Annabelle CC Products Review Because They Are The Week 5 of Annabelle Specials at London Drugs!

Annabelle has recently come out with a couple of CC Creams and a CC powder. CC Creams are different from BB Creams. They are meant to correct the tone and texture of your skin, not really give colour coverage. Oh, and they are also meant to have some skincare benefit as well.

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Annabelle has two CC Instant Perfecting Bases-Luminious Finish and Natural Finish($16.95), and a CC Colour Control Pressed Powder($16.95 CDN).

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Annabelle CC Instant Perfecting Bases-Luminious Finish and Natural Finish

Annabelle CC Instant Perfecting Base Luminious Finish primes your skin by evening out skin tone and texture while giving you a really pretty glow. The Natural Finish is supposed to tone down redness, reduce pore appearance and leave your skin primed and ready also. Both are oil-free and paraben-free. The Natural Finish is quite yellow in tone, but when you blend it out, the colour kind of disappears into the skin. This is the only shade by the way which I think will suit a variety of skin tones.

Here’s the Annabelle CC Instant Perfecting Base Natural Finish in action on the reddest and
pore-iest(made up a word there yup) part of my face-the spot between my brows. If I could get a skin-between-the-brow-transplant, I’d be a happy Tracy. HAPPY FOREVER.

 photo ANNABELLECCCREAMPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

If you’re expecting this to completely eliminate redness, then you’ll be disappointed. As you can see it does tone down the redness a tiny, tiny bit, but boy does it fill in my pores. Over time though, the Natural Finish is supposed to really neutralize your skin’s redness so there’s hope people! Maybe I don’t need a transplant! Both CC Bases are pretty silicone-y though, so if you have dry patches the bases will cling to them like a mother, so make sure you exfoliate well before using them. They do make great primers before whatever foundation you wear, making it go on smoother and last longer as well. Personally, I prefer the Luminous Finish because I like the glow it gives under my powder foundations which as you know, I prefer. But I can’t wear these bases every day, as my skin just isn’t a fan of silicones, even though my pores really like the help.

The Annabelle CC Colour Control Pressed Powder comes in two shades, Light/Medium and Medium/Dark.

 photo IMG_0534.jpg
Annabelle CC Colour Control Pressed Powder in Light/Medium

               This is the Light/Medium and it also has a bit of a yellow-tone to it to neutralize redness.

 photo IMG_0545.jpg

It leaves a matte, yet a bit of a glow(from the white strip in the middle) to the skin, tones down redness a bit, and evens out texture as well. You can use it on top of either of the CC Bases to give a bit more coverage, on its own for a light coverage, or on top of foundation to set it. It’s really finely milled and blends beautifully into the skin and I really like it as a setting powder for foundations or BB Creams.

As you know by now, Annabelle has launched their full line of cosmetics in London Drugs all over Western Canada, and to celebrate the launch, they’re offering six weeks of Annabelle specials! It’s time for Week 5 and it’s another good one!

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Week 5 – April 26 to May 1st, 2013 – Colour Control CCrazy pricing!
SAVE up to 40% on any Annabelle® CC Colour Control Perfecting Base and/or Powder by
Purchasing Annabelle® CC products for $9.99 each!

So, if you are curious about trying any of Annabelle’s new CC products this would be a great time to do so!

Have you tried a CC Cream yet? What do you think of them?

Disclamer: I was sent this product to review by PR/Company. Love it or leave it, but my review and opinions are my own thoughts and words, thank you very much.

  • I have the cc natural finish and i use it as a primer…! i like it enough, although probably not stunning enough to warrant another future purchase because it doesn’t tone down the redness instantly like i would prefer; I DO like the CC powder too, but found it to be too yellowish on my skin!

    have you seen the displayer for the spring/summer collection for annabelle? awww what a disappointment especially after last summer’s really lovely palette that i wasn’t smart enough to buy and the giant bronzer. *awww*

    • Yeah I agree totally! I can’t use them often because they are pretty siliconey. My skin can’t take it for very long. No I haven’t see the new display yet! I’ve been stuck inside trying to fix as much of the damage as I could over the weekend. Really? I thought that the Biggy Bronzer was back again!