This Lipstick Bandit Thinks Coral Is So Coral

I think coral is one of the easiest lipstick/gloss shades to wear if you find one that looks sooooooooooooo coral  on you.

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Yeah, my  everyday language is FILLED with cartoon slang. That’s how I roll at 46 years of age, and truth be told I’ll probably be using cartoon slang WELL into my 80s if I live that long. And today, I’m going to try and make sooo coral catch on now by writing this post! At least I hope I do!

Coral is one my favourite makeup colours, so I don’t get all the hullabaloo. And YES, it is a colour and has been ever since 1513. It’s of course, named after sea corals, and just like its namesake and just like ANY OTHER colour in the universe,  there are many variations of the colour:

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Variations in colour is awesome. Can you imagine how boring our world would look if everything was just coloured ROYGBIV? No tonal variation would be hard on the eyes methinks. Although, it would be fun! I’d want indigo coloured hair I think. Maybe violet. Hard to choose actually…what would you choose?
Diversity is what makes the makeup world SO MUCH FUN and what drives us NUTS at the same time, because it makes us keep buying products that are similar, but not quite the same because of their tonal variations, right? You know what I’m talking about. RIGHT.

My favourite coral lipstick is easy to wear AND easy to find so you too can be sooo coral:


 photo IMG_2000.jpg
MAC Crosswires

MAC Crosswires is a pinky coral with a really slight golden sheen and it’s a cremesheen formula, which means it has good coverage and staying power, and doesn’t dry out my lips. For me , it’s the PERFECT coral lipstick. It wears beautifully on me for 4 hours and fades evenly too.

Wearing MAC Crosswires

 photo IMG_2005.jpg
MAC Crosswires swatch

The perfect SOOOO CORAL lipstick will brighten up your face and make you look SOOO CORAL, especially if worn with a really sooooo coral army jacket :

 photo MACCrosswiresIMG_2239.jpg
NO I haven’t cut my hair yet, it’s tied back in a ponytail. I SHOULD get it cut, but
kind of don’t really want to, because I don’t want it to be really short AGAIN. So I think I’ll
just keep it in a ponytail for a few more months until I’m darn good and ready.

I love MAC Crosswires a lot. It’s not an in-your-face-really-bright-coral, but a really wearable lipstick shade, and I think you should get it if you want to be in the sooooo coral club. Because that’s totally a thing now, and you know you want in. Heck I’d wear and love coral BECAUSE coral is soooo coral no matter what variation of the colour you can find, even Coral Blue #2 Semi-gloss lipstick:

                                                   You know I HAD to, right?

 photo BLUELIPSTICKIMG_2239.jpg

Coral is SOOOOO CORAL no matter what shade of coral you choose!

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