My Spring FOTD featuring Dior Pink Glow Nude Tan Paradise Duo, Mint, and Marcelle Paris Rose-Oh And A Cookie Recipe You Need To Try

I’ve been asked to show what Dior Pink Glow Nude Tan Paradise Duo looks like on my cheeks, so I thought I’d show you my FAVOURITE spring look lately that I’ve been wearing all week!


I’m wearing Dior Pink Glow Nude Tan Paradise Duo on my cheeks and I LOVE this bronzer/blusher so much! What I do is dip by brush into the bronzer half first and warm up my face and then I dip into the pink side and add as much pink as I like! The more pink I add, the pinker my cheeks become, the less pink the more coral they look. LOVE! It blends so effortlessly. You guys need to visit a Dior counter to see it for yourselves!

You all know I am obsessed with mint lately too, so on my eyelids I’ve got a mint eyeshadow on with my other favourite eyeshadow shade taupe, blended into the crease with a taupe eyeliner on my lower lash line. It’s that chocolate chip mint ice creamy look I still can’t get enough of!


I keep looking for a new spring lipstick, but nothing appeals for some reason. But that’s because I already HAVE the perfect spring lipstick, Marcelle Rouge Expression Paris Rose!


Paris Rose is a light pinky coral that’s very creamy! It’s really similar to MAC Crosswires I showed you last week, just a bit pinker. Crosswires has more orange to it, and has a bit of a gold sheen too. Marcelle Paris Rose kind of has that vintage pink look on my lips and I love it. It’s my favourite spring lipstick right now.

Today it’s going to be +17 Celsius so I am heading outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather, just in case it goes away! The weather can change in a blink of an eye here in Alberta.

What’s your favourite Spring look lately? Share! I love getting ideas!

Oh, and the other day I made Chocolate Diablo Cookies and these are THE BEST cookie I’ve ever tasted. They are chocolatey, gingery, and then have a little kick of cayenne at the end-you HAVE to try these! It says ginger juice, but I just used fresh ginger!

 photo IMG_1306.jpg


 photo IMG_1301.jpg