Le Rouge Givenchy Lipstick in #301 in Magnolia Organza is All I Need

Le Rouge Givenchy is MORE than a lipstick. It’s a Couture lipstick, a dramatic lipstick, a sensual lipstick, a comfortable lipstick…it’s what every lipstick aspires to be!

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 Le Rouge Givenchy #301 in Magnolia Organza($36CDN)

Description from the PR brochure: The lipstick is sheathed in metal and black leather, a material with an iconic presence in Givenchy Fashion shows. The Le Rouge Givenchy look embodies the romance and enigmatic poetry that mark the Givenchy Collections. A truly stylish accessory.

I want all my lipsticks to be “sheathed in metal and black leather” like Le Rouge Givenchy! This is the shmexxxxxxxiest lipstick I have ever seen!

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 Le Rouge Givenchy #301 in Magnolia Organza

Le Rouge Givenchy #301 in Magnolia Organza is part of the Les Creations Collection, which are the brights and bolds, with shades reminiscent of opulent Haute Couture fabrics. There’s also two other collections-Les Naturels and Les Roses, and each shade is just as gorgeous as the next!

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Le Rouge Givenchy #301 Magnolia Organza is a bright
poppy pink and it’s GORGEOUS.

What makes Le Rouge Givenchy lipsticks so desirable and
special is the fact that they are so rich in radiant pigment in one stroke. The Le Rouge formula contains beeswax to give a rich and creamy texture, and hyaluronic acid microspheres that plump, rejuvenate and moisturize your lips. It feels so light and comfortable on and isn’t sticky at all. Lips feel velvety smooth and oh so good! It goes on glossy at first, but then becomes more matte looking as it wears. I get about 4 hours of wear and the whole time it feels like a lip balm.

 Le Rouge Givenchy #301 in Magnolia Organza

When I wear Le Rouge Givenchy #301 in Magnolia Organza, I don’t feel the need to be wearing a lot of makeup because this colour speaks for itself and needs no help at all. It’s all I need! It’s my ULTIMATE LIPSTICK.

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There’s nothing like wearing a great lipstick in a great colour! It makes getting ready in the morning and looking pulled together so easy, even dressing up a flannel shirt because you’re STILL wearing flannel shirts even though it’s almost MAY. Please Mother Earth-bring us spring already!

You can find Givenchy products exclusively at Sephora here in Canada!

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Disclamer: I was sent this product to review by PR/Company. Love it or leave it, but my review and opinions are my own thoughts and words, thank you very much.