  • BooBooNinja

    “…and actually reminds me of my mama. I swear something she used smelled just like it, so it makes me smile!”

    I think I read the above as “Just like mama used to make!”, as in what they say in the Delicio pizza commercials. hee hee. However, your actual words are better. Heart warming. xo

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  • The one sold in the US has SPF15, but I’m getting very tired of AVON products as AVON is continuously discontinuing its best products. This is about the 3rd version of this product.

    I’m obsessed with my hands and always sleep with some potent cream and gloves. People usually don’t believe I have any housework done (I use gloves for that too), but my husband has no complaints either way.

    • TracyBeautyReflections

      KInd of bugs me too when they do that. I bet your hands are gorgeous!