The Biotherm Total Perfector Experiment

Does your guy/significant other use skincare? Mine NEVER has. EVER. All he does is wash, shave, and go. That’s it. I’ve only recently been able to get him to use sunscreen.

But recently, he’s taken an interest into taking care of his skin. Asking questions. Wanting to try some of my stuff. MY STUFF. Sorry, but my stuff is MY STUFF! Luckily, Biotherm sent him something to test out for the next month. This ad is HILARIOUS by the way-you must watch it!

Biotherm Total Perfector is a skin optimizing moisturizer for men, the first of its kind. This product addresses the most common of men’s skin concerns, namely roughness, uneven skin tone and visible pores, that up until very recently have gone unaddressed by current men’s skin care products. My hubby has all of those issues, so Biotherm Total Perfector sounds like the perfect solution for him.

   photo Screenshot2013-04-15at21031PM.png

Terry will be testing out Biotherm Total Perfector for the next month until May 15th, upon which I shall report on his progress and and any changes in his skin. Hopefully, I can keep getting him to use it everyday, because that in itself will be a win for me! Wish me, and of course him,  good luck and good skin!

  Does your significant other take care of his skin?